How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

By Adam Gorden Updated on May 10, 2024

get spotify premium free

Spotify offers Premium services to users so that they can access unlimited tracks online and download ad-free songs for offline listening on any device in extreme quality. Alternatively, those who can’t afford $10.99 monthly Premium subscription fee, can select a Free plan but have to comply with a lot of restrictions, like shuffle-mode playback, ads-supported songs, and more.

If you are currently using a Free subscription of Spotify, and don’t want to pay for a Premium subscription, you still get a chance to try Spotify Premium free with its 30-day free trial. Or are you looking for an alternative way to get Spotify Premium for free even longer, say, after the free trial? No problem! Now we’ll introduce simple and legal ways for you to get Spotify Premium free. Move forward to find out how.

Part 1. Spotify Free VS Spotify Premium: Should You Upgrade?

  1. Is Spotify Really Free?

    Yes, Spotify has a free option at $0.00, letting you stream music and podcasts online for free. But to get rid of ads and download music, or access the exclusive audiobooks, you'll need Spotify Premium.

  2. Should I Go from Free to Premium on Spotify?

    The free version of Spotify has limitations, so whether an upgrade is worth it depends on your needs. Notably, the free tier has ads during online streaming and compatibility issues with certain devices. For instance, if you own an Apple Watch and want to listen directly, Premium is required. Additionally, if you want to listen to Spotify Premium on two devices simultaneously, you will need Premium's Offline Mode.

    If you're considering an upgrade primarily to escape commercial ads, consider the $10.99 monthly fee. While Spotify Premium's price has stayed stable, competitors like Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited have also increased their rates.

    spotify premium vs free
    Spotify Free VS Premium: Should I Pay or Stay Free?

    Is it worth upgrading to Spotify Premium, or will Spotify Free do just fine? This post compares Spotify Free and Premium from 6 aspects to provide enough info for you to choose from Spotify Free and Spotify Premium.

  3. How Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free?

    While there are no legitimate ways to get Spotify Premium entirely for free, there are subscription plans available:

    • Individual Plan (1 account)
    • Duo Plan (2 accounts)
    • Family Plan (6 accounts)
    • Student Discount (1 account at a discounted rate)

    Students wondering, "Do I get Spotify Premium for free as a student?" can benefit from a 50% discount by verifying their student status through services like SheerID.

  4. How to Go from Premium to Free?

    In some cases, going from Premium to the free tier can be a smart move, especially with the increase in the individual plan's subscription fee from $9.99/month to $10.99/month. If you feel you don't need Premium-exclusive features like ad-free listening and offline downloads, you might want to consider this switch. Go to your account settings and cancel your Premium subscription. Once done, your account will go back to the free tier. You'll have access to all the features available to free users, which still suits most preferences. But remember, you'll lose access to some fancy premium features. If you still want those features, consider a third-party tool like ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

  5. Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever?

    If you're looking to enjoy Premium features without a continuous subscription cost, an alternative to upgrading exists. ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is a reliable and secure tool that lets you download Spotify music tracks as MP3 files for offline use across different media players. Meanwhile, this ensures an ad-free listening experience with originally lossless audio. With ViWizard, your Spotify library becomes a personal music collection. This offers continue access to your favorite music even if you cancel your Premium subscription or switch to other music platforms later on.

    select output format

Part 2. How to Get Spotify Premium-Experience for Free

There are popular alternative methods to unlock a premium-experience without a subscription, typically by offering features like ad-free listening, on-demand contents and offline downloads. However, it's crucial to be aware of the associated risks when opting for these alternatives.

Way 1: Get xManager for Spotify [Android]

xManager is a tweaked version of Spotify for Android. It gives you Premium-like perks such as no ads and offline listening. It's a way to enjoy Premium without paying. But remember, using these kinds of apps can get you in trouble. App stores like Google Play might flag them, risking your account.

Note: Before installing a cracked Spotify Premium app, ensure you uninstall the official Spotify app from your device.

  1. Search for Spotify Premium Mod APK on the internet, such as xManager, and choose a reliable source for downloading.
  2. Download the installation package and proceed to install it on your device.
  3. After installation, open the app, log into your Spotify account, and enjoy the benefits of Spotify Premium.
xmanager for spotify
How to Install and Use xManager Spotify APK

Discover xManager on GitHub, and learn how to install and use the xManager Spotify APK easily.

Way 2: Get Spotify ++ [iOS]

Spotify++ is like xManager but for iPhones. But using it could break Spotify's rules and get you banned from your account or even from Apple's services.

Note: Be cautious when exploring alternative methods, as using cracked versions may pose security risks. Exercise discretion and consider the potential consequences before opting for these alternatives.

