Solved: How to Fix Spotify Stops After 10 Seconds

Posted by Adam Gorden on Oct 4, 2022 5:00 PM.

how to fix Spotify stops after 10 seconds

"Lately I have been having issues where many songs I play will start playing for 10 seconds (it literally always happens at the 10 sec. mark) and then just stop? This doesn’t happen to every song I listen to on my playlist but it does it for most. Anyone having this issue? Ive tried updating, deleting and redownloading the app.. nothing has worked."

While this issue is reported from multiple platforms, including Spotify app for desktop and mobile, we'd like to offer some separate steps to troubleshoot this Spotify stopping at 10 seconds issue. Pick up either computer devices (Windows & Mac) or mobile devices (Android & iOS) to try some troubleshooting steps here.

Troubleshooting Steps: Fix Spotify Stops After 10 Secondshot tip
     1. Update App and Devices
     2. Switch App Music Modes
     3. Log Out and Back In
     4. Clear App Data
     5. Clean Uninstall App
     6. Reinstall App from Web
     7. Download Songs from App

Troubleshooting Steps: Fix Spotify Stops After 10 Seconds

1. Update App and Device

Chances are that an available update can help to fix this issue with Spotify stops playing after 10 seconds, and an update won't make this worse because some fixes are included for better functionality, same for of the device OS.

On mobile, please go to the app store to check to see an available Update button. On desktop, if there's a latest version of the Spotify for desktop app, please click the Chevron down icon to see the Update Spotify now button. Or from the More (horizontal 3 dots icon) > Help > About Spotify for more information. After an app update, restart the app to check if the Spotify stopping at 10 seconds issue has been solved.

2. Switch App Music Modes

If the issue persists after an app update, please switch to another music mode - either online or offline to play the same music song that stops at 10 seconds.

From Online Mode to Offline Mode:

Some efforts are needed to download the problematic song for offline listening with an Download button exclusives to Premium. After the songs have been downloaded, switch to the offline mode on the devices. On mobile, go to Your Library > Settings > Playback > Offline. On desktop, from the More button (horizontal 3 dots icon) > File > Offline Mode.

Tips: Once you are in the offline mode, there'll be a enabled offline mode icon like this on desktop.

Now in the offline mode, try playing the downloaded song.

From Offline Mode to Online Mode:

If the issues occurred when you are in the offline mode, you need to do this in reverse. For starters, please go to the same app setting to switch Offline (for mobile) or Offline Mode (for desktop). Some efforts are needed to delete the music downloads with a click on the Download button to make it grey.

Now in the online mode, try streaming the song.

3. Log Out and Back In

If the Spotify stopping at 10 seconds issue is based on a problematic startup, please try log out and back in to set up the account for the music service.

On mobile, please go to Your Library > Settings icon > LOG OUT. On desktop, there're two methods to log out Spotify app. From the More (horizontal 3 dots icon) > File > Log Out or from the Chevron down icon in [Your USERNAME] > Log out. Or if you have connected the account to more than one device, just click on the SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE in the Account Overview page!

4. Clear App Data

On mobile or desktop, the Spotify app will need some data to operate as expected. However, if the app data is corrupted, it will cause issues in the app, including Spotify stopping at 10 seconds. If there's the clear data function on mobile device's Settings, make full use of it to clear the corrupted app data, including the cache and downloads in Spotify.

From here there's a repeated step to find and clear app data and files for a clean uninstall of the app. On mobile, go to Settings > Storage > DELETE CACHE. On desktop, from the Chevron down icon > Storage > Remove all downloads or Clear cache.

5. Clean Uninstall App

We understand when it comes to Spotify issues - like Spotify stopping at 15 seconds, the uninstall of the app has been tried but with no luck. Unfortunately a CUSTOM uninstall of the app won't fix this issue. You should CLEAN uninstall the Spotify app with these steps instead.

On mobile device like Android, go to Settings > Storage > Spotify > Clear Data to make sure the Data section shows "0", then go back to Settings > Storage > Android > Data > to delete this related folder.

On desktop, from More (horizontal 3 dots icon) or Chevron down icon to go to Edit > Preferences or Settings > Storage > Offline storage location. Use Windows Manager (for Windows) or Finder (for Mac) to go to that location to delete the related files. On all devices, perform a CUSTOM unstill of the app.

In addition to the storage location, there're other files or folders to delete after a CUSTOM uninstall of the desktop app. On Windows, from the Start menu > %AppData% > App/Data/Roaming > AppData\Local or C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local, then delete related folders. On Mac, go to Finder > Go > Library (hold the Option / Alt key) > Caches > com.spotify.client > com.spotify.client.helper, then delete the related folders.

6. Reinstall App from Web

To reinstall the app after a CLEAN uninstallation, we suggest use a browser to Download Spotify for the device from the download page. On the device, log into the Spotify account again to access to the same songs with the Spotify stopping at 10 seconds issue in Your Library.

7. Download Songs from App

The app with Spotify stopping after 10 seconds should have disappeared within one or several steps above. However, chances are that this issue is still existing or coming back with the app. Wait when the Spotify Team to release a most recent version of the app to include possible fixes can work, but there's a perfect method to access the music songs from Your Library or Spotify music catalog - download music to listen offline.

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