Quick Tips to Enjoy Amazon/Netflix/iTunes Videos on LG G6

Posted by Andy Miller on 04/07/2017 2:21:08 PM.

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It has been some time since LG G6 mobile was released. As a new flagship phone, LG G6 has been changed significantly compared to the previous version G5. Though not all the changes are better than G5 such as it discards the module design which LG G5 users may miss, there are volumes of new benefits like the IP68 water resistant technology, bigger and sharper screen with 18:9 aspect ratio which supports full screen video display, larger battery, Google assistant and comfort view in settings. With these new features and benefits, LG G6 phone is particularly suitable for watching videos.

How to Play Amazon/Netflix Videos on LG G6

What is more, different from other Android mobile devices, LG G6 is the first mobile phone that supports Dolby high dynamic range video technology that was originally used for the cinema to play high resolution videos. According to the news from TechRadar, LG had been cooperating with Amazon and Netflix to put some of their videos like the Dolby HDR compatible videos on to the LG G6. Now there are new Dolby HDR video contents available from Netflix and Amazons for LG G6. In total, there are 85 Hollywood videos and about 100 hours of TV programs.

All the video contents would be played perfectly on G6. Dolby HDR version can not only display sharper and more clear video, but also save battery more than 15% since the screen doesn't have to be fully bright when playing HDR videos. If you have already bought the G6, you can enjoy all these benefits. You just need to open the LG G6 phone and access to the Amazon Video App or Netflix App, then you can watch the videos freely. In case your phone doesn't come with these Apps, you can also download them through the LG App Store. By using these Apps, watching Amazon/Netflix videos is extremely easy.

What Can You Do to Play iTunes M4V Videos on LG G6

But when talking about iTunes videos, G6 is incapacitated, this maybe the only one small drawback. Like other previous models such as G5 or other android phones, playing iTunes DRM M4V videos is still a big problem. Some users may ask if there is another method to solve this problem and make LG G6 phone better. Of course, you just need to find a way to bypass the iTunes FairPlay DRM and extract the videos, then the new extracted videos without DRM will be played well by LG G6. As we known, there are different DRM software available in the market can help for example Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus, TunesKit DRM Media Converter. The key point is to choose a best software. Personally I would recommend you to use TunesKit DRM Media Converter due to the following reasons:

1. It can convert in a 50X faster speed which is probably the fastest speed nowadays. 
2. Keep 100% lossless quality when converting videos, you don't need to worry the video being blurry or not.
3. It offers free trial versions for both Windows and Mac, you can try it out by yourself easily.
4. It is fairly easy to use and it takes only 3 steps to remove DRM and convert the videos to DRM free videos.

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Quick Tips to Remove DRM from iTunes Videos

After downloading and installing the TunesKit DRM Media Converter, you can tap the 'Add Files' button to import your iTunes videos to the software screen from the iTunes library and choose a LG G6 compatible format such as mp4 and then click 'Convert', it will convert videos and meanwhile remove DRM. Finally, you can send the converted iTunes videos to your LG G6 Mobile and play them without any hassles.

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