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Part 1: Product FAQs - Problems in using ViWizard
Part 2: Other FAQs - Refund, Order, Upgrade, etc

No image and only audio in converted files with 12.10.2, how to fix?

Currently, ViWizard M4V Converter for Windows cannot work properly on the version of 12.10.2 and later, this is possibly because it has been protected by a new encryption technology. If you use the current version of ViWizard, the output video might have no image, with only audio tracks. But don't worry, our developers are working hard on it, and we will inform you once it's solved. You can follow our Facebook or Twitter to get the latest update.

Now the solution is to downgrade your app to the lower version such as 12.9.0, and ViWizard will work well on it. You can download it here: 12.9.0. Don't forget to re-download the purchased or rental M4V movies that you want to convert. You will also need to de-authorize and then re-authorize your computer on the old 12.9.0. If it still can't be solved, please feel free to get in touch with us via : support@viwizard.com.

Can't install ViWizard on Mac Mavericks and Mountain Lion

You'll get a Gatekeeper message saying that "ViWizard can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" when you try to install ViWizard on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or 10.9 Mavericks.

To bypass the Gatekeeper alert and install ViWizard on Mac, simply go to "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow applications downloaded from > Anywhere".

Can't load any purchased or rental M4V file with ViWizard

If you can't locate any purchased or rental M4V file in ViWizard drop-down menu by clicking "Add Files" button, please try the following methods:

1 Go to "App > Preferences > Advanced" to check whether the option of "Share Library XML with other applications" is checked or not. If not, please check that option and open ViWizard again.

2If the first method doesn't solve the problem, please directly drag and drop the purchased or rental M4V files to ViWizard to converter.

The program requires registration each time I launch it

You can fix this problem by installing ViWizard for Windows as administrator. To do that, you need to right-click on the setup file and select "Run as administrator". Then enter the administrator's password for your computer and install ViWizard.

App crashes during conversion

The causes of App crash can be varied. It might be used by other programs besides ViWizard, or you may have operated it during conversion.

To solve this problem, please simply close other programs which are lauched in background while you are using ViWizard. If that doesn't fix the problem, please let us know by contacting us at: support@viwizard.com.

Can't load any purchased or rental M4V movies from external drive

If you have a large amount of purchased or rental M4V movies saved in an external drive instead of the default library location, you'll find you couldn't directly load the purchased or rental M4V movies by clicking the "Add Files" button in the program.

To solve this problem, please simply drag and drop the movie files from the external drive to the program. If that doesn't fix the problem, please contact us at: support@viwizard.com.

ViWizard can't find the rental movies when I click "Add Files" button

Sometimes, ViWizard can't find the rental movies when clicking "Add Files" button to add movies. We suggest you should manually drag and drop the rental files to ViWizard instead. And we will optimize our product in future version.

Is it normal to receive "Play" command everytime when I start the conversion?

Yes. It's normal. And you have to accept the "Play" command to run the conversion successfully. ViWizard will send the "Play" command everytime when you start convert any purchased or rental M4V movies to make sure if the computer is authorized to play the movie or not. If the movie can't be played on the computer, ViWizard can't convert the movie as well.

When I try to install the ViWizard for Windows, my anti-virus program detected that it contains virus. What's wrong?

Please just ignore the warning. ViWizard for Windows is a newly released application. We haven't applied the Code Signing Certificates from Microsoft yet. That's why we get the warning. But we are sure the program won't make any damage to your computer.

There is no video in the converted MP4 videos, only audio converted. Why?

Please make sure you can play the original purchased or rental M4V movies on your computer at first. If the original videos can be played fine, please let us know the movie name, file size and the detailed computer information. Contact us at: support@viwizard.com.

Can't add or convert purchased or rental M4V files with ViWizard after upgrading to 12.1

Update: The issue was resolved already. ViWizard for Windows fully supports the latest 12.4 or later now.

Many users have found that after upgrading to the latest release of 12.1, ViWizard for Windows didn't work properly. If you are now facing such a problem, please kindly note that this is because the new 12.1 is made to a full 64-bit application that is not supported by the current version of ViWizard. Our programmers are now working on it and trying to fix the problem ASAP. But before the official solution is available, we suggest you not to install the new 12.1 update if you have not done it yet. But if for any chance you have already upgraded to the new version, please downgrade it to the previous 12.0.1 (32-bit) in order to use ViWizard properly. Please follow this tutorial to find out how to downgrade 12.1 to 12.0.1.

Lose AC3 5.1 surround sound after conversion with ViWizard

Some users may find that after conversion, there's no AC3 5.1 surround sound contained in the converted movies when playback. In fact, the AC3 5.1 audio is retained in the output file, but not all media players could support playing AC3 5.1 sound. That has something to do with AC3 codec authorisation but not with ViWizard. To be more specifically, if you test the original movies with AC3 5.1 audio track, you'll find there's no audio if you select the AC3 5.1 track while playing. In this case, we suggest you try VLC media player or KMPlayer that have been authorized with the AC3 codec. For other media players, you may need to purchase or install specific AC3 5.1 codec in order to play the AC3 audio properly.

If you want to play converted any purchased or rental M4V movies with AC3 5.1 audio in Apple TV, please drop the movie file into Subler and select the AC3 5.1 sound track, then click the option to fix faulty audio fallback.

What is the difference between Audible Converter and Audio Converter?

