The Lego Movie Review

Posted by Matt Smith on June 28, 2014 1:55:13 PM.

As a 3D computer animated adventure comedy movie, The Lego Movie may be the most funny movies this year for all ages. It was directed and co-written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The main story is written based on Lego toys line, which makes the movie more interesting and familiar for kids.

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the Lego Movie

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As a unique and refreshing animated film, "The Lego Movie" won a lot of positive reviews from many experts and kids and even their parents. This movie story is appropriate for all ages and attracts many eyes since it's distribute.

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"The Lego Movie is a winner on several levels. There is a good amount of clever gags and I was constantly bursting with laughter. I was surprised by how it contained so many memorable cameos, pop icons and film references, providing a strong nostalgia factor to older viewers. The playful approach towards movie clichés made it a really enjoyable and refreshing watch. The animation is absolutely stunning and the blend of CGI with stop motion worked brilliantly. Everything can be attachable, making the vibe of each scenario feel very unique and unlike anything you've ever seen. The Lego Movie has plenty of heart too by the end of the journey and it's going to be really tough for another animated film to surpass its inventiveness and charm." - reviewed by Bruno Youn on imdb .

It of course had negative reviews from somebody who don't like this movie. Anyway eveyone has their own views of everything. But if you are a Mom/Daddy of a child, you are highly recommended to get this funny movie and watch it with your kid together.

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