Can You Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium? Yes!

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If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, you should be familiar with Spotify Offline Mode. It allows you to download and stream Spotify playlists and albums to any device, so you can listen to Spotify offline without a Wi-Fi or Internet connection. That's, indeed, a fantastic feature especially when you have limited access to a network.

However, this feature is not applicable to those Free users. So, can you listen to Spotify offline without Premium? In this post, you will get a positive answer. We will introduce an ultimate solution to help you play Spotify offline without Premium. Of course, Spotify Premium subscribers can also use this efficient Spotify downloader to enjoy Spotify songs for free. In addition, we are happy to show you how to use Spotify Offline Mode to listen to Spotify music.

listen to spotify offline without premium

Part 1. How to Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium [For Free & Premium Users]
     1.1 Best Method to Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium hot tip
     1.2 How to Download Music from Spotify Without Premium
     1.3 How to Transfer Spotify Music to Mobile for Offline Listening
Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify Offline with Premium [For Premium Users Only]
     2.1 Spotify Offline Mode: What You Need to Know
     2.2 How to Listen to Spotify Offline with Premium on Phone
     2.3 How to Listen to Music Offline on Spotify with Premium on Computer
Part 3. Comparison: ViWizard Offline Download VS Spotify Offline Mode
Part 4. Conclusion & Suggestion

Part 1. How to Listen to Offline on Spotify Without Premium

1.1 Spotify Offline Listening: ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

Spotify offers two tiers for users, named Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. All of Spotify users are able to listen to Spotify content with an Internet connection. One main difference is that Free Spotify users are not allowed to download music for offline listening. To make it work, you need to install a dedicated Spotify downloader called ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. This is an easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful tool to help you better enjoy your desired Spotify songs without restriction.

With this program, you are able to download and save Spotify tracks, playlists, albums, and podcasts as different common music formats for offline listening. The supported output formats are multiple, including MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, FLAC, and M4B. ViWizard program enables you to download Spotify songs at a 5× faster speed, with 100% original quality and ID3 tags info. All you should do is to drag Spotify songs to this software and it will convert Spotify music instantly.

spotify music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Downloader

  • Download Spotify playlists, songs, albums with free account easily
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC and other audio formats
  • Keep Spotify music tracks with the lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Tackle the downloading and conversion of Spotify at 5× faster speed
2,000,000+ Downloads
Download Download

1.2 How to Download Songs from Spotify Without Premium

This is a full tutorial to show you how to download Spotify songs for offline listening with ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. After that, you can listen to Spotify music on any device as you wish without limitation.

1Drag Spotify Playlist to Download Offline

Open ViWizard Music Converter on your computer by double-clicking the software icon. Then it will load the Spotify music player on the computer automatically. Once done, navigate to your music library in Spotify and choose the target songs or playlists you want to listen to offline. Then simply drag Spotify music tracks to the downloading window of ViWizard software.

add spotify music

2Define the Output Audio Settings for Spotify

Go to the top menu of ViWizard program and click Preferences. Then you'll enter the interface where you can set the output profile freely. Here you can choose an output format, including MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. Besides, you are allowed to customize the output audio channel, bit rate, and sample rate if you want to make the music sounds better.

select output format

3Download Spotify Music for Offline Listening

After everything, click the OK button to go back to the main interface of ViWizard. Then find the Convert button and click it to begin downloading Spotify songs for offline listening. When the conversion is completed, you can locate the well downloaded Spotify music in the history folder. Now you can listen to offline Spotify music on your computer.

convert spotify songs

1.3 How to Upload Downloaded Spotify Songs to Phone for Offline Listening

You can transfer those downloaded Spotify songs to your iPhone or Android if you want to listen to Spotify offline at any time. Here's how to get it done.

