How to Fix No Sound on Spotify on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Web

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Spotify is one of the most popular digital music services which gives its users instant access to millions of diverse pieces of music from all globally popular genres. With Spotify, you will get almost anything you like in the name of music, from the archived old schools to the latest hits. You just hit Play and everything will stream. You then will enjoy unlimited music anytime and anywhere. You can even download the songs for listening offline. This sounds amazing, isn't it?

spotify no sound

But wait, this will not always be the case. At times, Spotify might lead you to a heart-aching situation within no time. Problems like Spotify error code 4, 18, Spotify no sound attact users from time to time. You hit Play to listen to some music from Spotify but you end up hearing two sounds being that if you breathing and the other, that of your heartbeat. To mean, you get no sound from Spotify but your selected music is playing. Your first remedy will be obviously to adjust the volume. But still, nothing happens. So, how do you go about with this?

In general, the issue of Spotify playing but no sound might arise due to various reasons like poor internet connection, overloaded RAM, overused CPU, and more. Or maybe your device or Spotify might just be having some technical problems. To help you out, we'll show you how to fix the Spotify no sound issue using different methods, and we'll guide you through fixing the problem.

Part 1. No Sound on Spotify: Checklist & Fixes
    1.1 Check Volume Control
    1.2 Check Current Device
    1.3 Check Internet Connections
    1.4 Check Volume Settings
    1.5 Check Default Audio Device
    1.6 Check CPU & RAM
Part 2. How to Fix No Sound in Spotify App
Part 3. How to Fix No Sound on Spotify Web Player
Part 4. Best Alternatives to Download Spotify with No Sound Limits (Hot)

Part 1. No Sound on Spotify: Checklist & Fixes

When you first found your Spotify playing but no sound, you were likely worried about this sound issue. Here we've collected possible causes and fixes. You should go through the whole checklist and use the fix for each causes here.

1.1 Check Volume Control

We understand this has been checked on desktop, but mobile users should also check the Right/Silent switch on the side of the phone device.

To fix volume control:

On Windows PC & Mac: Mute Mode

1. On both Windows PC and Macbook devices, open Spotify app or web player.

2. Check the volume control in the Now Playing. If the speaker icon of the app is muted, this means Spotify playback is at mute mode.

Spotify volume control

3. In the Now Playing bar, click the speaker icon to unmute Spotify. Or you can drag the slider to turn the volume up.

On iPhone & Android: Speaker Volume

1. On both iPhone and Android devices, please set the switch to unmute the speaker. On iPhone, make sure the switch does not show orange.

iPhone silent switch

2. On the side of the mobile device, use the volume up buttonto turn the volume up. Or if Siri or Alexa has been activated, use the voice command like "Turn up the volume".

iphone volume control

1.2 Check Current Device

"Current device" is the device that is consuming Spotify contents. On Free, if another device is consuming the Spotify content, then your device won't have the sound of it. This should be checked on one of Spotify's platform - like Spotify app for desktop.

Note: On Premium, this won't be a possible cause of the sound issue because ""Spotify Connect" allows Premium subscribers to consume Spotify contents on multiple devices. For Premium subscribers, you need to turn off the devices connection to fix this no sound on Spotify issue.

To check current device:

1. On desktop, open the Spotify app for desktop.

2. Stream a song, then go into the Now Playing.

3. Click the device icon (or similar) next to the speaker icon, you will see the current device that consumes Spotify contents.

From here if the current device is not your device, you'll also see a green tab like "Listening on [current device's name]". In this case, even the Spotify is playing contents in the Now Playing, the sound won't be on your device.

To fix current device:

Spotify current device

On Windows PC & Mac: Current Device

1. To switch the current device to your device, just click "This computer (Your device's name)" under Select another device.

listen on another device

Or if the device is not yours, we'd like to recommend using "Sign out everywhere" to log out of all the device options on Spotify.

2. In Spotify, click the profile icon > Account. This will redirect you to the Account overview, and sign in to the exact Spotify account if required.

Spotify desktop app Account

3. On Account overview's page, scroll down to Sign out everywhere.

4. Click Sign out everywhere button. This will log your account out of Spotify everywhere you're logged in, including the mobile, tablet, web player and desktop app. But for web player, it'll take up to 1 hour for sign out to take effect.

5. Once Spotify has been signed out everywhere, Spotify will require a log in to continue.

Spotify session terminated

If the sound issue is with the current device, there now should be sound coming from Spotify.

1.3 Check Internet Connections

At times, the issue can be with the stable internet connection. You can test it with other applications on desktop or mobile, reestablish it or switch to another connections between Wi-Fi or cellular.

To fix Internet Connections:

On desktop or mobile, switch the current internet connection off and back on after 30 seconds, then the internet should be reestablished for good.

1.4 Check Volume Settings

You need to check the volume settings on your device. Different devices may have different settings. You'd better check the settings by going to the device support site for help. Here's the volume settings we've found on the devices.

