How to Stream iTunes Movies/Episodes to LG Smart TVs

Posted by Andy Miller on 01/15/2015 10:23:35 AM.

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LG Smart TV, formerly known as LG Internet TV, enables us access premium content from various online media providers like Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, etc directly through the TV sets. With LG Smart TVs, we are able to easily stream our favorite movies and TV shows as well as enjoy lots of games and TV apps on the large 1080p HD LED screen. And the most noteworthy is that LG Smart TV is currently the unique smart television features webOS, the intuitive yet best smart TV UI ever, which not only makes it easy to set up the LG Smart TV, but also makes it quicker than ever to access our favorite entertainment through a customizable dashboard and LG Magic Remote. In general, LG Smart TV is an ideal way for us to watch online movies, surf the web, and share what we like on the big screen for friends and family to enjoy.

Things You Should Know Before Accessing iTunes Movies on LG Smart TV

Although LG Smart TVs have provided us with a great number of online media channels, some of you may still find it's hard to stream movies and TV episodes from iTunes, one of the largest online media stores in the world to LG Smart TV. In fact, that's because the movies and TV series sold from iTunes are restricted to be played on Apple's devices only due to the FairPlay DRM protection. That's to say, we can't copy or stream those DRM-protected iTunes videos to LG Smart TV directly. But if you want to watch iTunes movies on LG Smart TV, you can refer to the following solutions to get it done.

Two Common Ways to Stream iTunes Videos to LG Smart Television

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1. Stream iTunes Movies/Episodes to LG Smart TV via Apple TV

This might be the easiest way to sync iTunes movies and TV shows to LG Smart TV if you have an Apple TV. You can do it simply by connecting the Apple TV with LG Smart TV, and then playing the iTunes movies or TV episodes via Airplay on your computer. After that, you can directly stream any iTunes videos to your LG Smart TV for playback.

2. Remove DRM before Streaming iTunes Videos to LG Smart TV

But if you don't have an Apple TV, you'll have to follow this method to stream the DRM protected iTunes videos to LG Smart TV. In this case, you will need the help of a third-party iTunes DRM removal software to get rid of the DRM protection on iTunes movies at first place. Because only when the DRM lock is removed successfully from iTunes movies and TV shows, you are able to freely stream those DRM-free video files to LG Smart TV for watching at anytime you want.

The smart iTunes DRM remover recommended here is TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter. It's designed to bypass FairPlay DRM restriction from purchased and rented iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos by converting the protected MPEG-4 (known as M4V) format to common MP4 files while keeping the original video quality, video and audio tracks as well as subtitles. Now you can download and install the trial version for free to begin removing DRM from iTunes movies so as to stream them to LG Smart TVs.

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Step 1. Bypass DRM from iTunes Movies and TV Shows

After launching TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter, you can add the iTunes movies or episodes either by clicking the "Add Files" button on the program or by directly dragging the iTunes videos from the default iTunes folder. Please kindly note that you are allowed to add multiple iTunes video files for batch conversion. Then you may choose the output tracks and subtitles by clicking the "gear" icon behind the movie's name. When all the settings are adjusted, you can begin to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert the M4V files to MP4 by clicking "Convert" button.

Step 2. Stream iTunes Movies to LG Smart TV

Once the conversion completes, you can find the DRM-free iTunes movies or TV shows in the target folder so that you can sync them to your LG Smart TV via the USB port to enjoy freely.

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