How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to OGV to Embed on HTML5 Page

Posted by Adam Gorden on June 1st, 2017 02:57:07 PM.

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HTML5 has introduced the video element which makes embedding video into a web page become easiest ever and now almost all the latest browsers support HTML5 technology. Among all kinds of videos, MP4(H.264), WEBM and OGV(OGG) are the three most widely used video formats for HTML5 page. If you want to embed your videos especially the iTunes videos to a HTML5 page, we'd highly recommend you to convert to the videos mentioned above and add them by editing the HTML5 video element. Here I will take the OGV for example to introduce the OGV format and show you how to convert DRM iTunes M4V videos to OGV for HTML5 page.

What is OGV and the Best iTunes M4V to OGV Converter

Although OGV is not as popular as MP4 and WebM, it has some advantages such as open source and patent free. OGV is derived from OGG, it is a free lossy video compression format which is developed by and it has extensive browser support with Firefox 3.5, Chrome 4, Opera 10.5 and newer versions. So a large portion of people prefer to convert to OGV videos for HTML5. But there are two main difference between standard OGV files and iTunes M4V videos like codec and DRM protection, if you want to convert iTunes videos to OGV, you have to get a software which can remove the DRM from iTunes videos and then encode the M4V videos to OGV format. After researching many similar tools available online for a long time, I'd recommend a professional program TunesKit M4V to OGV Converter for Mac. It is rated as the best M4V to OGV converter for the following reasons:

1. Remove DRM and convert videos at the same time.
2. Runs at a 20X faster speed which is known as the fastest speed currently.
3. Keep high quality while decoding and encoding videos.
4. It is integrated with beautiful software interface, very easy to use.
5. Lifetime free update and technical support.
6. It comes with a free trial version, you can simply download it to have a try.

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How to Convert iTunes M4V Videos to OGV Format

Helpful tutorial on how to convert iTunes M4V movies to OGV videos:

1Import iTunes purchased/rental videos

add itunes videos

TunesKit iTunes to OGV Converter for Mac only supports to convert videos from iTunes, please make sure you have already downloaded iTunes videos first, then you can either drag&drop or click 'Add Files' to add iTunes M4V videos.

2Choose the output OGV format

choose output audio tracks and subtitles

Then you can select the output format as 'OGV' under the 'General Video' tab after clicking the dropdown list at the bottom left corner. By the way, when you select the OGV format, there is a small gear icon which you can click to do some settings about the output video such as encoder, resolution, frame rate etc.

3Apply the settings and remove DRM

convert m4v to mp4

Finally, you can click 'Convert' to apply the setting, TunesKit iTunes to OGV Converter will remove DRM from your iTunes videos and convert them to the OGV format you customized. Please just wait a moment for it to complete, then you can click 'Converted' button to find all the OGV videos.

Easy Tips about Embedding Videos to a Web Page

When you get the OGV video, you can embed it into a HTML5 page and this OGV video will play well with Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Still, some browsers such as IE and Safari doesn't support OGV but only MP4(H.264). To maximum HTML5 video browser compatibility, you can also convert to more formats of videos like MP4, OGV, WebM and then add all the videos by editing the tags within video element on a HTML5 page, the browsers will automatically choose the first compatible video to play. Since it is pretty easy to embed the videos in a HTML5 page for web designers, I will not elaborate it here. If you are new to HTML5 page, you may search more tutorials online. Or alternatively you can simply upload the OGV video to a video sharing website such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. In this way, you don't need to create a web page by yourself.


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