  1. Visit on your iPhone and install TweakBox.
  2. Open TweakBox, search for Spotify++, and install it on your device.
  3. After installation, launch Spotify++, and establish trust for the app on your device to access premium features, including ad-free listening.
  4. Interested in getting Spotify++ on various devices? Learn how to obtain Spotify++ and enjoy all the Premium features by reading this informative article.
get spotify ++
How to Get Spotify++ on Android/iPhone/PC/Mac

Wanna get Spotify ++ on your iOS, Android phone, PC and Mac? You'll learn how to get Spotify ++ and enjoy all the Spotify Premium features by reading this article.

Way 3: Get ViWizard [Windows/Mac]

ViWizard is the safest and most secure option among all the alternatives there. If you desire Spotify's premium features like ad removal and music downloads, ViWizard offers a seamless solution for both Windows and Mac users, and mobile users can benefit from it too.

The beauty of ViWizard is that you can download any music tracks accessible on Spotify, even with a free account, and there's no limits! While Spotify restricts downloads to 10,000 tracks on a maximum of 5 devices, ViWizard lets you store downloads on your device's internal storage or cloud storage indefinitely. You won't need to go online every 30 days to reactivate them because ViWizard eliminates all these download limits. Even if you cancel your Premium subscription, you'll still have access to your downloads. It's all about a consistent and uninterrupted listening experience without breaking the bank.

Ready to get started? We'll guide you through using ViWizard Spotify Music Converter for a seamless music solution with your favorite Spotify tracks. It only takes a few quick clicks!

Part 3. How to Download Spotify Songs for Free without Premium

All you need to do is install a smart Spotify music downloader on your computer. One such best tool is ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, designed for both free listeners and Premium subscribers to download all Spotify content for offline listening. It can extract music, podcasts, and even audiobooks from Spotify and convert them into various formats like MP3, WAV, FALC, AAC, M4A and M4B. By using this tool, you can easily enjoy Spotify's premium features forever.

Importantly, ViWizard is completely safe to use. Avoid using Spotify Premium APK apps, which may risk information leaks or worse. If you're still concerned about protecting your account, it's advisable to set the conversation rate from the default 5x to 1x speed.

Now, let's explore the main features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter and learn how to use it to download a Spotify playlist to MP3 without a Premium account. With just a few clicks, you'll gain control over Spotify music tracks for free, just like with a Premium subscription.

spotify music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

Free Trial Free Trial

* Security verified. 5, 481,347 people have downloaded it.

  • Download Spotify songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, audiobooks
  • Convert Spotify music to lossless MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, M4B
  • Support playing offline Spotify music on any device at any time
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS, as well as, the latest Spotify

Step 1Import Spotify Music Tracks to ViWizard

Open ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your Mac or Windows computer. Then it will launch the Spotify app automatically. After that, you should log in to your Spotify account. Then go to find any music tracks, album, or playlist you want to download in Spotify and drag the songs directly into the downloading window of ViWizard.

add spotify music

Step 2Personalize the Output Audio Settings

Once all the Spotify songs are loaded completely into the converter, simply click the top menu bar and select the Preferences option. Here you can go to select the output format you like, such as MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. In addition, you are allowed to set the output channel, sample rate, bit rate, and conversion speed.

select output format

Step 3Download and Convert Spotify Music Offline

Now move your mouse to the bottom and click on the Convert button. Then it will begin downloading Spotify songs to MP3 or other unprotected formats. After conversion, you can click the Converted button to locate the well-converted Spotify music tracks.

convert spotify songs

Congratulations! Till now, all the Spotify music tracks are yours. You can do whatever you like to those songs, including listening to them offline and playing them on any device without limit. You can keep accessing the Spotify Premium service for free as long as you like only if you have ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on hand. Why not download the free trial version of this smart tool as below to test it out by yourself immediately?

Part 4. How to Get Spotify Free Trials

spotify premium plans

To experience Spotify Premium for free, one of the most popular options is to take advantage of Spotify's generous free trial service. Spotify frequently offers promotions for free trials of 30 days, 60 days, 3 months, or 6 months for selected plans such as individual or student plans. To make the most of your trial period, keep an eye on Spotify's announcements and news updates.

Signing up for a free trial is simple. Just visit Spotify's website or app and follow the prompts everywhere to start your trial. It's a straightforward and easy process. Additionally, if you have friends who use Spotify, you can ask them to redeem a Spotify gift card for you, which can further extend your free trial period. Don't hesitate to ask, as you never know!

