How to Play DRM iTunes Videos on Panasonic TVs

Posted by Andy Miller on 05/25/2016 11:23:25 AM.

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Can I play iTunes movies or TV shows on Panasonic viera smart TV? Why I got error message when streaming my iTunes movie purchases to Panasonic TV screen for watching? Does Panasonic 4K TV support playback of iTunes video files? ...

If you are just facing such problems when syncing iTunes to Panasonic TVs and don't know the way out, you can follow this article to find out the ultimate solution to watch purchased and rented iTunes movies on Panasonic televisions.

All Panasonic TVs: LED, LCD, 4K, Viera Smart TV...

As one of the longest-standing television manufacturers that has been at the forefront of TV design for many years, Panasonic is often associated with high-quality TVs and impressive television models, including plasma TV, LED, LCD, OLED, and 4K TVs. Take the popular Viera smart TV as an example, it uses the TV's built-in Wi-Fi module to connect to our home's wireless internet network. By offering web browsing and a variety of apps, including Twitter, Skype and YouTube, Panasonic Viera TV makes it easy for us to enjoy online streaming media on television.

Now here comes the problem, although Panasonic TVs are great for us to watch different online media channels or other movie sources, it can't handle iTunes movies or TV episodes at all due to the DRM lock applied by Apple. Don't worry. The rest of the article will show you the complete guide to make iTunes DRM-ed videos playable on Panasonic Viera smart TV, 4K UHD TV, etc. by legally removing DRM protection from the locked iTunes M4V videos.

How to Watch iTunes Movies/TV Episodes on Panasonic Smart TVs

Part 1. FairPlay DRM & iTunes M4V: What You Should Know

In order to protect the copy right of the media content authors, Apple developed FairPlay DRM technology to encode its digital media, like iTunes movies, TV episodes, music videos, etc. That's to say, no one is allowed to play the iTunes DRM-locked M4V videos on Panasonic TV or any other non-Apple-approved device. If you want to watch iTunes movies or TV shows on TV screen, you have to buy Apple TV to stream the files to your TV.

Part 2. Solution to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and TV Shows

The good news is that if you don't want to buy an extra Apple TV just for the purpose to play iTunes movies on TV screen, there are still other solutions to make it happen. We are talking about using one of the best iTunes DRM removal tools, TunesKit DRM M4V Converter to bypass the DRM restriction from iTunes movies completely. It's able to work at 20X faster speed to convert the iTunes M4V movies to MP4 format with lossless quality preserved.

You can download the free trial version of this smart and powerful iTunes DRM M4V converter (Mac & Windows) as below and follow this guide: How to Losslessly Remove DRM from iTunes Movies/TV Shows to see how it works.

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Part 3. Stream DRM-free iTunes Videos to Panasonic TV for Watching

When the DRM is successfully stripped from the iTunes videos, you can then transfer converted DRM-free iTunes movies to USB flash drive or memory card so that you can watch those iTunes movie files on Panasonic TV via USB storage.


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