Solved: How to Turn On/Off Smart Shuffle on Spotify

By Adam Gorden Updated on June 5, 2023

how to turn on and turn off Smart Shuffle on Spotify

While the Shuffle feature on Spotify exists for a long time on Free and Premium, some users are reporting seeing a new option in the Shuffle Mode - Spotify Smart Shuffle.

Different from the normal Shuffle on Spotify, this new Smart Shuffle seems similar to Spotify's recent Enhance features for better recommendation. If you want to add or listen to some recommended songs, it's nice to see the additional buttons as "Enhanced" and "Smart Shuffle".

In this post, we'd like to share methods for how to turn on or off Smart Shuffle on Spotify mobile app. If you're on desktop, you will access the similar feature called "Enhance" for your playlists instead.

Part 1. What Is Spotify Smart Shuffle?

spotify shuffle vs smart shuffle

What Is Smart Shuffle?

Smart Shuffle is then new play mode introduced by Spotify to offer a great enhancement for users who have invested time and effort into creating meaningful playlists. If you left your playlists behind, now you can pick it up with new, perfectly tailored suggestions.

With Smart Shuffle, Spotify aims to rejuvenate your beloved playlists, and even the most-cherished ones by offering personalized recommendations that align with the original vibe. By shuffling tracks and seamlessly integrating carefully tailored recommendations, Smart Shuffle brings a fresh experience to your curated playlists.

How Does Smart Shuffle Work on Spotify?

Smart Shuffle is designed for users who desire to discover more based on their personalized playlists. To use Smart Shuffle and enjoy a playlist refresh, make sure you have a selection of playlists created by you and you can access the Smart Shuffle feature on the mobile app for both iOS and Android. Then you can navigate to the playlist you want to refresh and activate the feature. There's no limitation of the songs number of your playlist. If your playlist has more than 15 songs, Spotify will regularly recommend one song for every three tracks.

While you're enjoying the recommended additions, you can also save it in your playlist and library if you love what you're listening to. Even if you revert to your original playlist, you won't lose the song that perfectly mated your playlist vibe.

Moreover, Smart Shuffle also works with your Liked Songs playlist. When you accumulate a vast collection of liked songs, you are allowed to have personalized recommendations within the playlist and continue discovering new music that aligns with your tastes.

Part 2. How to Turn On Smart Shuffle on Spotify

You can enable the Smart Shuffle mode easily via the Shuffle button. As soon as you turn it on, you'll be able to start listening to your playlist mixed with new recommendations. You can recognize the recommended tracks with a sparkle symbol next to a track. These recommended tracks are carefully selected to enhance your listening experience.

Turn On Smart Shuffle on Spotify:

spotify mobile turn on smart shuffle

  1. Make sure the Spotify app is up-to-date. If you haven't updated the app, head over to the Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) to download and install the latest app version.
  2. On Android or iOS, open the Spotify mobile app.
  3. Go to Your Library.
  4. Scroll through your library and navigate to the playlist to refresh. Beneath the playlist, your display name show be displayed for identification. You can select the Playlists filter at the top to speed things up.
  5. Look for the Shuffle button within the playlist profile.
  6. Tap on the Shuffle button, and you'll see 2 options for listening modes for Shuffle or Smart Shuffle. Tap on Smart Shuffle, and the Smart Shuffle feature will be activated.
  7. If you don't see the Smart Shuffle option and the normal Shuffle mode is enabled by default, tap on the Shuffle button again and it will switch to the Smart Shuffle mode.
  8. Once enabled, the playlist will start playing with a mix of your original songs and new recommended songs that match the vide of your playlist.

See Recommended Songs by Smart Shuffle:

spotify mobile smart shuffle queue

When Smart Shuffle is on, recommendations are added to your session automatically. You can find all the recommended tracks sitting in your queue.

  1. Go into the Now Playing screen.
  2. Tap on the Queue button in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. You can recognize the recommendations by Smart Shuffle with a sparkle symbol next to them.

Save Recommended Songs by Smart Shuffle to Your Playlist:

spotify mobile smart shuffle save recommened track

If you enjoy a recommended track and want to keep it in your playlist, you can save it.

  1. Go into the Now Playing screen.
  2. Look for the plus icon (+) next to the track recommended by Smart Shuffle.
  3. Tap on the plus icon (+), and the track will be added to your original playlist.
  4. If you want to remove it from your playlist, revert to your playlist and tap on the More button (horizontal 3 icon) > Remove from playlist.

Remove Recommended Songs by Smart Shuffle:

spotify mobile smart shuffle remove recommened track

If you don't like some particular recommended tracks in the Smart Shuffle mode, you can remove them and they won't be recommended in your playlist.

