How to Transfer iTunes Media Files to Nokia Lumia 730/735/830

Posted by Andy Miller on 09/09/2014 10:35:35 PM.

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Nokia Flagship Lumia 830, Dual-SIM Lumia 730, and 4G Lumia 735

At IFA 2014, Nokia has unveiled the new Windows Phone 8.1 models including Lumia 830, Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 to the world. Featured with a 10-megapixel PureView camera and 8.5mm thickness, Nokia Lumia 830 is announced as an "affordable flagship" as well as the thinnest and lightest Lumia phone yet. And for Lumia 730 series of phones, the magnanimous focus is the ubiquitous "selfies" with a 5MP wide-angle front camera and a 6.7MP rear camera along with the unique Selfie app pre-installed on the devices. The difference between Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 is that the former is a dual-SIM variant and supports 3G, while the latter comes with 4G LTE support. For people who like to take selfies, the Lumia 730 and 735 would be nice choices. According to the official announcement, all these three new Lumia models will be on sale in September 2014.

Transfer Media Files from iTunes to Nokia Lumia 730/735/830

So you must be too eager to wait for those camera phones, right? But if you are a movie lover who has tons of movies, TV shows and other media files purchased from iTunes and would like to watch those iTunes movies on Nokia Lumia 730, Lumia 735 or Lumia 830, you'd better take a look at the following story before rush to buy the phone.

"I got a new Nokia Lumia 1020 recently. But I can't sync iTunes to Lumia 1020 normally. The movies, TV shows and other media files purchased from iTunes just don't show up in the Lumia 1020 movie list. Does this have to do with DRM? Or am I doing something wrong? How could I transfer media files, especially the movies from iTunes to Lumia with ease?"

As you can see, Lumia phones don't support media files like iTunes movies for playback on the devices. So to Lumia 730, Lumia 735 or Lumia 830. That's because iTunes movies and TV series are protected by DRM and saved in M4V format which is incompatible with Nokia Lumia phones and any other non-Apple devices. But the good news is that you still have chance to sync iTunes movies to Nokia Lumia by using some 3rd-party apps to remove the DRM protection from iTunes movies and convert the DRM M4V files to Nokia Lumia supported video format, like MP4.

Tools You'll Need to Sync iTunes to Lumia 730/735/830

TunesKit iTunes to Lumia Converter - Remove DRM & Sync iTunes to Nokia Lumia on Mac

TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Mac is a featured product produced by TunesKit Studio to help iTunes users get rid of DRM protection from iTunes media files, including movies, TV shows and music videos. With this integrated iTunes DRM removal tool, you can easily sync iTunes to Nokia Lumia 730/735/830 and any other Lumia phones by removing the DRM and converting locked iTunes M4V video rentals or purchases to plain MP4 for Nokia Lumia.

main interface of itunes to lumia converter for mac

Tips: In order to run TunesKit iTunes to Lumia Video Converter, you must have an iMac or a Mac laptop which is running the Mac OS X 10.8 or later while the iTunes being upgraded to the latest version.

Steps to Stream iTunes Movies to Nokia Lumia 730/735/830 for Playback

Step 1Add Protected iTunes M4V Movies/TV Shows

After launching TunesKit iTunes to Lumia Video Converter, click "Add Files" button to select and load purchased or rented movie files from iTunes library to the converter. You can also add the M4V videos to TunesKit by dragging & dropping.

Step 2Choose Output Path, Audio Tracks & Subtitles

Once the movies are imported, you can choose the output folder to save the converted videos as you like. By clicking "Settings" icon in the program, you are free to customize the audio tracks and subtitles for the output movies.

Step 3Convert iTunes M4V to Nokia Lumia 730/735/830

Click "Convert" button to begin losslessly removing DRM protection and converting iTunes M4V videos to Lumia 730/735/830 supported MP4 formats at 20x faster speed.

Step 4Sync iTunes to Lumia 730/735/830

Once the iTunes to Lumia conversion completes, you can find the DRM-free iTunes movies/TV shows and copy the MP4 files to Nokia Lumia 730/735/830 for watching.

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Model Comparison: Nokia Lumia 730 vs Lumia 735 vs Lumia 830

Since most of you may be unclear with the differences between Lumia 730, 735, and Lumia 830, we've made a comparsion list of those three Lumia phones with some major tech specs provided for your reference.

  Lumia 730 Lumia 735 Lumia 830
Screen Resolution 720 × 1280 (16:9) 720 × 1280 (16:9) 720 × 1280 (16:9)
Screen Size 119.4 mm, 4.7" 119.4 mm, 4.7" 127.0 mm, 5.0"
Pixel Density 316 ppi 316 ppi 294 ppi
Networks GSM 850/900/1800/1900
HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100
LTE 800/900/1800/2600
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100
LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600
Storage 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Storage Expansion Up to 128 GB microSD Up to 128 GB microSD Up to 128 GB microSD
Front Camera 5 MP 5 MP HD .90 MP
Main Camera 6.7 MP 6.7 MP 10 MP

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