How to Add Music to Sony Walkman from Apple Music

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Sony Walkman has been always recognized as the synonym of portable music player since the first release of cassette Walkman in 1979. There are different types of Sony Walkman had been released in the past over 30 years. Until now, though cassette, CD, and MD Walkman were discontinued, many MP3 Walkman still exist and some of them are rated as the top MP3 players for dedicated audiophiles for their luxurious appearance and incomparable audio quality.

Once some models such as NWZ-ZX2 even comes with Android streaming music services like TIDAL and Spotify, allowing music lovers to enjoy streaming music online. However, none of them can play streaming music including Apple Music currently. In this guide, we will walk you through to find an alternative way to transfer Apple Music to Sony Walkman for playing.

transfer apple music to walkman

Part 1. Why Apple Music Can’t Be Played on Sony Walkman
Part 2. Way to Make Apple Music Compatible with Sony Walkman
Part 3. How to Put Music in Sony Walkman from Apple Music

Part 1. Why Is Sony Walkman MP3 Player Not Playing My Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service developed by Apple company which owns a collection of over over 75 million songs in lossless audio, ad free. When you subscribe to Apple Music for the first time, you can get a 3-month free trial. Then you can play any music you want through the Apple Music app on your device. It works just like what Apple advertises 'All the ways you love music, all in one place.' , the entire music collection is at your fingertips.

But things will be different if you don’t have a device which supports the Apple Music app. In fact, you are not able to play Apple Music on those portable devices such as Sony Walkman. That is because Apple Music songs are protected with DRM. Under this mechanisem, it requires that all the songs from Apple Music are authorized by the specific DRM server before the playback.

Also, if you unsubscribe to this service, all the music will disappear automatically, you don’t really own the music. The second reason is that generally Sony Walkman only support audio formats like WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, AAC, and WMA. However, all the audios from Apple Music are streaming contents.

Part 2. How to Get Apple Music Songs to Work in Sony Walkman

While music streaming services are good options for you to access music from around the world, sometimes you may want to listen to Apple Music on your Sony Walkman. To do so, you have to take DRM off Apple Music and convert Apple Music songs to a more popluat format like MP3 and WAV compatible with Sony Walkman.

It seems like a rather complicated process, but it is fairly easy. Thanks to the development of ViWizard Audio Converter, you can do that within a few minutes now. The software have been proved to be a most reliable DRM removal tool for Apple Music. Even if you have hundred of songs downloaded from Apple Music, you can convert them to MP3 in batch within one click.

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Key Features of ViWizard Apple Music Converter

  • Support the conversion of Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible books
  • Convert Apple Music to FLAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC, and MP3 losslessly
  • Remove the built-in protection from Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible
  • Handle the conversion of audios in batch at the faster speed of 30×
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Step 1Drag Apple Music files to the converter

add apple music songs

Simply launch the converter and then directly drag Apple Music files to the main interface. Or you can click Add Files to load all Apple Music songs which are already downloaded in the iTunes library or the folder.

Step 2Set MP3 as the output format for Apple Music

select output format

There are six audio formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B available for you to choose from. By clicking the Format panel, then set MP3 as the output format. Different Walkman supports different formats, but MP3 is a common format working for any Walkman.

Step 3Start to convert Apple Music to MP3

remove DRM and convert apple music

Next, you can click the Convert button, then the software will get rid of the DRM protection from Apple Music songs and convert them to the common audio files with the extension you selected. After conversion, you can browse them in the history list.

Part 3. How to Add Music to Sony Walkman from Apple Music

Now it’s time to transfer those unprotected Apple Music files to your Sony Walkman for playing. There are several ways to help you complete this task. You can follow the below steps to start your transferring and then play Apple Music on Sony Walkman.

Step 1. Go to connect your Sony Walkman to your computer using a USB cable. Once the connection is completed, the WALKMAN icon or microSD card name will be displayed on the computer.

Step 2. Select WALKMAN in the sidebar of Finder from the Mac or in the sidebar of Folder from the PC, then open the MUSIC folder.

Step 3. Drag and drop the music you want to transfer to the MUSIC folder of the Walkman player. Once the music you want to transfer are displayed in the MUSIC folder, the transfer is complete.


In the end, you will have those DRM-free Apple Music files and even back up them to those iCloud platforms like Google Drive or media server like Plex. Even if you unscribe to this streaming service, you can still keep the music forever. That’s it. When everything is done, you can enjoy Apple Music on your Sony Walkman with beautiful natural sound.


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