3 Available Ways to Play Amazon Music on Apple Watch

By Adam Gorden Updated on April 9, 2024

As we all know, the Apple Watch offers the functionality to listen to music without an iPhone. For most Apple Watch users, it's normal to use a music streaming service with Apple Music and set their hands free with an iPhone and work out with their favorite music.

It's perfect to have this option with the Apple Watch. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora, it was not until 7 months ago that there was a dedicated Amazon Music app on Apple Watch. What it used to mean to Amazon Music users was that when it came to listening to Amazon Music with Apple Watch, things were difficult. Don't despair! If you are committed to using Amazon Music and won't switch to other music streaming services, this article will tell you 2 different ways to play Amazon Music on your Apple Watch and their respective pros and cons.

How to play Amazon Music on Apple Watch

Part 1. Can I Get Amazon Music on Apple Watch?

Even though Amazon Music has been accessible on Apple Watch prior to the release of relevant reports, there are still Apple Watch users who remain unaware of this feature to this day. The truth is Amazon Music has made a breakthrough to update Amazon Music for iOS to version 10.18. This update has added the complication and now you can access your favorite Amazon Music directly on your watch if you already have Amazon Prime membership. Also, you can control playback on a compatible iOS device.

Since now it's possible to stream Amazon Music on your Apple Watch and don't have to recreate your favorite playlists on other streaming music apps, let's see how to make it.

1.1 Play Amazon Music on Apple Watch with iPhone

To enjoy Amazon Music on a more expansive display, you have the option to transmit the music service from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Here's a refined guide to set up Amazon Music on your Apple Watch using your iPhone:

  • Download Amazon Music on Apple Watch App from iPhone:

    enable amazon music app on apple watch via iphone

    1. Unlock your iPhone and launch the My Watch app. If the app isn't present, head to the App Store to download it.
    2. Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone and select the 'My Watch' tab.
    3. Navigate to the 'Available Apps' and search for the Amazon Music application.
    4. Initiate the installation process by tapping the 'Install' button, which will transfer the Amazon Music app to your Apple Watch.
  • Connect Amazon Music to Apple Watch and Start Listening:

    sync amazon music to apple watch

    1. Launch the 'My Watch' app and ensure it's connected to your Apple Watch.
    2. Tap on 'My Watch' > 'Music' > 'Add Music'.
    3. This action will lead you to your Amazon Music library. Here, you can add desired tracks to your Apple Watch by selecting the '+' icon adjacent to them.
    4. Once the tracks are added, simply launch the Amazon Music app on your Apple Watch to start enjoying your playlist.

With these steps completed, you're all set to control and enjoy your Amazon Music directly from the convenience of your Apple Watch.

1.2 Play Amazon Music on Apple Watch without iPhone

Is it possible to enjoy Amazon Music on your Apple Watch without being tethered to an iPhone? Absolutely. The App Store on your Apple Watch hosts the Amazon Music app, enabling you to directly install and configure the app. This allows you to effortlessly control your Amazon Music tracks right from your wrist, completely phone-free.

  • Download Amazon Music to Apple Watch from App Store:

    install amazon music app on apple watch

    1. Activate the Home screen on your Apple Watch by rotating the 'Digital Crown' and proceed to open the 'App Store' application.
    2. Use the Search function within the App Store to locate the Amazon Music application.
    3. Once found, select the app to view its download page, and then choose the 'Get' option to initiate the installation process on your Apple Watch.
  • Listen to Amazon Music on Apple Watch without iPhone:

    stream amazon music on apple watch

    1. Power on your Apple Watch and open the newly installed Amazon Music app.
    2. You will be prompted to enter an authorization code after opening the Amazon Music app on your Apple Watch.
    3. On your phone or computer, navigate to https://www.amazon.com/code to sign in to your Amazon Music account, which will generate a 6-character code for you.
    4. Enter the provided code to link your Amazon Music account with your Apple Watch.
    5. Post-activation, you can browse to the 'Library' and start enjoying your music.
    6. For offline playback, pick a song, and click the 'Download' button to store it on your Apple Watch in advance. Subsequently, hit on 'Settings' to enable Offline Mode, allowing you uninterrupted enjoyment of Amazon Music even without a network connection.

      To stream music directly on your Apple Watch, ensure that you are subscribed to either Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. And verify that your Apple Watch is updated to the latest version and is connected to a Wi-Fi network for seamless streaming.

Part 2. What Problems Will I Meet with Amazon Music App on Apple Watch?

Now you are able to stream your favorite Amazon music on Apple Watch and leave your iPhone behind. However, you may not be pleased with the streaming experience. There are 2 problems you may encounter with the Amazon Music app on Apple Watch.

1. Poor Music Quality

You may find the music quality from the watch is extremely low and the low bitrate is the main reason.

