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Q: "I can't play Spotify songs on my MP3 player or in my car. Do I need to convert Spotify to MP3 in order to play the tracks properly? If so, any reliable Spotify to MP3 converter to recommend? Thanks." - Mike from Quora

Spotify now has 165 million premium subscribers worldwide and 345 million monthly active users, as of the second quarter of 2021. It's easy to stream any song from the Spotify music catalog, but there some restrictions we can't ignore.

Currently, only premium users can download Spotify music for offline listening. All the downloaded songs are saved as cache files and encoded in the format of OGG Vorbis. Therefore, we can only listen to the downloaded Spotify songs on authorized devices and players. Even premium users are not allowed to download Spotify songs to the local computer or phone, let alone free users. And it's impossible for users to burn Spotify songs to CDs, either.

But, that's not the end of the story. To break the limit, we need a third-party Spotify to MP3 converter. In this post, we'll introduce several useful tools in 2021 to help you download and convert Spotify music to MP3. By doing so, you can then easily listen to offline Spotify on any MP3 player or portable device without any hassle.

spotify to mp3

Part 1. Best Spotify to MP3 Converter You Can't Miss
     No.1 ViWizard Spotify Music Converter hot tip
     No.2 Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter
Part 2. Best Spotify Recorders to Rip Spotify to MP3
     No.1 TunesKit Audio Capture
     No.2 Audacity
     No.3 AllToMP3
     No.4 Free Sound Recorder
     No.5 Spotify Web Recorder
     No.6 Audials Music 2021
     No.7 Leawo Music Recorder
Part 3. Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Free Online
     No.1 Deezify
     No.3 Web Music Downloader
Part 4. Best Spotify to MP3 Android/iPhone Free Tools
     No.1 Fildo
     No.2 Siri Shortcuts
Part 5. FAQs about Converting Spotify to MP3
Part 6. Tips to Choose the Best Spotify to MP3 Converter
Part 7. The Final Thoughts

Part 1. How to Convert Spotify to MP3 on Windows and Mac

Here we picked out some useful Spotify to MP3 converters for Windows and Mac platforms. By adopting advanced decryption technology, these Spotify music converters will help you effortlessly convert Spotify songs and playlists to MP3 with zero quality loss. Just take a look at the following review, and pick the best one you like. Let's keep moving on.

No.1 ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

On the top of the best Spotify to MP3 converter list is definitely ViWizard Spotify Converter. This is a popular and professional Spotify music downloader and converter for Mac and Windows users.

No matter you are subscribing to a free or premium plan, ViWizard could help you download and convert Spotify to MP3 then save them to your computer. The most important thing is that this tool can download songs from Spotify to MP3 at a super-fast 5× speed with lossless quality. Also, all the ID3 tags and metadata info such as the title, artist, cover, and genre will be preserved after conversion. Thus, it's easy for you to play your liked Spotify songs on any device or player such as Sony Walkman, SanDisk MP3 Player, Apple Watch, and Fitbit Versa.

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Converter

  • Save Spotify music as MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, and M4B
  • Download any Spotify like tracks, audiobooks, radio, and podcasts
  • Preserve lossless audio quality and full ID3 tags
  • Convert Spotify at up to 5× faster speed
  • Support to organize tracks by albums or artists
3,000,000+ Downloads
Download Download


1. Preserve Spotify music with the original quality and ID3 tags;
2. Customize the output format, bit rate, sample rate, and channel;
3. Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B;
4. Support dowloading and converting Spotify link to MP3.


1. The free trial version can only convert the first 1 minute of each track.

Tutorial: How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 with ViWizard

Now we'll show you the whole process of downloading and converting Spotify songs to MP3 for offline listening with ViWizard Music Converter.

Step 1 Add Spotify songs to ViWizard

add spotify music to ViWizard

Once you open ViWizard Music Converter for Spotify, you got two options to add Spotify songs to the software. The first method is to directly drag an artist, an entire album, or a playlist from Spotify and drop them onto the conversion screen of ViWizard. In the other way, you can paste the link of the Spotify songs or albums to the search bar. Then the music tracks will be loaded automatically to the converter.

