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Updated by Adam Gorden on Nov 21, 2022 5:13 PM.

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As a budget TV brand specifically, Hisense gets popular in the market by offering Premium technologies for lower than the competition. There are all kinds of entertainments available on Hisense Smart TV. You could enjoy, whether watching videos or listening to music, an extraordinary audio visual experience. How about listening your favorites on Spotify from Hisense TV? Don't worry! In this guide, you'll find a tutorial on how to play Spotify on Hisense TV. Let's get started on reading this post.

Part 1. How to Install Spotify on Hisense Smart TV
Part 2. How to Control Spotify on Hisense TV from Devices
Part 3. How to Play Spotify on Hisense Smart TV without Spotify App

Part 1. How to Install Spotify on Hisense Smart TV

Currently, Spotify has joined hands with a list of TVs like Samsung TV, Apple TV, Amazon TV, LG TV, and so on. You cannot find the name of Hisense TV in the list of supported smart TVs. But as some of Hisense smart TVs run Android or Roku system, you can try downloading and installing the Spotify app on Hisense smart TV for accessing your music library. Here's how to.

1.1 How to Get Spotify on Hisense Roku TV

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Step 1. Make sure that your Hisense smart TV is connected to a network.

Step 2. Go to Streaming Channels and start searching the Spotify app by using the search feature.

Step 3. In the installation page, press Add Channel to download and install Spotify on the TV.

1.2 How to Get Spotify on Hisense Android TV

hisense android tv

Step 1. Make your Hisense smart TV connect to a useful internet network.

Step 2. Open Play Store from the home screen and search for Spotify.

Step 3. On the app installation page, choose the Install option to install Spotify on the TV.

1.3 How to Connect Spotify to Hisense Smart TV

After completing the installation, it would be pretty easy to connect Spotify to Hisense TV. There are three options for you to log in to a Spotify Hisense TV app.

Option 1. Type your Spotify email address and password. If you use Facebook to log in, you need to create a Spotify password for logging in to Spotify on the TV.

Option 2. Run the Spotify app on your mobile device or computer then connect Spotify to your TV by using Spotify Connect.

Option 3. Select LOG IN WITH PIN. Then on another device, open and enter the pin you see on the screen of your TV.

Part 2. How to Control Spotify on Hisense TV from Devices

In addition to opening the Spotify app on your TV, you can also connect Spotify to your TV for playing via Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and Google Chromecast. If you don't know how to, you can use the following steps to start.

2.1 Play Spotify on Hisense Smart TV via Spotify Connect

use spotify connect on phone

Step 1. Select a playlist or an album to play in Spotify on your device.

Step 2. Go to the now playing page and tap on Devices Available.

Step 3. Find your Hisense smart TV and select it then your music will be played by the TV.

2.2 Play Spotify on Hisense Smart TV via Apple AirPlay

iphone airplay

Step 1. Open Spotify on your iPhone or iPad to play your liked album or playlist.

Step 2. Go to Control Center on your device and tap AirPlay.

Step 3. From the device list, find your Hisense smart TV and tap it.

2.3 Play Spotify on Hisense Smart TV via Google Chromecast

cast spotify to chromecast 1

Option 1. Plug the Chromecast into your Hisense TV then open Spotify on your device.

Option 2. Play some songs you want and enter into the Now playing page to tap Devices.

Option 3. In the device list, choose Chromecast then cast your Spotify to the TV.

Part 3. How to Play Spotify on Hisense Smart TV without Spotify App

Up to now, the list of smart TVs supporting Spotify is initially limited - to just those Android TVs like Samsung TV or Roku TVs. As Hisense offers a series of smart TV, some are Android TVs; some are Roku TVs; others are VIDAA TVs. So, you cannot get Spotify on some Hisense smart TVs, which means that you are not able to play Spotify on Hisense TV directly. But with the help of a third-party tool called ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. Then the playback of Spotify on Hisense TV has been so easy. Go to follow the below steps to download Spotify songs for playing on Hisense smart TV without the Spotify app.

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ViWizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Download music tracks, albums, playlists, and artists from Spotify for free
  • Convert Spotify music to several plain audio formats without DRM protection
  • Work at 5× faster speed and save Spotify music with the lossless audio quality
  • Support the offline playback of Spotify on Hisense TV, Apple TV, Philips TV, etc.
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Step 1Add Spotify Music to ViWizard

add spotify music

After installing ViWizard software on your computer, you can open ViWizard software on your computer then Spotify will be launched automatically. Now you can select your required songs, albums, or playlists in Spotify and add them to the conversion list by drag-and-drop.

Step 2Set the Output Audio Parameters

select output format

The next step is to configure the output audio parameters by clicking on the menu > Preferences > Convert. In this option, you can set MP3 as the output audio format and adjust the value of the bit rate, sample rate, and channel.

Step 3Start to Download Spotify Music

convert spotify songs

Once all the setting is completed, you can get started downloading music from Spotify by clicking on the Convert button. Just wait for a while and ViWizard software will download all your required Spotify songs to your computer.

Step 4Play Spotify on Hisense TV via USB

After you use ViWizard software to convert Spotify music to unprotected music files, you can listen to Spotify music from Hisense TV via a USB flash drive. Follow the below steps to do.

1) Plug your USB drive into your computer then create a new folder for storing Spotify music files.

2) Then copy and paste Spotify music files from your computer to the folder and drag the USB drive out.

3) Insert your USB drive into Hisense Smart TV and choose a media player to play Spotify music from the USB on the TV.


And voila! That's all the methods that can help you play Spotify on Hisense smart TV. If your Hisense smart TV is compatible with Spotify, you can install Spotify for playing. Also, you can control Spotify on Hisense smart TV from your device. Or you can use ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify songs to Hisense smart TV.

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