How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

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Spotify offers Premium services to users so that they can access unlimited tracks online and download ad-free songs for offline listening on any device in extreme quality. Alternatively, those who can’t afford $9.99 monthly Premium subscription fee, can select a Free plan but have to comply with a lot of restrictions, like shuffle-mode playback, ads-supported songs, and more.

If you are currently using a Free subscription of Spotify, and don’t want to pay for a Premium subscription, you still get a chance to try Spotify Premium free with its 30-day free trial. Or are you looking for an alternative way to get Spotify Premium for free even longer, say, after the free trial? No problem! Now we’ll introduce simple and legal ways for you to get Spotify Premium free. Move forward to find out how.

get spotify premium free

Part 1. Spotify Free VS Spotify Premium
Part 2. Ways to Get Spotify Premium for Free
Part 3. How to Get Spotify Premium Free with Spotify Free Trial
Part 4. How to Get Free Spotify Premium on PC & Mac hot tip
Part 5. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone/Android

Part 1. Spotify Free VS Spotify Premium

Is Spotify free? Yes! But the free version of Spotify has plenty of limits that are used by Spotify to drive more users to subscribe to it. For instance, Spotify Free users cannot download Spotify songs for offline listening. In addition, those Free users can only shuffle play Spotify songs and have to stand unlimited ads when streaming Spotify. For these shortcomings, almost half of Spotify users choose to pay for Spotify Premium.

spotify free vs spotify premium

If you decide to subscribe to Spotify, you actually are provided loads of subscription plans to choose from: Individual Plan (for individuals), Duo Plan (2 accounts), Family Plan (6 accounts), and Student Discount ($4.99/month). If you are a college student, then Student Discount is a nice choice. For other people, Family Plan is a better option. You can share $15 with other five people so that you can only pay for a little for the subscription and enjoy the same service.

But compared with subscribing to Spotify Premium, a better way is to get Spotify Premium free forever. Go on reading and know how to free Spotify Premium on iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac.

Part 2. Ways to Get Spotify Premium for Free

If you are a new user of Spotify, you will have lots of chances to get Spotify Premium free 6 months, 3 months or 1 months. Here we'll introduce several ways of helping you get free Premium on Spotify.

Method 1. Get Spotify Premium for Free with AT&T

AT&T unlimited customers are pretty lucky for they can get free Spotify Premium account without any fee. Except for Spotify, they can choose Showtime, HBO, or Pandora. If you are a lucky dog, just follow the steps below to get Spotify Premium for free.

att spotify

Step 1. If you don't have an account, create an AT&T WatchTV account. Then choose Spotify Premium among all the options.

Step 2. Click Confirm choice > Visit Spotify and log in to your Spotify account.

Step 3. Click the I agree and the Start subscription now button.

Method 2. Get Free Spotify Premium Starbucks

If you are an employee of Starbucks, then you will have a chance to get Spotify Premium for free. This service is a taxable benefit provided through your employment at Starbucks. Here's how to active Spotify Premium with Starbucks.

spotify premium starbucks

Step 1. Log in or sign up for a Spotify subscription.

Step 2. Go to Partner Provisioning Portal and click Get Premium then click Agree to connect your Spotify account with Spotify.

Step 3. Verify you're a partner by entering your last name and Starbucks Global User Name.

Method 3. Get Free Spotify Premium PayPal

When you sign up with PayPal, you could get your first 3 months of Spotify Premium free. The Promotion only applies to the Individual Plan of Spotify Premium. This promotion is valid until September 15, 2023 for PayPal users with an active US account. Here's how to.

spotify premium paypal

Step 1. Open the Get Spotify Premium with PayPal page in a web browser.

Step 2. Click Get Offer Now and enter your email or mobile number then click Next.

Step 3. Complete the process of getting a free trial of Spotify Premium by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 4. Get Free Spotify Premium Walmart+

Walmart+ is a relatively new membership program that gives customers access to time and money-saving benefits. Being a paying Walmart+ member, you will be able to get 6 free months of Spotify Premium. Here's how to get 6 free months of Spotify Premium via Walmart+.

spotify premium walmart

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Walmart and then join Walmart+.

Step 2. Click Get Spotify Premium and enter your email to sign in.

Step 3. Click Continue and head to choose your Premium plan in Spotify.

Step 4. Finish the process of getting a free 6-month of Spotify trial.

Method 5. Get Free Spotify Premium Samsung

Samsung have cooperated with Spotify for offering its customers a free trial of Spotify Premium. If you have purchased a new All Galaxy smartphones and tablets between May 31, 2022, to May 30, 2023, you will have the right to participate in the Spotify Premium trial offer.

spotify premium samsung

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on your Samsung device and log in to your Spotify account.

Step 2. Click the Premium tab and choose the Spotify Premium for Samsung option.

Step 3. Select the Try 3-Month Free option to get a free trial of Spotify Premium.

Part 3. How to Get Spotify Premium Free with Spotify Free Trial

The most popular way to try Spotify Premium free is using the Spotify free trial service provided by Spotify. Spotify will release some promotions for free trial for 30 days, 60 days, 3 months, and even 6 months. Leave an eye on related news about it on Spotify to get the longest free trial. It's straightforward and easy to process. You can also use redeem Spotify gift card from your friends to extend the time for a free trial. If you want, you can cancel this free trial anytime and use a new email address to start a new Spotify free trial to enjoy free Spotify Premium longer.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on PC/Mac

Here's the complete guide on how to get Premium free for 30 days on Mac or Windows computers.

spotify plans

Step 1. From the Spotify home page, click on the Premium button and choose a plan then click the GET STARTED button.

