Review of "The Other Woman"

Posted by Matt Smith on Augest 04, 2014 4:55:13 PM.

"The other woman" is the top download movie in iTunes this week. Even though this movie gains mostly negative review, it never affects its box office success. This movie was directed by by Nick Cassavetes and written by Melissa Stack. It's about three women's revenge story. Three women join forces to deal with the man who has been cheating on them.

Basic Information of "The Other Woman"

Here is some basic information and technical specifications about "The Other Woman".

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Reviews for "The Other Woman" From Audience

The position of "The other woman" is comedy. But under our laugh to this story, we also feel some sadness for the women. Carly and Kate pay their hearts to Mark, but what they get is Mark's cheat. Even though the women get some pleasure after their revenge, nothing more to do to make the damages to them.

"Leslie Mann is amazing! What a refreshingly wonderful actress! Her comedic timing is perfect. I bet she just ad-libbed most of her scenes and it was so mesmerizingly good. I would love to have girlfriends like this. Nicki Minaj was excellent too. I enjoyed Cameron Diaz too. I just loved the whole movie. It was perfect: no violence, no horror, no big special effects, and nothing upsetting. I am not a movie snob, just a regular girl who wants to see a entertaining movie that leaves me feeling good afterward. This movie did that. If you want a light-hearted comical romp where the girls prevail in the end-see this movie." - From Chezron R on

"The story and the movie scenery are both simple. But if you are a women, and also have several closed girlfriends who is a part of your life, then you can find something similar from this movie. Women are not stupid, but a woman's heart is easily moved, not like a man just the actual sensory animals. A woman can to be a worthless promise discipline to be waited for a lifetime. But a man won't."

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