Solved: How to Fix Spotify Error Code 30

Updated by Adam Gorden on Sep 6, 2022 5:00 PM.

fix spotify error code 30

I'm receiving this error message exactly: "A firewall may be blocking Spotify. Please update your firewall to allow Spotify. Additionally you could try changing the currently used proxy settings. (Error Code: 30)"

I've found multiple posts on the Spotify Forums with the solution to turn proxy settings to "No Proxy" (which I have) or to change your country. I can't change my country until cancel my premium services expire and it reverts back to the free version. What can I do now?

It's never a good thing when you are in the mood for some favorite tunes from Spotify but only to find the app just can't be accessed. Some Spotify users are running up against Error Code 30 issue and struggling to find the solution to fix it. No matter on Premium or on Free, this Spotify proxy error might come up on your device while you're trying to log in to your Spotify account.

In the following parts, we've updated the existing possible causes of Spotify Error Code 30 for identification and the solutions as Pro Tips part to help fix this frustruating issue at hand.

Part 1. Causes of Spotify Error Code 30
Part 2. Fixes to Spotify Error Code 30

Part 1. Causes of Spotify Error Code 30

There're several causes that will lead to Error Code 30, here's a list of them:

1. Spotify Proxy is Activated

Once you activate the proxy within the Spotify app, the error may appear. The easiest way is to set the Proxy option to No Proxy. But to reset this field, you'll need to log in to Spotify first, so you might need to reinstall Spotify to clean the user cache and settings.

2. You're Using Third-Party VPN

When you use the VPN at a system level, the Spotify app might think you're using the app in another country. So you'll need to close your VPN or change the IP address to your home country.

3. You're in A Different Country

Spotify will deny you from logging in to your account when it finds that you're in a different country. You can either change your Country in Spotify or use a VPN that has a server in your home country.

4. Overprotective Firewall

An overprotective firewall will block the Spotify connection. You can fix this by classifying the Spotify app to the white list of the firewall.

Part 2. Fixes to Spotify Error Code 30

1. Disable Spotify Proxy Server

The most common Error Code 30 cause is that the Spotify Proxy server is accidentally activated by default setting. To disable Spotify Proxy Server, you must go through some steps in Settings on Spotify app for desktop.

Pro Tips: To Disable Spotify Proxy Server

1. In the desktop app, click the Chevron down icon at the top and select Settings.

go to Settings on Spotify for desktop

2. In the Setting page appears, scroll down to Proxy Settings.

Spotify Proxy Settings

3. Under Proxy type, switch the Autodetect settings to No Proxy.

switch to no proxy settings

Once the Proxy Settings changes, restart the Spotify app.

2. Change the Account Country

In some cases, for users on Spotify Free, if they travel or move to a different country with where users were when signing up for Spotify, then the Spotify app can no longer be accessed.

Note: On Premium, a travel won't be a possible cause of the Error Code 30 because the existing Premium subscription will allow this change without changing the account settings.

Pro Tips: To Update Payment Method on Spotify Premium

For premium subscribers want to change the country or region to fix Error Code 30, you need to update your payment method with these steps.

1. Go to Your Account page.

2. In Account overview, scroll down the see Your plan box.

Your Plan box in account overview

3. Under Your plan, click Update next to your payment method.

This will redirect you to the update payment details view.

4. In Change payment details view, enter a new payment method that was issued in your new country or region.

change payment details

Pro Tips: To Change Account Country on Spotify Free

For users in Spotify Free, you need to change the account settings to one that's issued there:

1. Go to the Account overview.

From here if required, log in to Your Account to access Your Account Profile in the welcome page appears next.

Or if on desktop:

1. In the desktop app, go to Account.

Spotify desktop app Account

Tips: This will direct you to the same Account overview page on a browser. Make sure an available account has been signed in to see the welcome page.

2. In the Account overview page, select Edit profile in the side menu.

3. In the Edit profile view, see Country or region tab and select the country you're in from the dropdown list.

Edit Profile country or region

4. Once the country or region is changed, click the green Save profile button.

3. Disable Third-Party VPN

If you're using a third-party VPN, make sure to disable or route the Spotify app every time you log into your Spotify account.

But for users in travels and don't want to make a change on the account country or region, there are steps in reverse - use a proxy server of your own country in your VPN, then you can log into your Spotify account.

Pro Tips: To Disable a Third-Party Proxy

1. From the Windows Search Box, go to Proxy settings.

From here to open Proxy settings or select Change manual proxy server settings under Settings.

check proxy Settings on desktop

2. In the Settings window, select Proxy in the side menu to go to Proxy settings.

3. Scroll down to the Manual proxy setup section.

4. Under the Use a proxy server option, turn the active one off to disable a third-party proxy.

turn off proxy on desktop

Now the proxy has been disabled and it's better to reboot the computer device to make this change function to fix the Error Code 30 at hand.

Pro Tips: To Disable a Third-Party VPN Tool

To disable a VPN tool is as simple as to uninstall it. Go to the program and uninstall it from the computer device can make it disabled.

4. Exempt Spotify from Firewall

If you used to set an overprotective Firewall, it can block the Spotify app to connect if it is not on the allow apps list. You'll need to allow Spotify to communicate through the Firewall.

Pro Tips: To Allow Spotify to Communicate through Firewall

1. From the Windows Search Box, go to Check firewall status.

check Firewall status

2. In the pop-up Windows Defender Firewall windows, see Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall option in the side menu.

Also see the notification: "Block all connections to apps that are not on the list of allowed apps" next to Incoming connections tab.

allow Spotify through Windows Defender Firewall

3. In the lists, scroll down to the spotify.exe and allow it for Private and Public connections.

allow spotify.exe through Windows Firework

4. Click OK to save this change.

5. Download Spotify Songs for Offline Listening

The issue at hand should have disappeared within one or several steps from above. Chances are that the Error Code 30 is still existing or coming back with the app. Check this article for regular updates to fix this error can work, but there's a perfect method to access to music songs, however, free of error - download music to listen offline.

While Spotify requires users to go online at least once a month to keep the existing downloads, it's frustrating to be against with the Error Code 30 to lose the downloads as well as the active subscriptions. From here we recommend using ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to make music songs offline in formats like MP3 - no Premium subscription requires! Just as important, it's hard to go wrong with ViWizard.

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spotify music converter

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add spotify music

Download this powerful tool with a click on the Download button from above. Once the app is open, wait until the program launches Spotify app for desktop, from where drag and drop contents into ViWizard's main interface.

2 Set Up Output Parameters

select output format

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3 Start the Conversion

convert spotify songs

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4Play Spotify Songs Offline without Spotify App

After download Spotify songs to your computer, you can access them on your file manager. And you can play them without the Spotify app on any other media players. That means you won't need to log into Spotify account again and nor you won't see the Error Code 30 again.

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