How to Find Your On Repeat Playlist on Spotify

By Adam Gorden Updated on September 4, 2023

find on repeat playlist on spotify

In 2023, Spotify introduced two dynamic playlists that tailor your listening experience like never before: "On Repeat" and "Repeat Rewind." These playlists a reflection of your unique Spotify history. Regardless of your subscription status, you can have them easily.

Before we delve into these exciting playlists, it's essential to understand how Spotify curates them. Spotify relies on your listening habits and preferences to create playlists that resonate with you. This means you'll need to use Spotify for a bit to allow it to collect data and craft personalized playlists just for you. In other words, if you're new to Spotify and haven't looped any song, these playlists may not be immediately accessible.

Part 1. Spotify On Repeat & Repeat Rewind Playlists - What You'll Need

spotify on repeat and repeat rewind

"On Repeat:"

Imagine "On Repeat" as a snapshot of your music taste right now. It's like having your top songs on Spotify, but it's not static—it evolves with your listening habits. Think of it as your musical diary that updates automatically, always staying in sync with your changing preferences. With "On Repeat," you'll find the tracks you've been playing nonstop, all based on the music you love.

"Repeat Rewind:"

On the other hand, "Repeat Rewind" is your personal time machine, taking you back to the songs you adored not too long ago. This playlist features the tracks you were grooving to over a month ago, offering a delightful dose of nostalgia. It doesn't matter if you're constantly exploring new music or savoring timeless classics— "Repeat Rewind" has got your back. And just like "On Repeat," it updates regularly, ensuring you relive those cherished tunes without any repetition.

Accessing "On Repeat:"

spotify mobile search made for you

Now, you're probably wondering how to find both "On Repeat" and "Repeat Rewind" playlists. Fortunately, "On Repeat" is now available on all Spotify platforms. You can easily access it under the "Uniquely Yours" section in the "Made For You" hub. "Uniquely Yours" is Spotify's new discovery tool, recently added for all users, ensuring you never forget your favorites and continually discover more when you listen to Spotify.

For now, "Uniquely Yours" includes both "Your Time Capsule" and the coveted "On Repeat" and "Repeat Rewind" playlists in your desktop and mobile Spotify experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of your computer or the mobility of your device, you can find it seamlessly.

In the following sections, we'll guide you on how to access and make the most of your "On Repeat" and "Repeat Rewind" Playlists.


    The methods to find the "On Repeat" playlist are identical to those for finding the "Repeat Rewind" playlist. So, once you've learned how to locate one, you'll know how to access the other as well.

Part 2. How to Find Your On Repeat Playlist on Mobile

To find your On Repeat playlist, open the Spotify mobile app and your options are as follows:

Option 1: Find On Repeat Playlist under Made For You Hub

spotify mobile search uniquely yours on repeat

Step 1. Go to Search.

Step 2. Tap Made For You.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Uniquely yours section. You're now able to see the On Repeat playlist under it.

Step 4. Go into this On Repeat playlist and you're able to discover songs you love right now on Spotify.

Option 2: Search for Your On Repeat Playlist on Mobile

spotify mobile search on repeat

Step 1. Go to Search.

Step 2. In the Search field, enter "On Repeat" and search for it.

Step 3. Tap the top result of "On Repeat" that is curated by Spotify and also marked as "Made for you". This is your On Repeat playlist and other results may belong to other Spotify users.

Step 4. To ensure the On Repeat playlist are yours, please check this message: "Made for *YOURUSERNAME*" under the playlist's profile.

Part 3. How to Find Your On Repeat Playlist on Desktop

If you are a desktop user, you even have more options to access your On Repeat playlist. Just open either the Spotify desktop app or Spotify Web Player and get started.

Option 1: Find On Repeat Playlist under Made For You Hub

Step 1. In the side menu, select Search.

Step 2. Under Browse all, select Made For You.

spotify desktop search made for you

Step 3. Scroll down to Uniquely yours, and On Repeat is under it.

spotify desktop search uniquely yours on repeat

Step 4. Go into your On Repeat playlist. You can now play the comfortable music Spotify recommends to you here.

Option 2: Search for Your On Repeat Playlist on Desktop

Step 1. In the side menu, select Search.

Step 2. From the top, click on the Search filed to search for "On Repeat".

spotify desktop search on repeat options

Step 3. Select the Playlists option to find your On Repeat playlist, which should tagged as "By Spotify". You may see other very similar options here, but those belong to other Spotify users.

spotify desktop search for on repeat

Step 4. Go into your On Repeat playlist. Please also check this message under the playlist's profile: "Made for *YOURUSERANME*".

spotify desktop on repeat playlist

Part 4. How to Save On Repeat & Repeat Rewind Playlist on Spotify

How to save On Repeat playlist on Spotify mobile app:

Just tap the heart icon and you have saved your On Repeat playlist to Your Library. You can go to Your Library and find it under Playlists tab.

How to download On Repeat playlist on Spotify mobile app:

If you have an existing Premium subscription, you can download your On Repeat playlist to your device for offline listening. Just tap the Download icon under the playlist's profile to start downloading it immediately. Once the Download icon turns green, the entire playlist is downloaded with success.

You can always choose to download your On Repeat playlist for offline playback with your Premium subscription. Just ensure to go online at least once a month so Spotify can keep your downloads. However, if you stop paying the monthly fee the access to your On Repeat playlist downloads disappear. If you wish to keep your Spotify playlists forever, here's the best solution.

Part 5. How to Fix Spotify On Repeat Not Updating

If your On repeat playlist isn't updating as expected, here's what you should know to better manage your On Repeat playlist and enjoy a continuously updated listening experience on Spotify:


    Spotify's playlist algorithms update roughly every five days, but the timing and number of changes can vary. Older songs you've played a lot won't automatically be replaced with new ones.

To keep your playlist fresh, you should understand the following points:

You should be aware that both your On repeat and Repeat Rewind playlists update once the algorithm has enough data on your frequent songs. If you've been playing the same songs for a while, it might take some time for the playlist to refresh.

To keep your playlists dynamic, try exploring and playing new music using the "Search" tab. The more varied your listening, the more likely the playlist will adapt to your evolving tastes.

If you mostly listen to one genre of a few artists, the algorithm might struggle to update your playlist and populate it with new content. For a more varied listening history, you can take advantage of Spotify's AI DJ mode to balance your favorites with some diversity to help keeping things fresh.

Bonus Tip: Keep Your On Repeat & Repeat Rewind Playlists Forever

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If you're interested in this ViWizard software, you can download either its Windows or Mac version for free. You'll also need to have the access to your Spotify Music library within the Spotify desktop app. Then you can go to your On Repeat playlist to add to ViWizard and start the conversion. See how to download music from Spotify for free >>

spotify music converter

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