How to Fix Spotify Liked Songs Missing for Multiple Devices

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Hi! I usually listen to all of my music through the liked songs playlist, which had about 5000 songs in- and now they're all gone? I have one song left in there (most recently added one), but have lost all the other music in there. - - Ana from Spotify Community

fix spotify liked songs missing

Many Spotify users report that after their Spotify gets updated, all the songs from the Liked Songs playlist are gone missing. When you enter your Like Songs in the Library, there's only an empty playlist with a line "Your liked songs will appear here".

While this issue is reported with more platforms, we'd like to update and keep different platforms and devices separated in the parts that follow, including solutions for causes, troubleshooting steps, alternatives to access missing Spotify liked songs and more.

Tips: For those who experience this liked songs missing issue on mobile devices before Jul 23, 2022, chances are possible fixes are included within an available app update from the official. After an update, the liked songs section should come back to work.

Part 1. Solutions for Causes of Spotify Liked Songs Missing
Part 2. Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Spotify Liked Songs Missing
Part 3. Alternatives to Access Missing Liked Songs Forever

Part 1. Solutions for Causes of Spotify Liked Songs Missing

Considering the solutions for various causes are across devices, we'd like to introduce some similar instructions for all users that are experiencing this Spotify Liked Songs missing issue.

Tips: On all devices and platforms, please perform a latest app update.

1. Switch to Another Account

Some users have logged into Spotify with a wrong account on one device, thus causing the Spotify liked songs missing.

Tips: For a better identification, also check the username with information stored on the device.

To Check Email Addresses or Facebook

To switch to another account to fix the issue at hand, users should have another account to switch between - via Email address or Facebook. Please follow these steps to check if another account is in use and cause the issue.

For Email Addresses:

If the account are signed in to the app with email address but has the Facebook credentials, it's also possible that a hit on the LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK can cause the issue. Just make sure to enter the correct email address. You can also go to the email inbox to check the status with the associated account.

For Facebook:

If the account has been registered and logged in with the Facebook credentials, the solutions should be done in reverse with a click on the LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK. You can also go to Your Facebook to check if the account connected to Facebook through Facebooks > Settings > Apps and Website.

2. Switch to Another Device

While switching to another device to listen to Liked Songs is also workable as an alternative to fix the issue at hand, in this part we recommend this step for a closer identification.

If there are more than available devices at hand to sync the Liked Songs, feel free to log in to the same account to another device (better a new device) to see if the Liked Songs are on this device or the same Spotify missing Liked Songs issue exist with no luck.

To Force Sync the Liked Songs

If the device and the platform is not the issue but there are some missing songs have been downloaded for offline listening, an activated offline mode can regain some of the downloaded ones.

If the solutions for possible causes still leave the Spotify liked songs missing issue or the causes are failed to be identified, there're still some basic troubleshooting steps to cover. Yes! We still recommend users to cover these common steps. Keep reading! These steps are more useful as expected!

Part 2. Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Spotify Liked Songs Missing

The troubleshooting steps are common and the issue can be fixed within one or several steps that follow. However, different from the solutions for various causes, we'd like to separate them on platforms and devices. Feel free to skip some of them or follow our detailed instructions.

Tips: In the meantime, keep the app updated to the latest version.

1. Check Internet Connection

First reason that can cause the liked songs missing or not showing can be the unstable or failed Internet connection - either the Wi-Fi or mobile/cellular connection.

While we recommend readers using Wi-Fi connectionx to check their data allowance or switch to Wi-Fi connection to fix this step, there are simple steps for Wi-Fi users to reestablish a connection to have the liked songs again.

To Reestablish the Wi-Fi Connection

1. In the Settings, switch Wi-Fi off.

2. Wait 30 seconds, then switch the connection back on.

Note: If there are some liked songs are downloaded to listen offline, the steps that follow can lose them and need a redownload with an active Premium subscription. Or from here to download it with a professional tool for free - no Premium subscription requires!

Download Download

2. Clear App Cache

You can always clear the app cache to fix common issues, including the existing Spotify missing Liked Songs.

Note:If this step has been tried before or there're no more stored data can be deleted, you need to remove downloaded tracks.

To remove downloaded tracks, scroll down to clean reinstall the app and start from the steps to delete some folders on different devices.

To Clear Your Cache

For Windows and Mac:

1. Click in the top-right and scroll down Settings.

2. In Settings, scroll down and click SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS.

3. Scroll down to Offline songs storage to see where the cache is stored.

offline storge location in Spotify Settings

4. From Windows Explorer, go to that folder.

5. Select and delete all the files in the Spotify related folder.

For Android:

1. On Andorid, from the Home screen to go to Settings.

2. Under Storage, tap Delete cache.

For iOS:

1. On iOS device, from the Home screen to go to Settings.

2. In Settings, tap Storage then Clear cache.

All the steps complete, it's better to restart the device and go back to the app to see whether the Spotify Liked Songs Missing has been fixed.