Keep in mind that these offers are typically available only to new users who have never tried Premium before. After the trial period ends, the plan costs $10.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time. If you want to continue enjoying the offer, you'll need to use a new email address to start a new trial after canceling your current one, though leaving your built-up library behind. However, in many cases, users can secure a Premium subscription through special deals with Spotify's partners, such as PayPal, for an extended period without spending a penny.

spotify six months free trial
How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial 6 Months

Wanna know how to get Spotify Premium free trial for 6 months or 3 months? Here are all the methods you can find on the internet. Plus, we'll offer you a bonus tip to enjoy Spotify Premium free trial forever.

Option 1: Try Spotify for Free [iOS/Android]

spotify mobile account get premium

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device and either log in to your existing Spotify account or sign up for a new one.
  2. Tap on the "Premium" tab at the bottom of the page to view current deals and trial periods.
  3. Tap on the gear icon to access Settings.
  4. Under Account settings, locate the "Premium" section and tap on the "click here" link. This will take you to Spotify's Premium page.
  5. Choose your preferred plan and enter your payment information, including card number, name, and other details.
  6. Tap the "Buy Now" button to complete the process.

Option 2: Try Spotify for Free [Windows/Mac]

spotify premium free trial offer

  1. Ensure to log in to your Spotify account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for a free one.
  2. Within Spotify's app or Web Player, locate and click on the "Explore Premium" or "Upgrade to Premium" button.
  3. spotify desktop upgrade to premium

  4. Review the current free trial offers provided by Spotify. Click "Try free for [period]" for the individual plan. To explore other plans, click "View all plans."
  5. Follow the subscription form prompts to enter your payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal, and other necessary information.
  6. Once completed, click the "Buy Now" button to finalize the process.

Part 5. How to Get Spotify Premium Free Deals

If you are a new user of Spotify, you will have lots of chances to get Spotify Premium free 6 months, 3 months or 1 months. Here we'll introduce several ways of helping you get free Premium on Spotify.

Way 1: Get Spotify Premium for Free [with AT&T]

att spotify

New users of Spotify have various opportunities to enjoy Spotify Premium for free, ranging from 6 months to 1 month. If you're an AT&T unlimited customer, consider yourself fortunate as you can obtain a free Spotify Premium account.

  1. Create an AT&T WatchTV account if you don't have one.
  2. Select Spotify Premium from the available options.
  3. Confirm your choice, visit Spotify, log in, and start your subscription.

Way 2: Get Spotify Premium for Free [with Starbucks]

spotify premium starbucks

If you currently have a Spotify Premium subscription, consider canceling it to fully benefit from the Starbucks-sponsored Spotify Premium.

  1. If you're already using Spotify, log in. For new users, sign up for a Spotify account.
  2. Go to the Partner Provisioning Portal.
  3. Click "GET PREMIUM" to link your Spotify account with Starbucks.
  4. Enter your last name and Starbucks Global User Name to confirm you're a Starbucks partner.
  5. Congratulations! Enjoy your 3-month Spotify Premium subscription with access to millions of tracks and podcasts.

Way 3: Get Spotify Premium for Free [with Xbox]

xbox spotify premium

Xbox, known for top-notch gaming, brings a bonus for your entertainment. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at $14.99 per month, you not only get a vast gaming library but also a free 6-month Spotify Premium trial. This is a great combo for those wanting both gaming excitement and premium music.

  1. Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the Xbox website.
  2. Log in to your Xbox account or create one if needed.
  3. Look for the perks section in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to find the Spotify Premium offer.
  4. Follow the instructions to redeem your 6-month Spotify Premium trial.
  5. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you not only access loads of games but also get 6 months of Spotify Premium for a richer entertainment experience.

Way 4. Get Free Spotify Premium [with Microsoft Bing]

microsoft rewards spotify premium

Earn a 3-month free trial of Spotify Premium with Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft Rewards members can claim three months of Spotify Premium by completing Bing searches within 14 days.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Rewards with your Microsoft Account.
  2. Activate the Spotify Premium offer on your dashboard.
  3. Conduct Bing searches for 3 days over a 14-day period. Enjoy your 3 months of Spotify Premium, courtesy of Microsoft Rewards.

Way 5: Get Spotify Premium for Free [with PayPal]

spotify premium paypal

This promotion is exclusively available for users who have never subscribed to Spotify Premium or its free trial in the past. This promotion is available until September 15, 2023, and is exclusively offered to PayPal users with active accounts in the US.

  1. Head over to Get Spotify Premium with PayPal page using your web browser.
  2. Look for the "Get Offer Now" button and click on it to start the process.
  3. Provide your email address or mobile number as requested and click "Next" to proceed.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to secure your 3-month free trial of Spotify Premium. This step-by-step process ensures a seamless experience.

