How to Stream DRM iTunes Videos Legally With Younity

Posted by Rick Lee on July 09, 2014 3:15:09 PM.

July 01, 2014 - Younity announced that their media app supported steaming iTunes DRM-encrypted movies, TV shows and other media files now from iTunes to iPod, iPhone and iPad. It's unlike Home Sharing, Younity works even when you're not connected to your home network. And it requires no device storage. The whole process is completely legal.

Sometimes, we would lack of storage on our iOS devices, then we need to backup the iTunes library on our computer. Sometimes, we will want to watch the iTunes purchased or rented movies/TV shows on the iPhone/iPad on the go, then we need to stream some media stored on computer to the mobile devices. All these cases can be easily resolved by Younity.

But as everyone knows, iTunes videos are encrypted by Apple's Fairplay DRM protection, so you have few things to know before using Younity.

How to use Younity to Steam iTunes DRMed Media

You install the Younity desktop client on your Windows or Mac machine, then let it scan your hard drive (or the folder/s of your choice) for media. While that's happening, you install the app on your iDevice. Once everything is done, run the app and check the Videos section. You should see, among other things, all iTunes purchases that have been downloaded to your computer. Those which are DRM-protected will have a small thumbnail badge designating them as such.
When you tap a DRM video, Younity will open a Safari browser tab and play it there. (Other media plays within the Younity app proper.)

Related News About iTunes DRM Protection - ViWizard iTunes DRM Removal

Many people would not be satisfied by the steaming function. They need more, like iTunes DRM Removal. Few days after the Younity released, ViWizard for Mac was also released for Mac users. It's a professional iTunes DRM Removal tool for Mac, which can crack iTunes DRM from both iTunes purchased and rented movies/TV shows directly. With ViWizard for Mac, we can easily get rid off the annoying DRM protection and watch the iTunes movies/TV shows everywhere on the go!

It's worth to mention that ViWizard DRM Removal for Mac works 30x faster than other software does. It can preserve the source video quality 100%, even the multiple subtitles and audio tracks can be retained well.

Note: ViWizard products is released only for personal use. Any commercial use is not encouraged.

Source News: Newly Release ViWizard for Mac; Younity streams DRM videos from your iTunes

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