Spotify Can't Play This Right Now? Fixed!

Posted by Adam Gorden on Sep 19, 2022 5:00 PM.

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"I'm on PC, Windows 10, Free account. Every time I open the Spotify app and web player I get the error message: "Spotify can’t play this right now". It happens no matter what I do. It's a fresh install and has never been installed on this computer before. Please help!"

It's never a good thing we expect Spotify to work fine but experience issues with the message: "Spotify can't play this right now, If you have a file on your computer you can import it." This issue encounters due to problems either in the computer or the app for desktop.

In the following parts, we found out some possible causes and fixes with detailed instructions as Pro Tips to help fix this frustrating issue.

Part 1. Causes of Spotify Can't Play This Right Now
Part 2. Fixes to Spotify Can't Play This Right Now

Part 1. Causes of Spotify Can't Play This Right Now

There're several causes that will lead to the error message: "Spotify can't play this right now." and here's a list of them:

1. You're Using Default Windows Audio Device

In our test, the default Windows audio device in use can be the main cause of the "Spotify can't play this right now." issue because users have attached other audio devices - such as headphones, speakers - but use Windows audio device in most cases.

Or if other applications such as VoiceMeeter help handled all the inputs and outputs, also considering checking there.

2. Hardware Acceleration is Activated

Hardware Acceleration is a feature from the desktop to help users meet the app requirements for a smooth listening experience. However, this feature sometimes slows the running program done and causes problems including the black screen and the existing failure - Spotify can't play this song right now.

3. Crossfade is Activated

In addition to the Hardware Acceleration, there're more settings in the app that can be reset like the Crossfade feature. If the crossfade is set more than 5 sec, chances are that this can be one possible cause.

Part 2. Fixes to Spotify Can't Play This Right Now

Before scroll down for the settings or common steps to fix Spotify can't play this song right now issue, please make sure the device and app has been prepared well and the steps have been tried.

• To Update App and Device

More than for a better performance, sometimes there're possible fixes provided from the device and app with an available update. When a issue like Spotify can't play this right now is existing, remember to check for possible updates.

• To Restart App and Device

If there're no available updates or the issue is still within the app up-to-date, please restart the app and device to make the previous change function to the app.

• To Reestablish the Internet Connection

When in an online mode, Spotify requires the internet connection to be solid and stable for streaming music.

If the internet connection is problematic, chances are that this can also be a cause, please test the internet with other applications, switch it off and back on after 30 seconds. If possible, switch to a different Wi-Fi connection.

As stated, even the features and functions from the desktop app can be the causes, we'll start with the main causes - the default Windows audio device in use to fix the problem.

Note: There're more common fixes should be tried, but we don't recommend a uninstallation because the downloaded music songs will be lost - unless the music from Spotify has been transferred into personal music collection with ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

1. Change Default Audio Device

In our test, if all the steps have been tried with no luck, it's time to check and change the ignored sound setting.

Pro Tips: To Change Default Windows Audio Device

1. From the Windows Search Box, go to Sound Settings.

2. In the pop-up, see the Sound Settings page.

3. Scroll down to Advanced sound options, then click on App volume and device preferences with "Customize app volumes and the speakers or devices they use."

advanced sound options

In the new App volume and device preferences, there's a list of all the apps that are in current audio use and what their output devices is - such as Headphones and speakers.

4. If the Spotify for desktop is running, there's the Spotify Premium in the app list with a slider to master the App Volume and the Output and Input as Default.

Tips: If the case is that the Output is Default, this means the app has a blank value for the Output device. You needs to select YOUR SPEAKERS or HEADPHONES from the drop down list:

app volume preferences

5. Click the Chevron down icon (or Default) to choose the device in use.

6. Once the device is selected, full close the Sound Setting as well as the app.

7. Reopen the Spotify app.

On desktop, stream a song, now the issue of "Spotify can't play this right now" should have gone.

2. Reset to the Recommended Defaults

If the steps for change sound setting have been tried with no luck or there's difficulties, the Reset button should work fine to fix the problem as well.

Pro Tips: To Reset to Microsoft Recommended Defaults

Repeat the steps above to go to the App volume and device preferences.

1. In the App volume and device preference window, scroll down to the bottom and see the Reset button with "Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults" under the list of app.

2. Click on the Reset button.

reset button to recommended defaults

3. Once reset to the recommended defaults, there's a notification of "Your system has been reset to recommended defaults."

reset to recommended default

4. Still, close the sound setting and the Spotify app, then reopen the app.

If this default button works, the "Spotify can't play this right now" error message should disappear.

3. Change the Device Default Format

This step is not separate from the previous 2 fixes. Make sure at least one change has happen above to change default audio device or reset to the recommended defaults.

Pro Tips: To Reset the Sample Rate and Bit Rate

1. Still from the Search bar, go to Sound Setting.

2. Scroll down to Related Settings under Advanced sound options, choose Sound Control Panel.

Related Settings

3. In the pop-up, from here see the same audio device (For example: speaker, headphones and more) that has been reset for the input and output.

4. Right-click the audio device, then select Properties.

sound properies

5. In the new pop-up, click Advanced.

6. In the Default Format option, see the sample rate and bit depth to be used now.

7. Click on the Chevron down icon and set the sample rate and bit depth as 32 bit, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality).

default format in Windows 10

Tips: We'd like to recommend using 16 bit, 44100 Hz here.

8. Click OK to save this change.

Still experiencing the problem? There're some settings related to the problematic features and functions here to check with Spotify. Please follow the instructions here.

4. Disable the Hardware Acceleration

Within the desktop app, there's a Setting related to the Hardware Acceleration feature. Once the Hardware Acceleration is activated, the issue at hand will appear with the message. If this is the cause, the easiest method is to disable Hardware Acceleration.

Pro Tips: To Switch Hardware Acceleration Off

1. On desktop, click the Chevron down icon to Settings.

go to Settings on Spotify for desktop

2. In the Setting, scroll down to Compatibility.

3. See the Enable hardware acceleration tab under Compatibility, then switch it off.

disabled compatibility

5. Lower the Crossfade

If the issue of Spotify can't play this right now is still existing after the Hardware Acceleration is disabled, it's time to scroll down the Setting to check the Crossfade.

Tips: After a reinstallation, the Crossfade feature should be off. If the problem is still here, this won't be a possible cause.

Pro Tips: To Change Crossfade Value

1. Still on desktop, go to Setting.

2. Scroll down to the Playback section.

3. Under Playback, check whether the Crossfade songs has been activated.

4. If the Crossfade songs is on (green), drag the slider next to it to set the crossfade value to 0 sec from the 5 sec or above.

set crossfade value

6. Lower the Audio Quality

Similar to the default bit depth and sample rate in the Sound Control Panel, there's a setting in the desktop app to lower the audio quality.

Pro Tips: To Lower the Streaming Quality

1. Still on desktop, go to Setting.

2. Scroll down to Audio quality, see Streaming quality under it.

3. Click the Chevron down icon next to the option, select a lower one (For example: Low, Normal or Automatic).

lower audio quality

4. Close and reopen the app.

7. Import Problematic Songs

Now the issue should be fixed within one or several steps from above. Chances are that the music songs are still problematic or the issue Spotify can't play this right now comes back with the app again.

local files in your library

Considering the message also recommend to import the songs from the computer to the app so that users can access them under Local Files, we'd like to introduce our powerful tool to download and convert all the music songs to import to it.

spotify music converter

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