Beginner's Guide to Transfer Audible Audiobooks to Sony Walkman

Posted by Adam Gorden on Feb. 22, 2018 7:34:29 PM.

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Walkman is a well-known brand of portable audio/video players developed and marketed by Sony since 1970S. There has been many different kinds of Walkman from cassette player to CD, MP3 player and so on. The best part of Walkman is that it has fantastic audio quality for any supported media files. Besides for listening to music, you can also play audiobooks with the Audible Android app directly or convert them to a compatible format.

Which Models Can Play Audible Audiobooks Directly

Firstly, Audible AA/AAX files are combined with the FairPlay DRM protection. No matter what devices such as IOS/Android/Windows you have, you need to authorize the device with the Audible app before you can initialize the playback process.

Fortunately, some of the latest Walkman models of Walkman like the W/E/F series and the discontinued Z series are built in with the Android system. So you are easy enough to install the Audible app and start to download and listen to the audiobooks. Just go to the Google Play Store to search and download it and everything will be OK.

Audio File Formats Supported by Sony Walkman

Some users may ask what if they have a non-Android device? Also, don't worry. You can burn the audiobooks to cassette, CD or convert them to other popular audio files. For MP3 Walkman, it supports a variety of popular formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC. If you have any non DRM protected audiobooks, you can simply connect your device and then copy and paste to transfer the files.

One thing you do need to note is that DRM files won't be recognized. For example, Audible audiobooks are all in AA/AAX formats, it is impossible to play them elsewhere with the original copyright encrypted formats.

Strip DRM Copy Protection from Audible Audiobooks

ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter for Mac/Windows is one of the easiest tools to convert Audible files. Essentially, you don't need to spend much effort to use it. Just throw any audiobook files you want to the software and click 'Convert', it will help you strip DRM and convert the files to the new ones you want with only 1 click. Besides, the detailed tutorial and free trial version are readily available online. If you are interested in how does it work, please just click the download button below to evaluate it.

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Foolproof guide to convert Audible AA/AAX to other formats:

1Put Audible files on ViWizard

add audible files

You can find the downloaded Audible AA/AAX files on your computer and then drag and drop to add to the software. If you haven't download the Audible books, you can follow this instruction: How to Download Audible Audiobooks Easily.

2Set the output format

select mp3 format for walkman

The supported formats may vary on different Sony Walkman devices. However, almost all of them are compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC. So to play safe, you'd better choose one of these formats. For my part, I'd like to listen on audiobooks on multiple devices, MP3 will be a perfect option.

3Convert the Audible files to Sony Walkman

convert audible audioboks

Finally, you can click 'Convert' button to start the converting process. All the files will be converted as you customized at a surprisingly fast speed. When it is done, you can find the DRM free files on the default output folder.

Transfer DRM Free Audiobooks to Walkman for Playback

There are two best ways to download MP3 music files to Sony Walkman. You can either use the official Media Go transferring tool or the Windows Media Player. Since the instruction is basically the same, I will just take the Windows Media Player for instance to illustrate how does it work.

1. Connect the Sony Walkman to your computer. If it is the first the first time you use the software, it may take a few minutes to install the driver.
2. Start the Windows Media Player and click 'Music' tab to view all the music files on your computer. If you haven't imported the DRM free audiobooks yet, please drag & drop to import them.
3. Go to the 'Sync' tab, you can select the files which you want to sync to your Walkman.
4. At last, please click 'Sync' menu and wait a few minutes to sync the files.


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