Step 2 Set MP3 as output format

select mp3 output format

The default output format of ViWizard Spotify MP3 Converter is set as MP3. Anyway, you can simply click the menu bar and choose 'Preferences' > 'Convert' to set the output settings manually. Here you can adjust the bit rate, channel, sample rate, etc. all according to your own needs. If you want the converted songs to be classified by albums or artists, remember to click the option of 'Archive output tracks by'.

Step 3 Save Spotify songs to MP3

convert spotify to mp3

Now simply click the 'Convert' button at the bottom right corner and the program will start to convert your Spotify tracks to MP3 format at 5× speed. If you want to convert the Spotify songs in stable mode, you are suggested to choose the 1× speed in 'Preferences' before conversion. Once the songs are converted, you'll achieve Spotify to MP3. Then it's up to you to transfer those Spotify songs to any MP3 player for offline listening.

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No.2 Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter is another Spotify music downloader and converter. It allows you to download and convert songs, playlists, albums, or podcasts from Spotify with the original audio quality to your computer. With its help, you can save Spotify content in six audio formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B. In addition, you can directly convert Spotify url to MP3 with this converter.

tunelf spotibeat music converter


1. Convert Spotify songs to MP3 at 5× super faster speed;
2. Preserve ID3 tags and metadata information;
3. Intuitive interface and comprehensive features.


1. Not free for users to use.

How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 via Tunelf software

Step 1. Run Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter on your computer. Then add Spotify tracks to the converter by drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste URL.
Step 2. Next, set MP3 as the output format and change the bit rate, sample rate, and channel by clicking the menu > Preferences button.
Step 3. Click the Convert button to start the conversion of Spotify to MP3. After conversion, you can view the downloaded songs in the history list.

Verdict: Both ViWizard Music Converter and Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter allow you download and convert Spotify to MP3 effortlessly. Also, ViWizard software can remove DRM protection from Spotify, then you can enjoy songs on multiple devices.

Part 2. How to Record Spotify to MP3 on Windows and Mac [Free or Paid]

Here we collected some Spotify recorders which could offer the service for you to download Spotify to MP3. By recording the audio tracks from Spotify, the output sound quality might be compromised. Some tools are free of charge, but some are not. You can take a look at them and have a try.

No.1 TunesKit Audio Capture

ViWizard audio capture

TunesKit Audio Capture is the smartest audio grabber to capture and edit any audio playing on the computer with high quality. These audios can be streaming music, radio stations, broadcasts, music games, video files and others. It can save all the recorded audio to six audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A, M4B, and WAV. It can assist Spotify users to easily record Spotify to MP3 without premium accounts.


1. Function as streaming audio recorder and editor;
2. Capture and edit any sound from the internet sources;
3. Six popular output audio formats for you to choose from.


1. Record Spotify music with more time;
2. Preserve output audio without 100% lossless.

How to Record:

1. Install and open the TunesKit Audio Capture on your Mac or PC computer;
2. Click the "+" button to add Spotify web player or app to its main interface;
3. Now open the Spotify and find the song you'd like to record. Play it and TunesKit will record it automatically.

No.2 Audacity (Free)


If you are looking for the best free Spotify recorder, Audacity could be the best option to own. The best part of this freeware is that it not only records Spotify streaming music but also records any other sound from a microphone. Overall, Audacity offers one of the most robust packages available among free Spotify recording software.


1. Convert Spotify to MP3 free;
2. Provide additional editing function except for recording;
3. Easy for beginners.


1. Cause quality loss in recorded music;
2. A little complicated for beginners;
3. Require plugin to export recordings to MP3.

How to Record:

1. Open Audacity and click the "Edit" icon to enter the Preferences page. Choose "Device" > "Host" > "Windows WASAPI";
2. Then choose "Recording" tab and uncheck the option of "Software playthrough of input";
3. Click the "Record" icon and start playing music on Spotify. Click the "Stop" icon to end the recording. Then click the "File" > "Export" > "Export as MP3", and click "Save".

