Spotify and Hulu: Things You Need to Know

Posted by Adam Gorden on May 1, 2020 3:30 PM.

For more attractive to subscribers, Spotify and Hulu once teamed up. But Spotify stopped accepting new subscribers for its Premium with Hulu deal last year. However, there is still an exception. With the subscription of Spotify Hulu Student, you would have the ability to access both Spotify and Hulu’s ad-supported plan.

To get Spotify Hulu bundle, you need to be an existing Spotify Premium for Student. Here we will mainly talk about things you need to know about Spotify and Hulu bundle if you have subscribed to Student Plan on Spotify. In addition to this, we also share some tips for you to enjoy Spotify and Hulu better.

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Part 1. Spotify and Hulu: What You Need to Know
Part 2. How to Play Spotify Offline without Premium
Part 3. How to Screen Record Videos Playing on Hulu

Part 1. Spotify and Hulu: What You Should Know

It’s no longer possible to sign up to the Premium and Hulu $9.99 per month deal. However, students can still get access to Hulu's ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME. Whether you’re new to Premium for Students or already have it, you can get access to Spotify Premium, Hulu’s ad-supported plan, and SHOWTIME for just $4.99 per month.

You can use your existing accounts with this offer:

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1). How to Active Hulu with Spotify

If you have Spotify Premium for Students but do not currently open the service on Hulu, you can get Hulu with Spotify with the following steps:

1. Log in to your Spotify Premium for Student account.
2. Go to your account page and under Account overview select Active Hulu.
3. Complete the required fields to active your Hulu account.
4. After activating the bundle, you will be billed for both Hulu and Spotify every month through your current Spotify billing method.

2). How to Connect Spotify to Hulu

If you subscribe to both Spotify Premium for Students and Hulu, you can bundle them. Make sure your Hulu account is billed directly through Hulu instead of a third party, then perform the following steps:

1. Log in to your Spotify Premium for Students account.
2. Go to your account page and under Account overview select Active Hulu.
3. You will be asked to switch to Spotify Premium for Students h Hulu and activate both your accounts.
4. By switching and activating both accounts through Spotify, you will no longer be billed by Hulu, and you will then be billed every month through your current Spotify billing method.

Part 2. How to Download Spotify Music without Premium

With Spotify Premium, you are able to listen to Spotify music without the distraction of ads and get unlimited skips on any playlists or album. What’s more, you can download Spotify music for listening anywhere. For this service, you have to subscribed to Premium Plan on Spotify constantly.

Someone would ask whether there is any way to help me download music from Spotify without Premium. Here we do recommend ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. It is a professional and powerful music downloader and converter for all Spotify users. With its help, you can download your preferred music from Spotify for offline listening.

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Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Downloader

  • Download tracks, playlists, albums, artists from Spotify without Premium
  • Convert Spotify contents to DRM-free audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC
  • Support the offline playback of Spotify on any devices without limitation
  • Preserve Spotify music tracks with the lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
Download Download

1Add Spotify music tracks to ViWizard

add spotify tracks to ViWizard

Open ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your computer and it will automatically load Spotify. You need to log into Spotify with your Spotify account. Navigate to Spotify music tracks you want to rip. Then copy the URL of the playlist from Spotify and paste the link into the search bar on the top of the software.

2Customize the output audio format

set output format

Once you've chosen your file, you'll be presented with the conversion option screen. Before converting Spotify music to MP3, you need to set the output audio parameters first. Click on Menu > Preference > Convert, and select the MP3 option from the list of audio formats. Besides, you could also adjust the bit rate and sample rate.

3Begin to download music from Spotify

downloading spotify music

Click on the Convert button on the lower right corner of the software. Then ViWizard software will save Spotify music tracks to your specified download folders. All the converted Spotify music tracks can be found in the converted list by clicking on the Converted icon. You will see a pop-up window which shows the converted Spotify tracks.

Part 3. How to Screen Record Hulu on Your Computer

As the competition between video streaming services intensifies, Hulu is a dependable option for streaming new and classic shows and movies, as well as live TV. While offline downloads were recently added, some great contents still cannot be downloaded. So how to get videos from Hulu for offline viewing? Here TunesKit Screen Recorder can serve as a good video recorder that lets you capture videos from any resource.

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Key Features of TunesKit Screen Recorder

  • Capture and record any audio and video from a number of programs
  • Record any audio and video on screen separately or simultaneously
  • Extract audio from video files to MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC, WAV
  • Save recording videos to MP4, M4V, and many other plain formats
Download Download

Just perform the following steps to record videos from Hulu with ease.

Step 1Choose recording mode on TunesKit

choose recording mode

After completing the installation, open TunesKit software on your computer. Then you will see the main home of TunesKit. For example, if you want to record Hulu movies, you need to choose the Video recording mode. Or if you just want to save it in the format of audio, the Audio recording mode could be selected.

Step 2Customize the recording settings

adjust the settings

Before you start to record Hulu shows for offline viewing, you need to select an area for recording at first. Just click the "+" button and a recording windows pop up. In addition, you could click the "Cog" button to open the setting panel and you can change the basic record options like video format, output folder, time scheduler and more.

Step 3Begin to record Hulu stream

start to record

The recording should appear in the TunesKit window, above the videos you play on Hulu. Now click the red REC button to record your Hulu live. You can also stop the process temporarily by clicking the Pause button or cut the recording by clicking the Scissors icon. To stop recording Hulu live completely, just click the Stop button.

Step 4Customize the recorded Hulu videos

customize the recording audio

Once finishing recording, you will see a preview windows where you're able to review the recorded Hulu videos by double clicking it. To personize the video, you can click the Edit icon to customize the video like split the video into parts, remove unsatisfied parts, take a screenshot or others. You can also click the Search icon to open the file location.


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