On Windows PC: Volume Mixer

Windows PC users should check the Volume Mixer to see the volume for the Spotify app for desktop.

1. On the taskbar, find and right-click the speakers icon > Open volume mixer.

2. In the Apps field, check the volume for Spotify app. If the speaker icon of the Spotify app is [muted icon], it means the app is at mute mode.

Windows volume mixer

3. If the Spotify app is at mute mode, click the speaker icon again to release the sound. Or you can drag the slider to turn up the volume.

On Macbook: Sound Control

1. Go to the menu bar > Sound control to check the volume.

2. You can drag the slider to adjust the volume.

On iPhone: Volume Limit

bolume limit on iphone

1. From the Home Screen, open the Settings app > Music > Volume Limit.

2. If this Volume Limit option is on, turn it off.

3. Go back to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content & Privacy.

4. If Content & Privacy is off, turn it on.

5. Tap Volume Limit, select Don't Allow.

On Android: Media volume

1. On the right side of the device, press the volume button.

2. At the right, tap the Menu (3 dots icon) to go to Settings.

3. Slide the volume levels for Media volume (Music, videos, games and other media).

1.5 Check Default Audio Device

In our test, the default Windows audio device in use can be one possible cause of the sound issue. This means while users have attached other audio devices - such as headphones, speakers - but hasn't switch to these devices so that Windows audio device is in use.

Note: If other apps such as VoiceMeeter are handling all the inputs and outputs, also check it.

To Fix Default Audio Device:

On Windows PC: Default Output

1. From the Windows Search Box or the speaker icon on the taskbar, go to Sound Settings or Sound > Advanced sound options > App volume an device preferences.

advanced sound options

2. In the apps filed, check Spotify app's current audio use and output device - like headphones and speakers. If the Output is Default, this means the app has a blank value for the Output device. You needs to select your attached audio device from the dropdown list.

app volume preferences

3. Click the Chevron down icon (or Default) to choose the attached audio device.

4. Once the device is selected, full close the Sound Setting as well as the Spotify app.

You can also reset to the recommended Defaults: Go to App volume and device preferences > Reset button.

reset to recommended default

1.6 Check CPU & RAM

If your RAM is too full, you might experience this problem. So, you can go to the storage use and check how much space is left in your RAM. If it is small, say less than 20%, then it might also be the problem. Overloaded RAM will make almost all the applications in your device to hang. To remedy this, you can close some apps you are not using, go to the storage settings and clear RAM if your device has such setting. You can also uninstall some apps you are no longer in need of.

Part 2. How to Fix No Sound in Spotify App

Whether the problem of Spotify no sound is caused by unstable internet connection or overused CPU, even other problems, you can remedy your problem by following the below helpful solutions.

    Method 1. Log out of Spotify
    Method 2. Update Spotify
    Method 3. Clean Uninstall Spotify
    Method 4. Switch to Another Device

Method 1. Log out of Spotify

Your Spotify app might just be misbehaving. An app stopping to respond or hanging is not a strange occurrence. Such problems might arise due to overloaded RAM, overused CPU, or some virus. If a simple restart solves nothing, please log out of Spotify.

Note: If you have used sign out everywhere to fix current device, this is a duplicate step.

To Log out of Spotify:

On Windows PC & Macbook: Log Out

1. On desktop, open the Spotify app.

2. Click the profile icon > Log out.

3. Once you log out the desktop app, log in to continue with the exact account.

On iPhone & Android: Log Out

1. On mobile, open the Spotify app.

2. Tap Home > Settings, then scroll to the bottom to tap Log out.

3. Once you log out of the mobile app, log in to continue with Spotify.

Method 2. Update Spotify

The problem might arise from the fact that your Spotify app is out-of-date. Just like any other software, Spotify undergoes periodic upgrades so as to catch up with and incorporate new trends in technology. So, if you notice the problem still persists after logging out and logging in or restarting the Spotify app, then check if there is possible update. If there is, then update the Spotify app and try to play music again.

To Update Spotify:

On Windows PC & Macbook: Update

1. In the Spotify app for desktop, click the profile icon > Update Spotify now. If an update is available, this option will install and update the app.

2. Or use the More (3 dots icon) > Help > About Spotify. This will automatically download the latest version of the app in a few seconds. You can click the Please restart to install to finish this short update.

On iPhone & Android: Update

1. From the Home Screen, open the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

2. Use Search > "Spotify". If the first result has the Update button, tap it to download and install the most recent version of the mobile app.

Method 3. Clean Uninstall Spotify

Sometimes user experience this issue with the corruption in the app. We understand this should be tried to fix the sound on the app, but the uninstallation was not clean and left files, cache and data.