No.3 AllToMP3 (Free)


AllToMP3 Converter is a neat audio converter program that offers an option to download Spotify by the URL of Spotify songs or playlists. It can work well on three leading platforms containing Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is free for everyone who wants to download Spotify playlist to MP3.


1. Straightforward conversion process.


1. Not support batch conversion;
2. Complicated conversion interface;

How to Download:

1. Open Audacity and click the "Edit" icon to enter the Preferences page. Choose "Device" > "Host" > "Windows WASAPI";
2. Then choose "Recording" tab and uncheck the option of "Software playthrough of input";
3. Click the "Record" icon and start playing music on Spotify. Click the "Stop" icon to end the recording. Then click the "File" > "Export" > "Export as MP3", and click "Save".

No.4 Free Sound Recorder (Free)

free sound recorder

Free Sound Recorder is a free audio recorder that can be used to record Spotify or other types of streaming music, computer sound, and more for free. It allows you to create a schedule to record from the selected Spotify songs and playlists with the desired duration. You can also save the recordings to MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG format with high quality.


1. Easy to operate;
2. Support recording any sound directly from the sound card.


1. Cannot preserve ID3 tags, nor support batch recording;
2. Won't recognize individual songs automatically.

How to Record:

1. Run Free Sound Recorder on your PC and choose sound card & "Stereo Mix" as the sound source;
2. Click the recording settings icon and choose the output file type as "MP3 File";
3. Open Spotify and play the music you want to record. Click the red Record icon to start recording and stop it when finished.

No.5 Spotify Web Recorder (Free)

spotify web recorder

As another free and open-source Spotify music recorder, Spotify Web Recorder is able to record music from Spotify web player to local MP3 files on Windows and Mac. It contains an integrated browser so that you can record Spotify songs easily without any problem. This free Spotify recording software can also remove ads from Spotify.


1. Record songs from Spotify web player;
2. Skip ads on Spotify while recording.


1. Recording music always degrades the quality;
2. A little complex for beginners.

No.6 Audials Music 2021

audials music 2021

Audials Music 2021 is a smart audio recorder tool for saving your favorite songs from any internet source. You can also use it to record audiobooks from streams quickly with top quality. Besides recording music from Spotify, Amazon Music, or other streaming services, it can manage music for all devices as a music player. Then the audio recorded can be saved up to over 40 audio file formats including MP3.


1. Record and convert Spotify music to MP3;
2. Capture music from other streaming services;
3. Support the import and management of local audio files.


1. Not free;
2. Only available on Windows;
3. A little complicated to operate;
4. Recorded audio with quality loss.

How to Record:

1. Download and start the software on Windows computer;
2. Open the Spotify app and play the music that you want to record and save to MP3;
3. The track will be recorded automatically and the file will be saved as MP3 format.

No.7 Leawo Music Recorder

leawo music recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is useful audio recording software for music lovers. It can be used to record music and audio from both computer audio and online music resources like Spotify, YouTube, AOL Music and more. Besides, Leawo allows you to manage recorded music files and edit them, as well as split songs upon preset time duration automatically. There are two common audio formats like MP3 and WAV for you to choose from.


1. Record music with task scheduler;
2. Record audio from online music sources;
3. Apply recorded audio files to iTunes in one click.


1. Only two audio formats for choosing;
2. Time-consuming to record Spotify music;
3. Save Spotify music without 100% lossless.

How to Record:

1. Launch Leawo Music Recorder and click the audio source icon to choose "Audio Source" > "Record Computer Audio";
2. Go to the "Format" tab and choose "mp3 Audio(*.mp3)" as the output format;
3. Click the red Record icon and play back the songs you want to convert on Spotify.

