How to Watch 1080p/720p iTunes HD Movies/Episodes on HDTV?

Posted by Andy Miller on September 02, 2014 10:05:35 AM.

Q: I have downloaded a few HD movies and episodes from iTunes store. There are both 1080P and 720P videos included. But how can I watch these HD iTunes content on my HDTV and take full advantage of the HD quality of the file itself?

For many common movies or TV show episodes, you can watch them on HDTV directly via HDMI port or DVI plug. Or you can steam the common movies or other videos via WD TV live and watch the movies on HDTV. However, as far as I know, the iTunes downloaded videos are all encrypted by Fairplay DRM protection. We can't watch iTunes purchased movies/TV shows on HDTV directly via the HDMI or DVI or WDTV Live, because they can't read the movie licenses. To play the iTunes content on HDTV smoothly and keep the original HD quality, we have to find an iTunes DRM cracker at first, like TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac.

watch iTunes 1080p/720p movies on HDTV

What Can TunesKit Do to Remove the iTunes DRM Protection?

Firstly, TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac is a strongly recommended iTunes DRM Removal tool for Mac users. It can actually crack the the Fairplay DRM protection and break the limitations on both iTunes purchased and rental movies/TV shows.

Secondly, by adopting the specially DRM removing and video codec technology, TunesKit DRM Media Converter can easily change the DRMed M4V videos to DRM free MP4 format directly. Then we can watch the iTunes movies in DRM free MP4 format anywhere, like Android devices, Windows Phone devices, PSP game console and Smart TV or other HDTV set.

Finally, and also the most important for HD content lovers is that TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac can keep the original quality 100%, including the 1920*1080p resolution or 720*1080P resolution, multi-language audio tracks, subtitles AC3 dolby 5.1 surround, closed captioning etc. You can watch the iTunes movies on HDTV with original quality after the DRM removed.


Best Ways to Watch iTunes HD Movies/Episodes on HDTV

1. Stream iTunes HD Content to HDTV via HDMI connection

After removing the Fairplay DRM protection from iTunes movies with TunesKit, you are free to steam the DRM free iTunes movies via HDMI connection. Both a HDMI adapter and Wireless HDMI can connect the HDTV well.

For Mac Laptop users, we suggest you can try to connect the Mac laptop and HDTV via wireless HDMI connection, then play the iTunes movies directly on HDTV.

2. Stream iTunes HD Content to HDTV via WD TV Live

WD TV Live (Plus, Hub) is a smart box to steam your personal videos or internet content to HDTV. It stated clearly on its official site that WD TV live can't support movies or any other video contents from iTunes Store, Amazon Unbox, etc. However, with TunesKit powerful iTunes DRM removal application, we can easily bypass the drm protection from iTunes movies, then stream the DRM free iTunes movies to WDTV live without any limitation.

For the complete guide on streaming iTunes movies to HDTV via WD TV Live, please follow this tutorial: How to Watch iTunes Movies on HDTV via WD TV Live Plus/Hub >>

3. Connect HDTV with Apple TV

This is the best method for watching iTunes purchased or rental movies on HDTV if you have an Apple TV on hand. Then you don't need to remove the iTunes DRM protection. Apple TV can read the iTunes movie license easily and play the iTunes movies in full quality and sync it to HDTV.

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