2 Options Available to Burn Amazon Music to CD

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jun 29, 2022 5:00 PM.

Purchasing digital music such as MP3s from popular streaming music services makes sense for a number of reasons, one of which is to keep the tracks and put on whatever device you want, such as a CD burner. However, for starters, the music songs are great but this process is not so convenient as expected. There are more things you need besides solid connection to download songs, for example the access to the songs from a streaming music platform such as Amazon Music.

How to burn Amazon Music to CD

For years Amazon has been devoted to bringing digital services to music-lovers around the world. From its digital music services, Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music HD or Amazon Music Free can access Amazon Music users to millions of songs.

To access the songs from Amazon Music, there will be a cost. There are the two usual subscription plans: Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon Music Prime provides 2 million songs for "free" and Amazon Music Unlimited provides 90 million songs at $8/month for prime members or $10/month for non-prime users. To purchase a certain album from Amazon Music digital store, the average cost per album is $9.50.

Choose one of the plans from above to pay, and now you have the access to your music from Amazon. However, sometimes Amazon Music users may find having access to Amazon Music is not enough, and they also want to let Amazon Music burn to CD. If you want to burn CD from Amazon Music, this article will tell the 2 different situations and the respective options.

Part 1. Can I Burn A CD from Amazon Music?
Part 2. How to Burn A CD from Amazon Music with Windows Media Player
Part 3. Best Method to Download Amazon Music to CD
Part 4. How to Burn Amazon Music to CD via iTunes

Part 1. Can I Burn A CD from Amazon Music?

If you want to have your favorite music on CD, the next question can come to you: Can I Burn A CD from Amazon Music? Of course, you can, but not directly. There are two different options to burn CD from Amazon Music based on your preference.

The first situation is that you have purchased certain songs from Amazon Music. Although Amazon scuttled its "digital locker" service that stores your personal MP3s, the MP3s you purchased from Amazon will be available for downloading. You can find Amazon Music has a MP3 section that allows you to purchase and download MP3s that is DRM-free and encoded in 256kbps MP3 format.

However, to let these Amazon Music burn to CD, you should also prepare a blank CD (CD-R or CD-RW) and a CD recorder drive (also known as a CD burner) besides the purchased MP3s.

Part 2. How to Burn A CD from Amazon Music with Windows Media Player

Although Amazon Music cannot burn CD directly, Windows has some functionality for it with Windows Media Player. It's already on your computer and ready to burn Amazon Music to CD. Following the 6 steps below to make CD from Amazon Music.

Step 1. Click the Search Bar on Windows and tap "Windows Media Player".

Step 2. Select "Windows Media Player" from the list. Click 'OK' and Windows Media Plyer will open.

how to burn Amazon Music to CD with WIndows Meida Player

Step 3. In the Player Library, select the Burn tab, select the Burn options button, and then select Audio CD or Data CD.

Step 4. Insert a blank disc into your CD burner. If your PC has more than one CD, select the drive you want to use.

Step 5. Search for the items in your Player Library that you want to burn to the disc, and then drag them to the list panel (on the right side of the Player Library) to create a burn list.

Step 6. Burn the CD. When you're finished with the list, select Start burn to burn the music files to the CD. This will take a while but please be patient.

For CD-Rs: 70-80 minutes at 1x speed, 30-40 minutes at 2x speed and 10-20 minutes at 4x speeds

For a 700MB CD: 5-5 minutes

After the burning completes, you can eject the CD and test running it in your system or any CD player you have.

Part 3. Best Method to Convert Amazon Music to CD

True, it's easy to burn your songs from Amazon Music as long as the songs are purchased. The second situation is that you have subscribed to Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited but haven't purchased Amazon music burn to CD.

According to Amazon, only some music files (among purchased files) contained in Amazon's digital catalog are DRM-free and may be able to be downloaded and copied to external media (such as a CD). This means the majority of music in Amazon's digital catalog for Prime and Unlimited cannot be exported to external media. Therefore, things are hard to accept if you are Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited members because you did pay for the music but to make CD from Amazon Music will need an extra cost.

Don't despair. Here is still a method and probably the best method to convert Amazon Music to CD - using ViWizard Amazon Music Converter. This professional and powerful Amazon Music converter can help to crack DRM protection from Amazon and convert the songs from Prime or Unlimited into CD compatible audio formats like MP3.

amazon music converter

Key Features of ViWizard Amazon Music Converter

  • Download songs from Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, and HD Music
  • Convert Amazon Music songs to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, and WAV
  • Retain the original ID3 tags and lossless audio quality of Amazon Music
  • Support customizing the output audio parameters for Amazon Music
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Step 1Select Amazon Music for CD

add amazon music songs

Choose the Windows version or Mac version of ViWizard Amazon Music Converter and download it. Once the installation completes, launch the program and it will launch or relaunch Amazon Music app automatically. Sign in to your Amazon Music account for Prime or Unlimited to access to your playlists or whatever you like to make CD from amazon music - tracks, artists, albums, playlists. Choose one and then just drag it to the center screen of ViWizard to tell it to download.

Step 2Set the Output Parameters for CD

select the output format

Before starting the conversion, click the menu icon and next to click 'Preference'. To change the output format of the songs in the list, you should notice there's an output format parameter for you to alter. You can choose MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV and FLAC format. To burn CD from Amazon Music, MP3 format is recommended. Besides, if you want a better audio quality, you are able to maximize the bit rate to 320kbps, while Amazon Music's maximum bit rate is 256kbps. What's more, for unique music in your CD, you can also alter other parameters like sample rate, channel. To file the songs up, also remember to archive the output tracks.

Step 3Convert and Download Amazon Music for CD

convert amazon music

Notice there is the output path at the bottom of the screen, showing where the output files will be saved after the conversion. Check the list again and click the 'Convert' button. Now the program is downloading and converting the songs at a 5x speed.

Part 4. How to Burn Amazon Music to CD via iTunes

After downloading your Amazon music with ViWizard Amazon Music Converter, quick to locate the downloaded Amazon music by clicking the file button next to the output bar at the bottom of the screen. Now follow the steps below to let Amazon music burn to CD via iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes. Click the "File" or "iTunes" menu and select "Add to Library" to add the downloaded Amazon music to your iTunes library.

how to burn Amazon Music to CD via iTunes

Step 2. Open iTunes Library and choose the "Music" section. In the top bar, choose the "Playlist" option. In the bottom left corner of the screen, click the plus sign and choose the "New Playlists" option to create a playlist of the songs that you want to burn into the CD. Name the new playlist and click Done button once the playlist is created.

Step 3. Click the "Preferred Speed" option in the pop-up to set the burn preferences, "Maximum Possible" is recommended to select. In "Disc Format", choose either "Audio CD" or "MP3 CD".

Step 4. Click Burn in the pop-up window to start burning.

Step 5. After the completion, click the "Eject" button on top to eject the disc.

Now the CD make from Amazon Music should be available in your system or any other CD player.


Now you have learnt the different two options to burn CD from Amazon Music. However, if you want to spend less on the purchased MP3s from Amazon, the best method is to use ViWizard Amazon Music Converter to download and then convert it to CD with your Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited account. Give it a shot!

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