Verdict: The sound quality of the recording tracks is the same as the original songs, and the recording is equal to conversion in a sense. After the recording, you will get unencoded MP3 audios of your Spotify song. You can save a considerable amout of money because TunesKit Audio Capture, or streaming audio recorder in general, is cheaper than audio converters.

Part 3. Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Free Online for Windows and Mac

In this part, we introduce some online solutions to convert Spotify songs to MP3, for those who don't want to install any software on the computer. Yet, the disadvantages of these tools are also obvious. Just read on.

No.1 Deezify (Free)


Deezify is a free Spotify music downloader extension of Chrome that can help you download music from a host of streaming music services inclusive of Spotify, Deezer, and Xbox. With the help of Deezify, you can convert your desired playlist and songs from Spotify to MP3 in the Spotify web player.


1. Free of charge;
2. Easy to use.


1. Contain virus at times;
2. Poor output audio quality;
3. Not stable and safe enough.

How to Download:

1. Install the Chrome extension Deezify;
2. Open Spotify in the browser and play the song you would like to download;
3. Deezify will start to download and save the music files as MP3.

No.2 (Free)

playlist converter spotify is a free online service that allows you to convert the playlists from multiple music services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube or others and file formats like CSV. It enables you free convert Spotify music to MP3 format without installing any extra software. With playlist converter just click and wait for the synchronization process.


1. A free online Spotify converter MP3 tool;
2. Support different music streaming sites.


1. Take much time to convert Spotify playlists;
2. Poor output audio quality.

No.3 Spotify & Deezer Music Downloader (Free)

playlist converter spotify

Spotify & Deezer Music Downloader is a Spotify downloader Chrome extension. It can help users download songs from Spotify, Deezer, and SoundCloud to MP3. Once installed, you could find the extension to the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser. Then you can directly download songs from Spotify web player to MP3 by clicking it.


1. Download from Spotify to MP3 for free;
2. Not need to any additional application on your computer.


1. Not stable conversion;
2. Only save Spotify music to MP3.

Update in 2021: It used to be a good online Spotify converter tool, but now it's off. As for when it'll be up again, you can follow its official Facebook or Twitter account to get notified.

Part 4. How to Download Spotify Music to MP3 on Android and iOS

If you're looking for a way to convert Spotify songs to MP3 for playback on your Android phone or iPhone, you can ask for help from some third-party applications. The following are two useful free tools for Android and iOS users.

No.1 Fildo (Free)


Fildo app is a popular Spotify to MP3 Android application that allows you to download top-quality MP3 on your mobile phone. Different from other similar apps out there, Fildo doesn't have its own collection of audio files. Instead, it brings music from various sources at one place.


1. Free;
2. Easy to use.


1. Can't find it on Google app store;
2. No iOS version available.

How to Convert:

1. Download Fildo apk from its official website and open it on your Android device after installation;
2. Tap "More" option from the bottom and select the "IMPORT SPOTIFY";
3. Log into your Spotify account and Fildo will load Spotify playlists from the library;
4. Once the playlist loaded, tap the dots on the right of the track to start downloading it as MP3.

No.2 Siri Shortcuts (Free)

siri shortcuts library

For iOS users, you can also download MP3 from Spotify by using some useful Siri shortcuts. Before getting started, please make sure that you've installed the Shortcuts App on your iPhone.


1. Free of cost


1. Can't download more than 30 songs;
2. Would be considered as untrusted shortcuts.

How to Download:

1. Download and install the Shortcuts App on your iPhone;
2. Open the shortcuts link (or this link) in Safari and add it to your Shortcuts app;
3. Copy the Spotify song link and run the shortcut, and it will start to download;
4. After the song is downloaded, go to the Files app and then iCloud > Shortcuts > Music to find the downloaded Spotify file.

Part 5. FAQs about Spotify Download to MP3

In this part, we have collected some frequently asked questions about converting Spotify to MP3 for playing without internet connection. Here are some answers from us after research.

#1. What is the best Spotify to MP3 Converter?