To Clean Uninstall Spotify:

On Windows PC: Clean Uninstallation

1. On desktop, use Windows Search Box > Settings > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.

2. In the apps list, find Spotify > Uninstall.

3. Follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall the Spotify app.

4. Go back to the Windows Search Box > "%AppData%". This will go to AppData\Roaming location.

appdata folder on Windows

5. Find the associated Spotify folders to delete.

delete Spotif y appdata

On Macbook: Clean Uninstallation

1. On desktop, use Go > Utilties > Activity Monitor > Spotify processes > Quit Process.

2. After that, open Finder > Applications > Spotify, then use Move To Trash to uninstall it.

3. Use Go and hold the Option / Alt Key > Library > Caches to find the associated folders.

4. Delete com.spotify.client and com.spotify.client.helper folders from the Macbook.

Go to Spotify's download webpage to download correct version for Windows or Mac.

On iPhone & Android: Clean Uninstallation

1. From the Home Screen or applications list to remove or delete Spotify from the mobile device.

While this normal uninstallation can make the app work fine after a reinstallation on iPhone, Android users need to delete some associated folders and files.

2. On Android, go to Settings > Apps & Applications > Spotify > Storage > Clear Data. Go back to Storage > Android > Data, then delete folder.

Go to App Store or Google Play > Search > "Spotify" to download the correct version for iPhone or Android.

Method 4. Switch to Another Device

Your device might be having a technical problem. So, if after trying out all the above remedies but you still cannot hear any sound, you can try playing music from Spotify using a different device. This is made easy by the fact that Spotify can play on your mobile, tablet, computer, and television. So, if you are experiencing this problem on your mobile, try your computer but with the same internet connection and the same music track. If the problem is fixed, look for a way to repair your mobile phone. Or vice versa, if it can play on mobile phone and misbehaves on the computer, knows that your computer is having a problem.

Part 3. How to Fix No Sound on Spotify Web Player

With the Spotify Web Player, you can also access Spotify's music library directly through your web browser. It's an easy way for those users who don't want to install an additional app to listen to music from Spotify. But it's not working properly or at all on various browsers. Here are the fixes for the Spotify Web Player no sound issue.

    Method 1. Turn Off Ad-Blockers or Whitelist Spotify
    Method 2. Clear Browser Cookies & Cache
    Method 3. Switch to Another Browser

Method 1: Turn Off Ad-Blockers or Whitelist Spotify

The ad-blocking add-ons can interface with the Spotify Web Player, thus you will find the Spotify Web Player no sound issue. Simply turn your ad blocker off through the add-ones menu or by clicking the toolbar icon. Or you can try to whitelist whole domains of Spotify.

Method 2: Clear Browser Cookies & Cache

Cookies and cache can interrupt the playback of Spotify music. It can help your browser work more smoothly by remembering important information. Sometimes, however, your Spotify Web Player cannot work well due to them. In this case, you can clear your recent cookies and cache, then use Spotify Web Player to play your music again.

Method 3: Switch to Another Browser

Not all browsers can work well with Spotify Web Player. If you are a Mac user, you should know that Spotify Web Player no longer works on Safari. So, you could try to use an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to access Spotify Web Player. If there still exists the problem of Spotify Web Player no sound, try to update your browser to the latest version.

Part 4. Best Alternatives to Download Spotify with No Sound Limits

If none of the above-mentioned solutions ever works for you, then you are suggested to try the ultimate way, that is, to use another app to play Spotify songs. However, although Spotify Premium users are able to download Spotify songs offline. These downloaded songs are cache and still cannot be transferred or played on other media players.

So you need a Spotify music conversion software, such as ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify songs and then convert Spotify music to MP3. Then you can download the real files of Spotify songs and play them on other media players.

With ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, no matter you are using a free or premium account, you can easily download and convert music from Spotify to MP3 or other formats for offline listening. Here's how to download music from Spotify using ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

spotify music converter

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Download and convert Spotify music to common audio formats for free
  • 6 audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, M4B for you pick
  • Remove ads and DRM protection from Spotify music at 5× faster speed
  • Preserve Spotify contents with the original audio quality and full ID3 tags
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Step 1. Drag Spotify songs to ViWizard

add spotify music

Launch ViWizard software on your computer and then wait for the automatic opening of Spotify. Log into your Spotify account and navigate to your library on Spotify. Find your preferred Spotify tracks and drag and drop them to the main home of ViWizard.

Step 2. Set MP3 as the output format

select output format

Go to Menu > Preference > Convert and then begin to select the output audio format including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B. Besides, adjust the bit rate, sample rate, and channel for getting better audio quality.

Step 3. Start downloading Spotify music

convert spotify songs

Click on the Convert button to begin to download music from Spotify and ViWizard will save Spotify music tracks to the folder you specify. After the conversion, you can go to browse the converted Spotify music tracks in the converted list.


Spotify enables all music lovers to access their favorite tunes or podcasts with ease no matter you are using the free version of Spotify or subscribing to any Premium Plan. Sometimes, however, you'd encounter the issue of no sound coming from Spotify while you're playing music from Spotify. Just check out the feasible solutions to fix it. Or try to use ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify playlists to MP3 to play on other apps or devices. Now this converter is open to everyone for free download.

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