How to Play Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV

Posted by Adam Gorden on Nov 3, 2021 4:00 PM.

Q: Are there any news about the Apple Music app for Sony TV? Samsung TVs have had the Apple Music app for a while. Does anyone hear of an Apple Music app coming to Sony TV?

As for the smart TV field, Sony is someone that cannot be emitted. It rounds up the TVs from 49 to 65 inches. Sony Bravia TV has 4K models applied with LED screens or even OLED panel technology. 8K and HDR is reached by Sony Bravia TV as well. Most Sony Bravia TV use Android TV or Google TV operating system of Google, so that you can reach the Google Play Store and apps that are open to Android. Not a few people like to use Sony TV to play music. Does Apple Music, the leading streaming music service support Sony TV?

For Sony TV with Android TV or Google TV, you can try to look for the Apple Music app from Google Play Store. But many users report they could not find the Apple Music app on Sony Bravia TV. Some try to side-load it but they find the interface is terrible and is not suitable for use on a TV. The other 2 solutions introduced in this passage will offer a better listening experience. Just read ahead to get more details.

apple music to sony bravia tv

Part 1. Stream Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV via Airplay
Part 2. Play Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV via USB Drive without Premium

Part 1. Stream Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV via Airplay

Apple AirPlay is quite helpful for it can mirror the content on your iOS devices to other devices such as Sony Bravia TV. This requires an Apple product and a Sony Bravia TV with Android TV or Google TV. If you do not own an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, or your Sony TV is not Android TV nor Google TV, you have to use the other solution in the next part. But do not worry, since the second way is even better.

The user using Sony Bravia TV with Android TV or Google TV and iOS device can follow these steps to stream Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV.

Step 1. Connect your Sony Bravia TV and your iOS device to the same WIFI.

Step 2. Open Apple Music on your device. Play a song and tap the AirPlay icon.

Step 3. Choose your Sony Bravia TV to play Apple Music on your TV.

airplay apple music

Part 2. Play Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV via USB Drive

There is a method that is workable for anyone. You do not need to have an iOS device, and your Sony Bravia TV does not have to be a Google TV or Android TV. What you only need is a Windows or Mac computer, If you do not have one, you can still use another's computer since you only need it once. Another thing you need is a USB drive since we are to transfer Apple Music songs to Sony Bravia TV via a USB drive. The last but important tool we need is an Apple Music converter. Why do we need it? That's because the Apple Music songs are encrypted in M4P so that we need a tool to convert M4P to MP3 to be played on Sony Bravia TV.

ViWizard Audio Converter is highly suggested for converting Apple Music to Sony Bravia TV. This dedicated converter is capable of downloading any audio from Apple Music, iTunes, Audible books to MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more frequently-used audio formats. The conversion speed is able to arrive at 30X. Among all the Apple Music Converters, ViWizard is the easiest one for it is only 3 steps needed for the conversion.

audio converter

Benefits of ViWizard Audio Converter

  • Listen to Apple Music on Sony TV without mobile devices
  • Play Apple Music tracks on any unauthorized device or player
  • Keep Apple Music songs forever without subscription
  • Convert iTunes songs and Audible books to MP3
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Step 1 Install ViWizard and Import Apple Music Songs or Playlists

Download and install this Apple Music Converter from the link above. Open this tool and iTunes will be launched automatically. Hit the Load iTunes Library button to load Apple Music files.

add apple music files

Step 2 Choose Audio Format

Go to the Format panel to choose a format you like. Generally, MP3 is a good choice. Tap OK to confirm your action.

select format

Step 3 Convert Apple Music to Sony Bravia TV

Start to convert Apple Music to Sony Bravia TV. Tap the Convert button. Wait for a few seconds for the finish of conversion. Go to the Converted panel to see the converted songs.

convert apple music

Step 4 Upload Apple Music to Sony Bravia TV with USB Drive

Then simply use a USB drive to transfer Apple Music to Sony Bravia TV. First of all, plug this USB drive into the computer and drag all the Apple Music songs to this USB drive. Then insert the USB drive into your Sony Bravia TV. Press the Home button on your remote. Find the Music panel. Press + button and select the converted Apple Music songs.


Regarding playing Apple Music on Sony Bravia TV, basically, you have 2 methods - use Airplay to mirror your iPhone/iPad, or convert Apple Music to MP3 and transfer to Sony Bravia TV for playing even without an Apple Music subscription.

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