How to Sync iTunes Movies to Windows Phones and Tablets for Watching

Posted by Andy Miller on 11/09/2014 4:05:35 PM.

convert itunes movies to windows phones and tablets

Unlike iOS devices, phones and tablets running Windows OS are not supposed to play movies and TV shows that are legally purchased from iTunes Store due to Apple's FairPlay DRM protection. But since iTunes is the largest online media store which is offering the maximum number of digital content with HD quality in the world, most movie lovers, including Windows devices owners, have already been used to purchasing or renting movies from iTunes Store. Then here comes a common question that most Windows devices users would probably ask: "Is it possible to watch DRM-protected iTunes movies and TV shows on Windows phones or tablets?" Or let's make it this: "Is there any DRM removal tool to remove DRM from iTunes movies to Windows phones or tablets?" As we know, besides the DRM protection, the iTunes movies are encoded in M4V format which is recognizable by Apple's devices only. So in order to make the DRM iTunes movies playable on Windows phones and tablets, we have to bypass the DRM protection from the iTunes movies and meanwhile convert the M4V files to Windows devices recognizable formats.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Sync iTunes to Windows Phones/Tablets

itunes to windows phone converterHere in the following article, we will recommend you the most effective way to sync iTunes movies to Windows phones and tablets by removing DRM from iTunes movies and converting the protected M4V videos to Windows phones/tablets compatible MP4 format. To achieve that, we may need a third-party DRM removal tool to assist us. Here we are talking about TunesKit iTunes to Windows Phone/Tablet Converter for Mac, a smart yet easy-to-use iTunes DRM cracker and iTunes DRM video converter which can easily remove DRM protection from iTunes movie rentals and purchases and at meantime convert the DRM-ed iTunes M4V videos to MP4 for Windows phones and tablets on Mac. For Windows users who want to sync iTunes movies to Windows phones or tablets, TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter for Windows will be the best option.

**Please note that both Mac and Windows version of TunesKit iTunes DRM Video Converter are able to crack DRM protection from iTunes movies and convert them to Windows phones and tablets. Here, we will take Mac iTunes to Windows Phone/Tablet Converter for example to show you how easy it is to sync iTunes DRM-ed movies and TV shows to Windows phones or tablets for watching. Before we begin, you can download the free trial of TunesKit iTunes to Windows Phone/Tablet Converter according to your system requirements.

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1Add iTunes M4V Videos

After launching TunesKit iTunes to Windows Phone/Tablet Converter, click "Add Files" button in the program to add iTunes purchased or rented movies to the program. Or you can add the iTunes M4V movies by dragging & dropping the files to the converter.

Tips: Batch conversion is supported by TunesKit. So you can add multiple iTunes movie files to convert once.

2Adjust Output Settings

Once the iTunes videos are loaded successfully, you can find the "Output Folder" and "Settings" options to customize the parameters for the output video files in terms of output path, audio tracks and subtitles.

3Convert iTunes M4V to Windows Phones/Tablets

When all the settings are OK, click "Convert" button to begin to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes M4V videos to Windows phones and tablets supported MP4 format at high speed with lossless quality.

4Sync iTunes to Windows Phones/Tablets

After conversion, you can freely copy and transfer the DRM-free iTunes videos to any of your Windows phones or tablets and enjoy the converted movies and TV shows at anytime you like.

Brief Introduction of Windows Phone & Tablet

Windows Phone, also known as WP, is a smartphone operating system developed and first launched in October 2010 with Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft. Currently, the latest version is Windows Phone 8.1 which was released in final form to developers on April 14, 2014. It is a great mobile operating system with intuitive, simple UI and all the features for those new to smartphones and for business users thanks to its integration with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office.

Nokia, now the Microsoft-owned company, is currently the primary manufacturer producing Windows Phone devices. So if you're looking for the top Windows phones, start with Nokia's. Some models like Lumia 1520, Lumia 1020, Lumia 830, Lumia 735, etc are great choices. View how to transfer iTunes movies to Nokia Lumia Windows phones >>

Just like the Windows phone, Windows tablet is a tablet computer running Windows OS. When talking about the best Windows 8 tablets, votes would probably go to Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the latest generation of Surface series. Learn how to convert iTunes movies to Surface Windows 8 tablets >>


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