How to Play Audible Audiobook on Hisense Smart TV

Posted by Adam Gorden on Dec 20, 2021 1:53 PM

Q: I finally bought a Hisense Smart TV. Our family loves Audible audiobooks, and I wanted to play Audible audiobook on Hisense TV. Currently, I am unsure if I can stream Audible to Hisense smart TV. Is it possible to listen to Audible on Hisense Smart TV? If yes, then how can I install Audible on Hisense Smart TV?

play audible audiobook on hisense smart tv

Audible is the most-loved book streaming app among bibliophiles. But, using Audible on Hisense Smart TV is not as simple as playing it on your cell phone or laptop. To play Audible on Hisense Smart TV, there are two methods. The first is by installing the Audible app on your Hisense TV, and the second is to use an Audible Converter. To simplify things, we will help you by giving you a step-by-step tutorial of both methods.

Method 1: Install Audible App to Hisense Roku TV and Android TV
Method 2: Use ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter

Method 1: Install Audible App to Hisense Roku TV and Android TV

Hisense Smart TV comes with different variants. The variation depends upon the operating system on which it is running. Depending on the OS, the steps for this method may vary. However, the ultimate goal is to install the Audible App in your Hisense Smart TV and then play Audible audiobooks through it.

Installing Audible App in Hisense Android TV

If your Hisense Smart TV is running an Android TV, then running the Audible application is easy. To install the Audible App in Hisense Android TV to play Audible on it, follow the below steps:

Step 1. From the home screen of your Hisense Smart TV, select the Google Play Store application.

google play store

Step 2. Once the Google Play Store is opened, use your TV remote to access the search button. In the Search bar, type "Audible" and click on search from your Hisense TV remote.

search on hisense smart tv

Step 3. Click on the Install button in the Audible app through your Hisense TV remote.

install audible

Step 4. Once downloaded, you can open the Audible App from your Hisense Smart TV.

You can open it and begin streaming your Audible audiobooks on your Hisense Android TV when you have the application.

Installing Audible App in Hisense Roku TV

Unfortunately, you can not install the Audible app on Hisense Roku TV. The Roku TV comes with built-in services and channels and allows you only to add those permitted by it. Currently, there is no way by which you can install the Audible app to your Hisense Roku TV.

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone with an Audible app installed to cast its screen with your Hisense Roku TV. Once the screen is cast, you can play Audible on the smartphone and listen through your Hisense Roku TV.

But don't get too disheartened if you have Hisense Roku TV. The following method in our article has no limitation regarding the operating system of your Hisense Smart TV. So hold your horses and just keep on reading.

Method 2: Use ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter

You may have played MP3 music on your Hisense Smart TV by connecting a USB device. Wonder if you can do the same here? Technically yes, but it isn't that simple.

The Audible audiobooks come in AA/AAX format rather than MP3 format. Audible audiobooks AA/AAX format is DRM encrypted, not being played on any unauthorized device.

Therefore, you need a converter to convert your Audible audiobooks from AA/AAX to MP3 format. Here you will be introduced to ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter, a formidable tool for this purpose. Below are steps to use ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter.

audible converter

ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter Key Features

  • Losslessly convert Audible books to MP3 without account authorization
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to common formats at 100× faster speed
  • Freely customize lots of parameters of output audiobooks
  • Split audiobooks into small segments by time frame or by chapters
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1 Add Audible audiobookds to convert

add audible aax files

Download and Install ViWizard Audible AAX Converter. After installation, you can import the Audible audiobook to the ViWizard Audible AAX converter. If you have multiple Audible audiobooks, you can simply drag and drop them directly into the software. For uploading a single file, you can use Add File button on the top header.

2 Choose the output format

set audiobook output formats as mp3

Click the Format panel on the bottom left corner and chose the output format. ViWizard default audio format is lossless, meaning the conversion won't affect your audio quality. It now supports several popular output formats, including MP3, M4B, AAC, WAV, WMA, M4R, M4A, FLAC, OGG, etc. For lossless quality, do not change the Bit Rate and CHannel.

3 Start to convert Audible audiobooks

converted mp3 audiobooks

Note: Before conversion, you can also choose the edit button listed in front of the Audible files. It will allow you to edit and split your books into small files, such as creating a partition of chapters or time frames.

Click on the Convert button, and the Audible files will start to convert. Once the ViWizard converter completes the conversion process, you can view the Audible audiobooks in MP3 format on your PC.

Steps to Play MP3 format Audible Books in Hisense Smart TV

Once you have the Audible audiobooks converted into MP3 format, it's time to transfer them to a USB device and play it on your Hisense Smart TV.

Step 1: Connect USB to your computer.

Step 2: Move to the directory where your converted MP3 Audible audiobooks are located.

Step 3: Copy them and paste them into your USB device.

Once they are copied, simply connect that USB device to your Hisense Smart TV and play the MP3 converted Audible audiobooks through it.


Audible application is excellent when it comes to stream books. But, to play Audible on Hisense Smart TV, you need to either convert Audible to MP3 or install Audible on Hisense Smart TV.

Hisense Smart TV can have an Android or Roku operating system. For Android, you can simply go to the play store, download Audible and start streaming the books. But, in the case of Roku, you can not download the Audible app.

The best method independent of any operating system on Hisense TV is using ViWizard Audible AA/AAX converter. You can convert your Audible audiobooks into MP3 format and play them directly on your Hisense smart TV using a USB device.

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