1. Audible Converter supports Audible AA/AAX files only, while Audio Converter supports both Audible and M4B, M4A, AA, AAX audiobooks;
2. Audible Converter doesn't need to work with an additional app but Audio Converter requires install and authorize an additional app to work;
3. Audible Converter supports more output formats than Audio Converter;
4. Audible Converter supports splitting large audiobook into small files via chapters but Audio Converter not.
See more details >>

ViWizard crashes 12.6.1 on Mac

Problem solved! We are glad to notify you that ViWizard Mac products are now fully compatible with the latest now! Please download the upgraded versions from our Download Center >>

Important Notice: ViWizard for Mac don't work properly with yet. If you are still using that specific version, please simply download and install the latest v. and try ViWizard again.

We are sorry to tell that ViWizard Mac products are not fully compatible with the newly released 12.6.1 yet. Before the final solution comes out, if you want to use the program successfully, we suggest you downgrade to the previous v.12.6.0 by following the steps below:

1. Download from this page: http://www.techspot.com/downloads/71-apple-itunes-for-mac.htmlwhere you can find all previous versions in the sidebar.

2. Open Activity Monitor on your Mac and kill the process "Helper".

3. Open Terminal and type: "sudo rm -r /Applications/iTunes.app".

4. Install App

5. Disable auto-upgrading in App.

6. Run ViWizard.

ViWizard M4V Converter doesn't convert any purchased or rental M4V movies on macOS High Sierra

We are sorry that currently ViWizard M4V Converter and iBook Copy for Mac doesn't fully support the latest macOS High Sierra yet. We are working hard on this issue now. But since it's a big challenge to us, we can't estimate when the fix will be found. Before it's available, we highly suggest you downgrade macOS High Sierra to Sierra in order to run the software properly. Or if you have a Windows PC, we can switch your code to Windows version for free until the solution of Mac version comes out. For other solutions to run ViWizard on macOS High Sierra, you can visit: Possible Ways to Make ViWizard Work with macOS 10.13 High Sierra

ViWizard looks really small and unreadable on Windows 10

If anyone has problem with ViWizard software that looks very small and unreadable in Windows 10, here is a simple fix: Right click ViWizard shortcut on the Desktop, select Properties > Compatibility. Check the option of "Override high DPI scaling behavior". Then select System (not System Advanced) from the drop-down menu. Then reboot your computer and relaunch ViWizard to confirm whether it looks correct.

ViWizard Music Converter can't load playlists

Currently, if you find your ViWizard Music Converter cannot load playlists properly, you can go to the Menu > Check for Updates to manually upgrade the program to the latest version. If it still can't work well after the update, please use a US-based or other supported country based VPN server to access music, it shall work.

ViWizard Music Converter can't download songs

If your ViWizard Music Converter doesn't work properly when downloading the songs, you can find solutions from this page: https://www.viwizard.com/troubleshooting/fix-spotify-music-converter-error.html

What can I do if the registration code is invalid?

Firstly please make sure you have entered the license code correctly. Then please check whether there is any special characters in registration name. Since ViWizard only recognizes English characters, you'd better contact us to apply for a new one if your have received an user ID with special characters in it.

How do I register ViWizard with registration code provided?

1For Mac users: Run ViWizard program on your Mac. Click the menu bar from ViWizard and select "Register". Then copy and paste the registration email and registration key as it requires. Click "OK" to finish registration.

2For Windows users: Launch ViWizard program on your PC and click menu icon. Choose "Register" in drop-down list. Then fullfil the registration form with license email and license key you have received from email.

Note: The registration is case sensitive. So please do not add any blank at the beginning or the end of the registration name and registration code.

What are the advantages of ViWizard M4V Converter compared with others?

Unlike other DRM removal tools in the market, ViWizard M4V converter adopts an innovative decryption technology, exclusively designed to remove DRM from both rented and purchased M4V movies, TV shows and music videos. It's able to losslessly convert hundreds of DRM M4V videos in batch within just a few minutes at an up to 30× conversion speed, which is much faster than any other similar DRM removal tools in the world.

What is the difference between trial version and registered version?

The trial version gives users a chance to use ViWizard programs for free but with some limitations, only the registered version of ViWizard will allow you to use the software completely. When you use the free trial version, a prompt message will usually pop up in the last step to tell you the restriction. If you want to unlock the limit, you need pay for it. You can read the table below to learn the restrictions, respectively.

Product Name Restrictions in Trial Version
ViWizard M4V Converter Only convert a maximum of 3 minutes of each file
ViWizard Music Converter Only convert the first 1 minute of each file
ViWizard Audio Converter Only convert the first 1/3 content for each file
ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter Only convert the first 1/3 content for each file

What if I didn't receive the registration code after payment?

Generally, you will receive the registration code via e-mail within one hour after the order is issued successfully. If you didn't receive the code in time, you can retrieve it by yourself from this page: https://www.viwizard.com/retrieve.html. Just submit the order number or the email address that you used to place the order, and you will get your key immediately. For any further questions, you can contact us at support@viwizard.com, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

How can I know my order is successful?

Generally speaking, once the order is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the payment platform. After that, you will receive another e-mail with registration code info within an hour, or immediately.

Why is there a "Download Protection" service while placing an order?

The Download Protection is a kind of service provided by RegNow, the online payment platform to backup the software you purchased. It's not offered by us. If you don't need this service, we kindly suggest you remove it before making any payment.

Can I purchase a CD?

We provide download versions of ViWizard instead of CD copies. You don't need to buy CDs as the products will be upgraded constantly and you can download the latest versions of the product from our website without any limitations.

Can I switch the registration code from different platforms?

Strictly speaking, you're not allowed to switch the license code from Windows to Mac computer or from Mac to Windows computer once you purchased the software, as each license code is exclusively for one platform. Yet, as long as you contact us via support@viwizard.com within 7 days after you purchase, we can still help you change the license code for free. Once the period expired, you have to pay for it.