1) How to Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium iPhone

transfer spotify music to iPhone for listening offline without premium

1. Connect your iPhone with your computer with its USB cable.
2. Launch iTunes and click near the top left of the iTunes window Device button, then select iPhone.
3. Select the Music menu tab in the left pane and select Sync Music to enable it.
4. To enable the transfer of all your Spotify music, select the Entire music library. But before transferring, you need to move Spotify music to iTunes first.
5. To start automatically syncing music to your iPhone, select Apply to commence the transfer process.

2) How to Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium Android

1. If your screen is locked, unlock your screen and connect your Android phone to the computer.
2. Create a Music folder in device for storing those downloaded Spotify music files.
3. Locate Spotify music files on your computer and drag Spotify music tracks into your device's Music folder.

Part 2. How to Play Music Offline with Spotify Premium

If you still want to use the default way to listen to Spotify offline, you can take a look at this part. Here we will show you the complete guide of Spotify Offline Mode. And let's know how to use Spotify offline with Premium.

2.1 Spotify Offline Mode: What You Need to Know

The Offline Mode on Spotify allows those Premium members to download up to 10,000 songs on a maximum of 5 different devices. Therefore, you can get temporary offline access to those saved songs without an Internet connection. Yet, all those offline playlists are downloaded in an encrypted form and are playable through the Spotify web player only.

offline mode

2.2 How to Download Spotify Music Offline on Android/iOS

Here are the steps to download Spotify music and listen to in Offline Mode on your mobile devices such as Android phone or iPhone.

spotify offline mode on phone

Step 1. Connect your device to Internet. Then open Spotify app on the phone and sign into your premium account. Browse and find a track or an album you want to enjoy offline.

Step 2. Tap the Download button at the top of the playlist and wait till the songs are downloaded completely.

Step 3. Disconnect the Internet on your Android or iOS device. Then you'll automatically enter the Offline Mode and keep accessing those offline songs on your phone.

Note: You can also set the Spotify as offline mode by navigating to Settings > Playback and toggling the Offline option.

2.3 How to Download Spotify Music Offline on Mac/PC

It's not possible to download albums or podcasts in the desktop app. But you can perform the steps below to download Spotify playlists or songs you want to save.

download spotify songs offline

Step 1. Launch the Spotify app on your computer and log into your premium membership.

Step 2. Browse the Spotify music store to locate any song or playlist you want to download offline.

Step 3. Toggle the Download option to start downloading the target track or album.

Step 4. Go to File/Apple menu of Spotify app and choose Offline Mode option. After that, you'll be able to listen to the downloaded Spotify music offline.

Part 3. Comparison: ViWizard Offline Download VS Spotify Offline Mode

In the following part, we have compared the two methods for you to play Spotify songs offline with or without Premium subscription. Read and learn the differences in terms of the output quality, supported players and devices, maximum songs for downloading, and more.

  Download Spotify Offline with ViWizard Download Spotify Offline with Official Method
Listen offline without interent connection
Maximum songs for downloading Unlimited 3,333 songs per playlist per device
Who can use this For both Free users and Premium subscribers Premium subscribers only
Output quality Lossless high-fidelity sound quality Lossless high-fidelity sound quality
Supported players All players Spotify only
Supported devices All devices Sync to 5 different devices only
Ease of use Very simple and easy to operate A little complex
Success rate Stable and very high success rate Some bugs and errors often occur
Price $14.95 for a month $9.99/month ($4.99/month for student; $14.99 for 5 users)

Part 4. Conclusion & Suggestion

So, you've got to know two ways on how to listen to Spotify offline free with ViWizard Spotify Converter or Offline Mode. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can see clearly from the comparison table above.

For Free users, ViWizard software lets you play Spotify offline without upgrading to Premium membership. If you are paid subscribers, you can also try it to avoid those annoying errors while using Offline Mode in Spotify. Compared with the default Offline Mode, ViWizard would be ever-lasting and more cost-efficient. So, no matter what subscription of Spotify you are using, you are highly suggested to try this method to play Spotify music offline for free.

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