How to Transfer Movies from iTunes to SD Card Easily

Posted by Andy Miller on Dec 4, 2019 4:05 PM.

itunes movies to sd card

Q: "I was wondering is there any easy way to store iTunes movies on an SD card? I'd like to buy a new laptop computer and want to store iTunes my video files on SD card so that it won't take much space on the hard driver. Anyone can tell me how to do that? Thanks." – Phil from Apple Discussion Forum

SD card is somewhat quite a convenient tool to store your digital contents for playback on many devices at any time anywhere. If you also want to store movies onto a SD card from iTunes like Phil, you can stop looking and read this guide. In this post, we are going to show you the best easy method on how to transfer movies from iTunes to SD card.

Part 1. Useful iTunes Video Converter You'll Need
Part 2. Quick Guide on How to Move iTunes Movie to SD Card

1. Why You Can't Copy iTunes Movie to SD Card Directly

Before proceeding to the detailed steps, we need to know what we need to store iTunes movie on SD card. In fact, there are 4 things we will need:

* iTunes App
* A Mac or Windows computer
* A SD Card that has enough space
* An iTunes M4V video converter

The first three tools you can easily understand, but why we need an iTunes video converter might be a puzzle. This is because all iTunes movies and TV shows are encrypted by Apple's FairPlay DRM technology in special M4V format. In result, you're not allowed to copy iTunes movies to other device or share with others, even though you've bought them. That's why we need an iTunes M4v video converter to remove such restriction.

Among multiple similar tools in the current market, TunesKit M4V Converter is strongly recommended here because of its ease of use and lossless quality features. This smart software can help you get rid of the DRM limitation first and convert iTunes movies to MP4, MOV, AVI or other common video formats, so that you can then directly transfer them to SD card. It's by far the fastest solution to convert iTunes movies while preserving almost 100% original quality, including Dolby 5.1 audios, CC subtitles, etc.

itunes movie converter

Highlights of TunesKit M4V Converter:

  • Remove DRM from iTunes movie rentals and purchases
  • Convert iTunes videos to MP4 or other formats
  • Keep 100% lossless quality
  • 30X faster speed conversion for iTunes movies
  • Friendly interface and ease to operate
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2. How to Put Movie on SD Card from iTunes with TunesKit

Next you can download TunesKit M4V Converter and start to sync iTunes to SD card by following the instructions below.

Step 1Launch TunesKit and Import iTunes Movies

tuneskit itunes drm remover for mac

Once finished installation of TunesKit, you can open it on your computer. Click the "Library" button on the top menu bar to add the DRM videos from iTunes Store. Alternatively, you can simply drag the iTunes that you want to store to SD card and then drop them to the program.

Step 2Select an Output Format

output format settings

In this step, you can click the "Format" button to choose an appropriate format as output format such as MP4 Lossless or M4V Lossless. You're also freely to change the output path, audio tracks and subtitles if necessary.

Step 3Start Removing DRM from iTunes Movies

convert itunes videos to mp4

After all settings are done, you can now click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. Now TunesKit will remove the DRM and convert iTunes M4V to MP4 or other format you've chosen. Wait for the process to complete.

Step 4Move iTunes Movies to SD Card

Next you can find the converted files on the "Converted" folder on the computer. You can then plug your SD card with a reader to the computer and open it. Copy and paste all of converted DRM-free iTunes movies to your SD card. Afterwards, you can play them on any device that can insert a SD card.

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