  1. When you are listening to the recommended track, go into the Now Playing screen.
  2. Look for the minus icon (-) next to the track's title.
  3. Tap on the minus icon (-), and the track will be skipped and removed from your queue immediately and won't be recommended in your playlist permanently.

Part 3. How to Turn Off Smart Shuffle on Spotify

Now you can disable the Smart Shuffle mode easily via the Shuffle button. A repeat tap on the Smart Shuffle button work to deactivate the feature on Spotify. As soon as the Smart Shuffle is turned off, you revert to your original playlist.

Turn Off Smart Shuffle on Spotify:

spotify mobile turn off smart shuffle

  1. On mobile, head over to the playlist with the Smart Shuffle mode turned on in Your Library.
  2. Tap on the Smart Shuffle button on the playlist profile, and the Smart Shuffle mode will be disabled immediately.
  3. Alternatively, tap on the Now Playing bar at bottom and tap on the Smart Shuffle button there to turn it off.
  4. All the recommendations by Smart Shuffle will be gone.

Part 4. How to Get Rid of Smart Shuffle on Spotify

While it's simple to have recommendations from the Spotify Smart Shuffle, some Spotify users would like to get rid of it for specific streaming reasons. However, there' s no block option for this new added feature - the prompt appears every single time when users want a normal Shuffle mode instead.

spotify mobile get rid of smart shuffle

Fortunately, a single tap on the Shuffle button will bring the normal Shuffle mode by default without the prompt asking whether you want to choose either Shuffle or Smart Shuffle. If you want to access the Smart Shuffle feature, you'll need to tap it twice to switch to the Smart Shuffle mode. This can be happening after a reboot of the device or update of the app.

There are some workarounds that may help to cancel the Smart Shuffle mode on your device.

4.1 Update the Spotify App

Since this added Spotify Smart Shuffle feature is still in test, you may find it's improved to meet users' requirements after an available update. You can always keep the Spotify app up-to-date, so you won't miss any change of this Smart Shuffle feature.

For desktop to update the app:

Click the Profile icon > Update Spotify now or from the More > Help > About Spotify for more information.

update Spotify now

For mobile to update the app:

Go to App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) > Search > Spotify > Update.

After the Spotify app was updated to the most recent version, check if the pop-up still shows the Smart Shuffle option.

4.2 Sign Out Everywhere in Spotify

You can log out of Spotify or sign out everywhere to disable the Smart Shuffle feature on desktop, web player and mobile.


    If you are using the desktop, you can use the Sign out everywhere button to logs your account out of Spotify everywhere you're logged in, including the platforms above. But it can take up to 1 hour for sign out to take effect on the web player.

For desktop to log out of the app:

Click on the Profile icon > Log out or from More button > File > Log Out.


    For desktop to sign out everywhere: click on the Profile icon > Account to go to the Account Overview page, then Sign out everywhere.

sign out everywhere

For mobile to log out of the app:

On Android or iOS to go to Your Library > Settings > LOG OUT.

4.3 Reinstall the Spotify App

You can reinstall the Spotify app to reset all the current Spotify Settings, including the enabled Smart Shuffle feature. However, you'll lose all you Spotify downloads after the reinstall of the app.


    A normal reinstall of the Spotify app is enough to disable the Smart Shuffle feature.

You can also try a clean uninstall of the Spotify app on Android, Windows or Mac to delete the related files before a normal reinstall.

For mobile to normal reinstall the app:

From the Home Screen > Spotify, then tap and hold the app icon until an Uninstall (Android) or Delete (iOS) button is available to continue.


    On Android to clean uninstall the app: go to Settings > Apps & Applications > Manage applications > Apps > Spotify > Storage > Clear Data, then back to Storage > Android > Data, find the folder to delete.

After the associated folders are deleted, normal uninstall the Spotify app from the Android device.

For desktop to normal reinstall the app:

On Mac to click Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor > Spotify processes > Quit Process, then open Finder > Applications > Spotify > Move to Trash. Or on Windows to start from Windows Search Box > Settings > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > Spotify > Uninstall.


    On Mac to clean uninstall the app: click Go then hold the Option / Alt Key > Library > Caches, find the com.spotify.client and com.spotify.client.helper folders to delete. On Windows to clean uninstall the app: go to the Windows Search Box > %AppData% > AppData\Roaming, find the associated Spotify folders to delete.

appdata folder on Windows

After the associated folders are deleted, normal uninstall the Spotify desktop app from the Windows or Mac device.

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