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ViWizard Spotify Music Converter

Download and convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B formats for offline use on any device.

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Spotify Premium VS Spotify Free

For Premium Subscribers

Premium subscribers get some sweet perks, like offline downloading, and an ad-free experience. Plus, in the U.S., you're even getting audiobooks.

Most users choose Spotify Premium for its convenience. For example, those with the on-the-go devices appreciate the offline mode, letting them listen to music without internet. At $10.99/month, it's a worthwhile investment, offering ad-free listening and unlimited skips. Plus, it's easy to create and organize playlists without shuffle mode.

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For Free Listeners

Free listeners still got access to a huge library of music and podcasts. However, they won't see the lyrics for songs. And whenever they're on the go with their smartphones or tablets, they're stuck in shuffle-only mode.

Around 60% of users stick to the generous free tier offered by Spotify. Some have music collections elsewhere or find Spotify's audio quality lacking. Despite ads, many tolerate them for the cost savings. While shuffle mode may not be ideal, free users can still skip songs and shuffle playlists. For those who use Spotify less often, the free tier suffices.

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Navigate Your Spotify Experience


Spotify users meticulously curate and organize their libraries, now with access to over 100 million tracks! Don't just stick to music - explore podcasts, audiobooks, and slowly rolling-out video learning courses. Now you've got 6 million podcasts titles, and 350,000 audiobooks waiting for you. Plus, you can now save songs from TikTok to your library. Slowly overtime, you can look into all things of your top track and artist with this year's Wrapped!

Offline listening remains essential. Upgrade to Spotify Premium for offline downloads or use Spotify music converters to enjoy your music in universal formats like MP3. This future-proof alternative means unlimited access to your music anytime, anywhere - for both Premium subscribers and free listeners alike.


Your taste is something to be shared confidently with your friends and family. Discover what they're listening to, collaborate on playlists, start group sessions, join a jam, and effortlessly share your favorite tracks and playlists across social channels. Spread the excitement; music is meant to be shared. For instance, share your Wrapped cards to showcase top tracks and artists from the year!

For a personal touch, share music directly with friends via USB or cloud storage. This way, you can have your favorite tracks together offline or from any device. Plus, for added privacy, ensure to only share music files with trusted friends and always respect copyright laws.


You use Spotify every day, but sometimes things don't go smoothly. No worries - we're here to help. If you encounter any issues, we've got solutions based on real-world experiments and careful collected troubleshooting tips.

From compatibility issues to playback errors, we understand the headaches Spotify users may face. Whether it's trouble with your device, playback interruptions, or unexpected errors, we're here to guide you through the resolution process. Just use the search box to find answers to your questions. Getting your Spotify service back on track is just a few clicks away.


Ever dreamed of a new Spotify experience? We're here to bring it to life. We know users often have desires and aspirations for Spotify that may not exist yet, or may have changed over time.

Are you a DJ who needs software no longer supported by Spotify? Do you have a device Spotify doesn't integrate with? Looking for unlimited music downloads or a way to keep your music forever? We've got budget-friendly solutions and alternatives to meet your needs. Let's collaborate to enhance your Spotify experience.

ViWizard Can Be Perfect for Anyone!

As more users realize the need to protect their music, they're choosing ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. Easily convert Spotify music, podcasts, and audiobooks to MP3 for offline access. Gain full control over your music with a Premium-like experience - ad-free, and without subscription fees. ViWizard offers a more affordable alternative, essential for music lovers everywhere!

Step 1. Add Spotify music

Launch ViWizard Spotify Music Converter and drag the songs or playlists from Spotify to ViWizard.

Step 2. Set the output format

Go to menu > Preferences and choose the output format you want to convert Spotify music to.

Step 3. Convert Spotify to MP3

Begin to download and convert Spotify to MP3 or other formats by clicking the Convert button.

Explore Over 200 Kinds of Spotify Tips & Tricks

And just like Spotify, ViWizard isn't just a platform – it's your best companion for discovering new tips and tricks to optimize your listening experience since 2005!

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