How Well Do You Know the NFL Football Game?

Posted by Dave Henry on October 17, 2018 10:18:35 AM.

nfl introduction

In September, the NFL (National Football League) new regular season was unveiled, and the competition is also in full swing recently. This is a sport that is very appealing in the United States and around the world. During the NFL season each year, the whole family gets together drinking American beer, eating snacks, and watching a game with excitement.

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Now let's back on the knowledge about the football.

1. Football Origin


Speaking of "football", you may definitely think of the sport above. This logic is correct in many parts of the world, but it does not work in the United States, because the "football" in the America actually looks like an olive.

This has to start from the origin of football. The earliest football originated in medieval Europe. At that time, people held a kind of kicking game to celebrate religious festivals. The rules are very simple: two villages compete and the number of people is not limited. The ball is made of a bladder filled with air. It doesn't matter if you kick with your foot, hold it with your hand, or bite with your mouth, as long as you put the ball in the church of the other village.

football origin

However, this original ball sport lacking the rules is quite barbaric, so the British school established different sects to constrain the rules of the game. At that time, different schools have different rules of football, the Rugby School from Warwickshire in the Midwest of England among them still stipulates that it can be used by hand.

In order to unify the rules of the game, in 1863, some British schools established the Football Association. This conference was opened for nearly three months, and finally decided that football is not allowed to use the hand, not to kick the calf. Therefore, the club that has been using the Rugby football rules has left the Football Association and established their own group.

As a result, the evolution of football has gone two ways, one is the football of the Football Association, and the other is the Rugby Football allow using hands, which is the Rugby.

2. American Football

With the discovery and colonization of the American continent, British culture was introduced to the United States. Early American schools in the early 19th century also prevailed in various forms of early football. Rugby football was one kind. But the players often got injured, so this sport was repeatedly banned.

Even in today's rugby sports, the scenes of the game often become disorderly, which is like engaging in a gang fight.

amerian football fight

So in 1880, Yale University player Walter Kemp was inspired by the mission of history. He integrated the rules of football in each school and created American Football, he was later known as the "father of American football".

3. Inheritance and development

It is precisely because the football is derived from the original football, so the Americans who love to keep the tradition, save the name of "football" in American English.

Modern football, called soccer, is a variant of association football. Anyway, American football is very resistant and has strong physical collisions. This wild sport is very popular with the American people, and it has become one of the nation's most popular sports.

football inheritance second

This has also spawned a variety of rugby leagues; the NFL (National Football League) is one of the most famous.

The American Professional Football League was founded in 1920 and is the largest professional sports league in the United States. The NFL has 32 teams throughout the United States and is divided into two major federations: the American Federation and the National Federation. Each union will have 16 teams divided into 4 divisions in the east, south, west and north, each with 4 teams. The NFL preseason begins in August each year and the regular season is unveiled in September each year for a total of 17 rounds. Then there are three rounds of the playoffs in January of the following year, an All-Star Game and a Super Bowl Finals.

football inheritance third

The famous Super Bowl is the American Professional Football League Annual Championship, and the winner is known as the "World Champion." According to statistics, during the Super Bowl, the annual single-day food consumption in the United States was the second most in the year.


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