2. Offline Listening

For offline listening, users still can't download music to the Apple Watch from Amazon Music Unlimited for offline use. Of course, you can choose to play Amazon Music from your iPhone and then control playback on your Apple Watch. However, when there is no Wi-Fi connection, you have to carry your iPhone with you. This is super inconvenient because although you manage to get your iPhone in your pocket, the iPhone will just flap around your waist and cause pain when you are working out.

What's more, as Amazon Music is a streaming music service, music available via an Amazon Prime Music account can be streamed online but is not owned by you. Normal cases are that Amazon Music cannot provide a music file that can be used outside of Amazon's proprietary application. Even if you manage to find the Amazon Music tracks, they are encoded in DRM-ed audio, which is incompatible with watchOS.

Part 3. How to Improve Listening Experience with ViWizard

This to-be-desired streaming experience can be improved now because you can work around it with third-party software like an Amazon Music conversion tool. Fortunately, this is where ViWizard Amazon Music Converter works the best.

How ViWizard Amazon Music Converter Can Help:

ViWizard Amazon Music Converter can save the lossless audio quality and change the bitrate from 8kbps to 320kbps for formats such as MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, and FLAC, whatever you want. According to Apple Watch, Apple Watch-supported audio formats are AAC, MP3, VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV, among which AAC, MP3, and WAV happen to be able to be converted to in ViWizard. You can use ViWizard to download and convert your favorite songs from Amazon Music and convert them to these three formats for offline listening on your watch.

amazon music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Amazon Music Converter

Free Trial Free Trial

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  • Download songs from Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, and HD Music
  • Convert Amazon Music songs to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, and WAV
  • Retain the original ID3 tags and lossless audio quality of Amazon Music
  • Support customizing the output audio parameters for Amazon Music

Two ViWizard Amazon Music Converter versions are available: Windows version and Mac version. You can just hit the 'Download' button above to choose the right version for a free trial.

How to Put Amazon Music to Apple Watch with ViWizard

Now you know how ViWizard Amazon Music Converter can help you. Then jump into the following 3 steps to ensure your desired listening experience for offline listening on Apple Watch.

Step 1Add Amazon Music to ViWizard Amazon Music Converter

Choose the right version of ViWizard Amazon Music Converter and download it. As soon as you launch ViWizard Amazon Music Converter, the program will launch Amazon Music automatically. Next, you should make sure your Amazon Music account has signed in to access your playlists. After that, just drag or copy and paste your favorite songs to the search bar. Then you can see the songs added and shown on the screen, waiting to be downloaded and converted for Apple Watch.

add amazon music songs

Step 2Change Output Settings

Before converting the songs, click the menu icon and next click 'Preference'. For Apple Watch-supported audio formats, you can convert songs on the list to AAC, MP3, or WAV in ViWizard. For better audio quality, you can choose to maximize AAC and MP3 format's output bit rate to 320kbps. As for WAV format, you can choose its bit depth, either 16-bit or 32-bit is available.

Besides, you can also alter other parameters like channel and sample rate for your unique listening experience. You should also notice that you can archive output tracks by none, artist, album, artist/album, which saves your time to file up the converted songs for offline use. Lastly, don't forget to click the 'OK' button to save your settings.

select the output format

Step 3Convert and Download Amazon Music

Check the songs on the list again and notice there is an output path at the bottom of the screen, which shows where the output files will be saved after the conversion. Once you click the 'Convert' button, ViWizard Amazon Music Converter will start to download and convert Amazon Music tracks based on the setting. At a 5x speed, the conversion will finish in just a few moments. You can browse the converted music files at the 'converted' icon next to the output path's bar.

convert amazon music

Part 4. How to Transfer Amazon Music to Apple Watch via iTunes

Congratulations! Now all your favorite songs from Amazon Music are converted to the Apple Watch-supported formats with good audio quality. Apple Watch offers 2GB local music storage for users to syn audio files from iTunes Library. To transfer the converted files to Apple Watch via iTunes, there are still a few simple steps that need you to follow.

Step 1. Sync Amazon Music to iPhone from Computer via iTunes

  1. First connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB connection.
  2. Launch iTunes and click on 'File' at the menu bar. Click 'Add File to Library…' or just press 'Ctrl+O' to locate the 'Converted' folder that has the converted songs in it.
  3. add local amazon music file to itunes

  4. Next find and click the iPhone icon and 'Music' and then 'Sync Music'. There Amazon Music syncs with your iPhone from the computer. Lastly, remember to click 'Done'.

Step 2. Play Amazon Music on Apple Watch

add amazon music to apple watch

  1. Use Bluetooth to pair your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  2. Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Select 'My Watch' > 'Music' > 'Add Music' to sync the Amazon audio files in Apple Watch-supported formats.

All done! Now you can play Amazon Music on your Apple Watch offline.


With the above information, it is possible for you to play Amazon Music on Apple Watch. Even without the Amazon Music app on Apple Watch, you can still have a wonderful listening experience with ViWizard Amazon Music Converter. You can download ViWizard Amazon Music Converter on this page. Give it a try!

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