Way 6: Get Spotify Premium for Free [with Walmart]

spotify premium walmart

Priced at just $98 annually or $12.95 monthly, a Walmart Plus membership comes with a suite of advantages, including a complimentary 6-month Spotify Premium free trial. If you haven't yet explored the world of premium music, this offer is tailored just for you.

  1. Head to the Walmart Plus website and locate the "Get Spotify Premium" option.
  2. Enter your email address to sign in to your Walmart Plus account and click "Continue" to proceed.
  3. Visit Spotify, home to millions of tracks and podcasts. Select the Spotify Premium plan that suits your preferences.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your 6 free months of Spotify Premium.

Way 7: Get Spotify Premium for Free [with Samsung]

spotify premium samsung

Samsung users who purchased All Galaxy smartphones and tablets between May 31, 2022, and May 30, 2023, can participate in the Spotify Premium trial offer. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Samsung device, log in, and click the Premium tab.
  2. Choose "Spotify Premium for Samsung" and select the "Try 3-Month Free" option to enjoy a free trial of Spotify Premium.

Part 6. How to Get Spotify Premium Cheaper

Aside from Spotify's free trial service, there are other ways to access or even stack up Spotify Premium at a reduced cost. If you're not eligible for free trials or not interested in free deals, sticking to the platform is also an option. You can explore discounted subscription options like Spotify's Student Discounts or Family an d Duo plans, which you can share with friends and family. Additionally, Spotify occasionally offers Premium codes through gift cards or promotions, perfect for loyal users to extend their Premium time without paying the full price. It's a smart move!

Way 1. Get Spotify Student Discounts

The Spotify student discount offers student Spotify Premium at a 50% discounted rate, dropping the price from $10.99 to $5.99 per month. This plan also includes access to Hulu (ad-supported) and SHOWTIME at no extra cost. You can save $5 every month compared to the regular subscription price.

To sign up, verify your student status through SheerID. Once verified, you can enjoy Spotify Premium at the discounted rate.

spotify student discount
How to Get Student Discount on Spotify

Follow this tutorial here to get student discount on Spotify with 50% off discount.

Way 2. Get Spotify Family/Duo Plans

Spotify's Family plan lets up to 6 people have their own Premium accounts for $16.99 per month, while the Duo plan offers separate Premium accounts for two people at $12.99 per month. If you opt for the Duo plan, you only need to pay $8 each, nearly 30% off the regular price, saving you $3 every month you want to continue with Spotify. However, the Duo plan is designed for two people living at the same address. If you and your partner no longer live together, you may not be eligible for this plan.

To sign up, the plan owner invites members to join, giving each their own Premium account and profile. All members have their own login credentials and maintain their individual libraries, saved music, and playlists, so there's no need to share passwords. If you want to share playlists with each other, feel free to send the playlist link or create a collaborative playlist.

spotify duo
How to Start Spotify Premium Duo for Two Accounts

Wanna share your Spotify Premium with your partner? Spotify Duo is available now! Keep reading this post to check it out.

Way 3. Get Spotify Premium Codes

Spotify offers Premium codes through gift cards, which you can purchase in eligible countries. These cards act as prepaid cards for Spotify streaming. Recipients can redeem the code on the card to access Premium features without needing a credit card. You can buy one yourself or ask a friend to gift it to you. Keep in mind, if you purchase it in-store, a cashier needs to activate it.

For instance, if you purchase a 12-month gift card, which may cost around $100, you can save significantly compare to the regular monthly subscription price of $10.99. This means you save $30 in total, equivalent to almost a quarter of the cost for a year's worth of premium experience. However, remember to redeem the code within 12 months of purchase. Also, you can only stack up to 18 months of Premium time on your account, so plan accordingly.

To redeem a code, visit the redemption page and enter the code provided. Once redeemed, you'll have access to Spotify Premium features for the specified duration.

spotify gift card
How to Redeem a Spotify Gift Card

Received a Spotify gift card code? Or wanna buy a Spotify gift card for others? Then you can easily buy and redeem Spotify code with this simple guide.


The different methods are provided in this article, helping you to get Spotify Premium for free. But there are time limit on those methods. If you directly use a Spotify Premium account, you cannot keep those downloaded Spotify songs for listening forever. However, converting Spotify music to MP3 by using ViWizard Spotify Music Converter could be the best solution, since you can enjoy most benefits of Spotify Premium: offline listening, remove ads, and also features that Spotify Premium will not bring to you. You can own those Spotify songs forever without a subscription. Furthermore, you can transfer them to any other devices or platforms like video editor and DJ software for use.

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