Truly Wireless Earbuds Best Picks for 2019

Posted by Nick Orin on July 30, 2019 6:27 PM

I was confused and wondering what people are going to call these wire-free earphones when they begin to lead the trend. There are already wireless headphones in the market and they were named "wireless" long before because they connect the device via Bluetooth. But there are neither wires between the earbuds and your phone, nor wires between earbuds themselves. In a word, it is "truly wireless".

Now I know that except "earphones like AirPod", people also call this kind of cool, light and unprecedented gadget "true wireless earbuds", "truly wireless earbuds", "new wireless earphones" and "wire-free headphones".

The first truly wireless earbuds the Dash came out in 2015. With more and more famous earphone manufacturers are launching their truly wireless earbuds, now except Apple's AirPod, you have multiple choices of these wireless in-ear headphones in 2019. We just pick the best true wireless earbuds for 2019.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra Elite Active 65t occupied the first palace in many charts from well-know reviews websites. It is the sporty version and the sweat-resistant features can upgrade your experience while working out. It provides great sound quality and premium aesthetics. Made for one of the best wireless-calling headsets, it is great for making callings with two microphones in each earpiece. 5-hour battery life is mediocre but the quick-charge feature allows you to 1.5 hours of juice from a 15-minute charge.

Apple AirPods

AirPod 2 is no doubt the best option for iOS fans. Though it is not the one we are hoping for, the second generation still made some improvements to the original one. New features including always-on voice recognition, longer talk time and wireless charging option. Apple' new H1 chip is specially designed for headphones faster pairing when switching between different devices. It's a pity that nothing has done to make it better fit the ears and enhance the sound quality.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

As one of the best alternatives to AirPod, the Powerbeats Pro has a better sound quality and battery life. It equipped with almost the same features as AirPod, fast connection, always-on Siri voice recognition, and solid wireless connectivity. And the physical button for music playback control is another attraction. But the price and the bulky charging case can make consumers hesitate about it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung announces its wireless earbuds this year. A 15-minute quick charging can get you 1.7 more hours of playing time. Plus the 6-hour battery life at moderate volume levels, there's no worry for running out of battery. With the premium sound by AKG, Samsung Galaxy Buds delivers a decent sound quality. Since some features are only available on Android phones, Samsung Galaxy Buds should be a better and cheaper option for Android users especially those who have a Samsung Galaxy.

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