How to Play Spotify on LG Smart TV

Posted by Adam Gorden on Oct. 9, 2019 3:35 PM.

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Spotify is taking yet another step into your living room as it is available on LG Smart TV in more than 30 countries. The Spotify LG TV app gives you access to over 20 million songs, and is compatible with all new model LG Smart TV. That means that you can listen to your favorite artists, discover new music and find ready-made playlists for every mood and genre on Spotify.

The service is only be available to premium account holders. Therefore, in order to use Spotify on your LG Smart TV, you'll have to be a subscriber to Spotify. At this time, those Spotify free users would get into trouble. However, here we'll talk about how to get the playback of Spotify on LG TV even though you're a free account holder.

Only Premium subscribers could access to Spotify library on LG Smart TV, but ViWizard Spotify Music Converter could let you enjoy Spotify on LG Smart TV directly without premium subscription, even you don't have a network connection. ViWizard Spotify Music Converter could provide some special services like download Spotify music for listening anywhere and listen to Spotify music without the distraction of ads.

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ViWizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Download and convert Spotify music to common audio formats
  • Remove all types of commercial limitations from Spotify music
  • Preserve the original audio quality and full ID3 tags information
  • Support the offline playback of Spotify music on various devices
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Part One – Download Spotify Music to Common Formats

Step 1. Import Spotify playlist to ViWizard

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Download and install ViWizard Spotify Music Converter on your computer at first. Fire up ViWizard on your personal computer and the Spotify program will be opened automatically. Next, navigate to your library on Spotify and find your favorites or playlists. Then you need to upload them to ViWizard by drag-and-drop.

Step 2. Adjust the output audio parameter

set output format

After you pick out your favorites or playlists and add them to the main screen of ViWizard, you could configure the output audio parameter. There are various of audio formats including MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A, and M4B for you to choose from. Otherwise, you also could set the bit rate, channel, sample rate and conversion speed.

Step 3. Start to download Spotify music

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When everything is ready, you could let ViWizard start to download and convert Spotify music to LG Smart TV supported format by clicking the 'Convert' button. Later, ViWizards moves Spotify songs and playlists to your computer and you can find all converted Spotify music in the local folder.

Step 4. Stream Spotify to LG Smart TV

Now Spotify songs and playlists are available on your LG Smart TV, and you can play Spotify on LG Smart TV even though you don't establish a connect between Spotify and LG Smart TV. You just need to copy and paste your downloaded Spotify music files from your computer to your USB flash drive or upload them to your Google Play Music Library.

Part Two – Listen to Spotify Music via Spotify TV App

If you are a Premium user on Spotify, you can play Spotify directly from your LG Smart TV as LG Smart TV supports the Spotify app now. Before you achieve the playback of Spotify on LG Smart TV, you need to prepare the following steps.

1. Download Spotify from your LG Smart TV app store and install it on your TV.

2. Log in your Spotify account with your Spotify email address and password.

3. Navigate to your library on Spotify and choose a desired track or playlist to play.

Besides, you could also play Spotify music on LG Smart TV by using your phone, tablet, or desktop as a remote on the basis of LG TV Spotify Connect. But you should make sure that your devices and LG Smart TV are connected to the same network. Just open Spotify on your phone, select a desired playlist to play, and turn on the Spotify connect.

The above methods are only for those premium users, however, as far as I'm concerned, ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is an excellent choice to start a track and choose from several play modes. At the same time, you could listen to nonstop Spotify music without ads and get unlimited skips on any playlist or album.

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