A: From the list above, you can see that there are different tools to convert Spotify to MP3, including converter, recorder, online tool, or browser extension. If you care much about sound quality, conversion speed and stability, you're suggested to try professional Spotify music converters such as ViWizard Music Converter for Spotify. Such tools would be the best Spotify to MP3 converter.

#2. How do I convert Spotify to MP3 for free?

A: To convert Spotify music to MP3 for free, you need a free tool. Some tools listed in Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4 such as Audacity, AllToMP3, Deezify, etc. can easily help you do that. But they also have their own disadvantages. If you don't mind, you can try them one by one until you're happy.

#3. Can you download songs off Spotify?

A: With a Spotify Premium subscription, you can download Spotify albums, playlists and podcasts from the mobile app or only download Spotify playlists from a computer. However, you're still required to listen to them within the Spotify app. If you want to download Spotify music for offline listening on any device or player, you should convert Spotify to MP3 or other common audio formats.

#4. Is downloading music from Spotify illegal?

A: No. As stated above, you're able to download Spotify music as long as you have a Premium account. In other words, you have got the permission to listen to the songs offline from Spotify. Plus, most of the tools mentioned above are using recording technology, so it will be legal for users to download Spotify music, espeically when you use them for personal purpose.

#5. Why you listen to Spotify music at low audio quality?

A: Spotify has four different audio qualities available on mobile including low, normal, high, and very high and the desktop excludes the "low quality streaming" option. There's also a default music quality set to "Automatic", which means music may be offered up at lower bitrates when bandwidth is low. If you are Spotify Premium users, you will have the right to enjoy a very high-quality sound; if not, only low or normal audio quality is offered to you.

Part 6. How to Choose Your Spotify to MP3 Converter?

All the Spotify music converting tools listed above are capable of fulfilling your basic need for ripping Spotify to MP3. So, which one suits you? Generally speaking, you could pick one which is best for you from the four aspects – sound quality, audio format, purchasing cost, and conversion speed. Now let's get right to the point.

#1. Sound Quality

At this point, those paid Spotify music converters such as ViWizard Spotify Music Converter and Sidify Spotify Music Converter could be the best option. It can guarantee the output audio quality of Spotify music. Even though you are a free subscriber, you can also get Spotify music at very high quality (320kbps).

#2. Audio Format

The MP3 file format would be compatible with most of the devices. Therefore, Spotify users who want to start Spotify music beats anywhere would look the MP3 file format as their preferred audio formats. The above programs all can help you to convert to MP3 from Spotify. If you look for more audio format options, programs such as ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, Audials Music 2021, and ViWizard Audio Capture could be taken into consideration.

#3. Purchasing Cost

One of the issues we are most concerned about is the price of the software. If you cannot afford the purchasing of Spotify downloaders, the freeware like Audacity could also achieve Spotify to MP3. Or you could consider these apps like Audials Music 2021, ViWizard Spotify Music Converter or ViWizard Audio Capture at the lower price.

#4. Conversion Speed

Everyone looks forward to copying music from Spotify to MP3 as soon as possible. The conversion speed would take effect on the number of downloading tracks. If the software can work at a faster speed, it will not take too much time to move Spotify music to your device. Now, ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, Sidify Spotify Music Converter, and Audials Music 2021 could do a good job.

Part 7. The Final Thoughts

So, here are all the free and paid ways to convert Spotify to MP3 format for offline listening. We list out the strengths and weaknesses of each tool to help you make a wise decision, along with the quick guide. In the end, we put forward some FAQs and useful tips that you should consider when choosing a good Spotify music converter. Hope you can find the best one you like and start enjoying your Spotify music now.

In a nutshell, considering the cost performance, ViWizard Spotify Music Converter could enable you to listen to Spotify music offline at high quality while Audials Music 2021 could enable you to get more music resources at a faster speed. If you simply pursue the conversion of Spotify to MP3 free, Audacity doesn't cost anything and you will get Spotify music in the MP3 file format. After all, you could use all the trial versions of those paid Spotify converters and get your personal answer. Have any other suggestions or problems? Please leave your comments below.

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