3. Perform a Clean Reinstall of App

Note: After the clear reinstall of app, all the data including the downloaded music and podcasts will be deleted from the device. From here our software can help with a safe download!

For Windows:

1. Close the desktop app.

2. From the Start search bar / Start menu on the computer, go to Control Panel.

3. Click Uninstall a program under the Programs section.

uninstall program window

4. From the app list, scroll down to the desktop and click Uninstall.

5. Follow the instructions that appears to full reinstall the app

Once the reinstallation completes:

appdata folder on Windows

6. Go back to the Start search bar / Start menu and enter %AppData% to open up App/Data/Roaming.

Spotify Roaming

7. Or from the Windows Explorer, go to AppData\Local or C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local.

appdata local

8.8. See and delete the related folders.

delete Spotif y appdata

For Mac:

1. Still, full close the desktop app.

2. On the computer, go to Finder.

3. In the menu at the top, click Go then hold the Option/ Alt key and select Library.

4. Open Caches, then delete the com.spotify.client and com.spotify.client.helper folders.

5. See and click the black arrow icon.

6. Open Application Support, then delete the related folder.

For Android:

1. Repeat the steps to go to Storage under Setting.

2. Tap Spotify.

3. Click Clear Data instead.

4. Tap Storage, then Clear Data.

5. Feel free to perform the steps to uninstall the app.

On all the devices from above, reboot the device and go to app store or from the official website to reinstall the app. Once the reinstallation completes, remember to log in to the same account associated with E-mail address or Facebook to check if the Spotify liked songs missing issue has been fixed.

Part 3. Alternatives to Access Missing Liked Songs Forever

If the solutions and steps from above all fail with no luck and the issue are still existing, we still find some possible alternatives to access the missing Liked Songs. You can even benefit from the exclusives including a powerful tool to help keep all the Lived songs forever - without Premium subscription!

1. Add the Missing Liked Songs Again

This could be the most simplest method to access the missing liked songs - to add them again. This could sound frustrating, but the Spotify team has identified the issue at hand and provide some solutions and alternatives together with us.

Of course, this method is proved to be one of the most eligible methods to fix the Spotify missing Liked Songs issue before - however - is not as expected. Don't despair. We've updated will another 3 tricks to save more time and efforts to access the missing songs.

Tips: To find if there's another available Spotify account, repeat some separate steps for how to check email addresses or Facebook. You can register for a new account of course. It's simple!

2. Transfer the Liked Songs Playlist

If there's another account and (after some solutions and steps in this post has been tried) the Liked songs section shows songs on a platform (different from the platform that the issue still exists on), the missing Liked Songs Playlist can be transferred with some simple steps.

Tips: To find if there's another available Spotify account, repeat some separate steps for how to check email addresses or Facebook. You can register for a new account of course. It's simple!

To transfer the Liked Songs Playlist to Another Account

1. On the platform where the Liked Songs Playlist can be seen and access, make sure the Liked Songs Playlist in the old account are set to Public.

Once the Liked Songs Playlist is Public:

2. Log out of the old account.

3. On that platform, log in to the new account.

4. With the new account, search for the old account's profile.

From here to go to another post for how to add friends on Spotify with or without Facebook to add the old account as additional friend or the Facebook friend via the search for spotify:user:username or Facebook name.

Tips: If there're difficulties with the instruction in another post, follow the these steps:

1. Go to Profile with the old account.

Spotify profile

2. On the profile link with the old account, right-click the username, click Copy link to profile.

copy profile link

You can past this profile link in the search bar while one the new account and press Enter to load the profile with the old profile.

3. Once you've located the old account's profile page, head to the tab Public Playlists.

4. Click on the Liked Songs Playlist.

5. Once the Liked Songs Playlist has been open, select all the included Liked Songs.

5. Right-click the selected Liked Songs, then Add to Playlist > New Playlist.

Tips: This should create a new playlist to include all the selected Liked Songs from the old account to the new account, but as the created playlist instead of the new Liked Songs.

3. Download All the Liked Songs for Keeping

Exclusive: To Download All the Liked Songs without Premium

While some of the Liked Songs can be force to sync across devices, the expire Premium subscriptions can be the biggest problem because the liked songs need to be downloaded before or redownloaded from this second with ViWizard Spotify Music Converter!


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