How to Share iTunes Movies to Veoh

Posted by Adam Gorden on May 23, 2019 3:18 PM

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Veoh is a web player who can renew your online viewing experience. Keywords about Veoh is open, personalized and free. You can watch movies online for free on Veoh. It provides a wide variety of TV shows, many of which you can't find on other video services. If you are an ABC or CBS fan, Veoh has what you're looking for.

Veoh also supports user upload videos. If you want to upload some interesting video clips to Veoh, iTunes videos can be a good source. The only problem is, you can't directly upload iTunes videos to Veoh even you've downloaded them because iTunes videos are in DRM protected. To bypass DRM restriction, here we highly recommend a tool - TunesKit M4V Converter.

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TunesKit is a great DRM removal solution. At first impression, you can see that it has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. TunesKit supports batch conversion. Here are the main features of TunesKit.

How to Upload iTunes Video Clips to Veoh

The guide below is going to show you how to remove DRM from iTunes videos and convert them to a Veoh supported format. Stay tuned with us!

1. Import iTunes Videos to TunesKit

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After you download and install TunesKit M4V Converter to your PC, double click to launch it and iTunes will be activated at the same time. Use the "Library" button on the center top to add your downloaded iTunes videos to the converter. You can also do that via drag and drop action. Wait for a few seconds and the videos will be loaded successfully.

2. Customize Basic Output Settings

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Wait until all videos are loaded to the TunesKit, then you can begin to customize the basic settings. Open the "Format" panel to change the default output format. Veoh upload video supports WMV, MOV, and DIVX formats only. Luckily, TunesKit can handle all these 3 formats so you can just choose anyone you like. Output path is where the converted files will be saved. You can change it as you wish.

3. Trim and Edit the Output Video

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Unlike YouTube or other video services, Veoh doesn't have an upload limit. But if you want to make your video short and concise, the built-in video editor will help you do that. On the right of each column there is an "Edit" icon, click it and you can cut your video short, add special effects or watermark in case that your video is stolen.

4. Convert the iTunes Video to DRM-free Format

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When you are all set, you can run TunesKit and convert the video to DRM-free format. Simply click the "Convert" button at the bottom right and wait for a few minutes, the conversion time depends on how many videos you've imported. After the process finished, you will get the converted video you can find them under the "Converted" dialog. After that, you can locate your converted videos and upload them to Veoh.

The Final Thoughts

With the help of TunesKit, you can get rid of DRM once and for all. More importantly, you can not only upload them to Veoh, but also play them on wherever you like without limitations. Download TunesKit right at this moment and you will be freed!

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