Step 2. Log in to your Spotify account. If you don't have a Free Spotify account, just create an account.

Step 3. You'll be asked to fulfill the subscription form with the payment method, credit card number, and more info. Follow what it tells you to do. Then choose the START SPORITY PREMIUM button.

Now you'll be able to enjoy all Premium features on Spotify at no cost. You can cancel Spotify subscription at any time you want. But if you failed to do it before the free trial ends, you will be charged $9.99+ applicable tax each month by Spotify until you cancel the Premium subscription.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free on Android/iPhone

Here is the tutorial telling how to get a free Spotify Premium trial on iPhone and Android devices.

use-spotify free trial android

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device then log in to Spotify or sign up for it.

Step 2. Click on both the Settings and GO PREMIUM button.

Step 3. Tap GET PREMIUM choice. Enter the payment information including card number, name, and others.

Step 4. Tap the START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM button.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free by Joining a Family Plan

You can persuade your friends or family members who never use Spotify to join Spotify Family plan. And you can enjoy the free trial once again even if you have used the Spotify free trial. If you know that someone subscribes to the Spotify Family plan, you can ask if you can join them so that you can get Spotify Premium only with a low price like $2 per month. You can also initiate an activity to cooperate with other Spotify users to enjoy Spotify Premium features together.

Part 4. How to Get Free Spotify Premium on PC & Mac

You may find there are still some limitations for even Premium users. For example, you can only download Spotify songs on up to 5 different devices and listen to offline Spotify during the subscription. So, it seems no good deal to pay for a Premium Plan every month. Is there any possibility to enjoy Spotify Premium for free after free trial?

Sure, that's achievable. To enjoy free Spotify Premium features, you only need to install a smart Spotify music downloader on the computer. It's called ViWizard Spotify Music Converter that is specially designed for both Free users and Premium subscribers to download all Spotify contents for offline listening. It's able to extract music from Spotify and convert them to MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, AAC, and WAV.

By using this tool, you can easily enjoy those features for Spotify Premium subscribers with a Free account forever. Most importantly, this tool is completely safe. By the way, do not try to use some Spotify Premium APK apps which might cause information leaking or worse influences. The following are the main features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

spotify music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

  • Convert and download Spotify songs to MP3 and other formats
  • Download any Spotify contents at 5× faster speed
  • Play Spotify songs offline without Premium
  • Change Spotify playback speed as you wish
  • Save Spotify with the original audio quality and ID3 tags
2,000,000+ Downloads
Download Download

Now you should read these instructions to learn how to use ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify to MP3 without a Free account. With only a few clicks, you'll get and control Spotify music tracks for free in the same way as the Premium subscription does.

1Import Spotify Music Tracks to ViWizard

Open ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your Mac or Windows computer. Then it will launch the Spotify app automatically. After that, you should log in to your Spotify account. Then go to find any music tracks, album, or playlist you want to download in Spotify and drag the songs directly into the downloading window of ViWizard.

add spotify music

2Personalize the Output Audio Settings

Once all the Spotify songs are loaded completely into the converter, simply click the top menu bar and select the Preferences option. Here you can go to select the output format you like, such as MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. In addition, you are allowed to set the output channel, sample rate, bit rate, and conversion speed.

select output format

3Download and Convert Spotify Music Offline

Now move your mouse to the bottom and click on the Convert button. Then it will begin downloading Spotify songs to MP3 or other unprotected formats. After conversion, you can click the Converted button to locate the well-converted Spotify music tracks.

convert spotify songs

Congratulations! Till now, all the Spotify music tracks are yours. You can do whatever you like to those songs, including listening to them offline and playing them on any device without limit. You can keep accessing the Spotify Premium service for free as long as you like only if you have ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on hand. Why not download the free trial version of this smart tool as below to test it out by yourself immediately?

Part 5. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone/Android

You can get a free trial of Spotify Premium by using official methods or enjoy some Premium features via ViWizard Spotify Music. And if you are an iPhone or Android user, you can install a cracked Spotify Premium version to your device for getting Premium for free. But there exist some risks of using a cracked Spotify on the device.

Get Spotify Premium Free on iPhone via Spotify++

tweakbox spotify-++

Step 1. Go to on your iPhone and choose to install TweakBox.

Step 2. Open the app on your iPhone and search for Spotify++ to install it.

Step 3. After installing it, launch it and choose to trust this app on your device. Then you can enjoy those Premium features like ad-free listening.

Get Spotify Premium Free on Android via Spotify Mod APK

Step 1. Search for Spotify Premium Mod APK on the internet and select one to download.

Step 2. Download the installation package and then install it to your device.

Step 3. Open the app and log into your Spotify account then you can use Spotify Premium.

Note: To install a cracked Spotify Premium app, you need to uninstall Spotify from your device first.


The different methods are provided in this article, helping you to get Spotify Premium for free. But there are time limit on those methods. If you directly use a Spotify Premium account, you cannot keep those downloaded Spotify songs for listening forever. However, converting Spotify music to MP3 by using ViWizard Spotify Music Converter could be the best solution, since you can enjoy most benefits of Spotify Premium: offline listening, remove ads, and also features that Spotify Premium will not bring to you. You can own those Spotify songs forever without a subscription. Furthermore, you can transfer them to any other devices or platforms like video editor and DJ software for use.

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