How to Transfer iTunes Movies to Google Play

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transfer iTunes movies to Google play

Q: "Is that possible to move purchased iTunes movies and TV episodes to Google Play for playback?" - Todd from Quora

At first, let's answer this question simply. Theoretically, you're not allowed to transfer iTunes movie purchases and rentals to Google Play directly. However, as long as you've got a professional third-party tool, it's still possible to do that legally. Now let's move on and learn more about Google Play and iTunes, as well as the method on how to transfer movies from iTunes to Google Play with ease.

Part 1. Google Play v.s. iTunes: More You Need to Know
Part 2. The Best iTunes Tool that You'll Use
Part 3. How to Transfer iTunes Movies to Google Play

1. Google Play VS. iTunes, Which is The Best Movie Store?

Google always do their best to compete with Apple in entertainment ecosystem. That's why Google Play comes out. What makes the Google Play appealing to consumer is that it provides service to iOS users now.

can I transfer iTunes movies to Google play

The movies you buy or rent on Google Play is so cheap as the same in iTunes movie store. But to my opinion, the movie quality is much better in iTunes store, epecially Apple promotes the iTunes extras free nowadays. We can stream the DVD-style iTunes extras to Apple TV for watching the movie in big screen on TV. It's controllable like playing DVD disc now. But the advangate of Google Play is that it supports both Android users and iOS users, which can not be overlooked as well. Of course, there are still some flaws in Google iOS app. For example, you can't buy or rent movies through the iOS app itself, because Google want to avoid the sale tax. It only lets you watch the movies you paid elsewhere. The second one is that you can't download movies into the Google iOS app to watch while you're offline; you can only stream them online.

Maybe the conclusion is that Google Play is still the best movie store choice for Android users, and iTunes store is the best movie store for iOS users.

2. The Tool to Transfer iTunes to Google Play - TunesKit M4V Converter

As we all know, Apple makes its content so proprietary. It won't allow consumers to transfer their paid content to Android devices or Google Play service. And it won't provide service for Android users as Google did for iOS users. Is there any other solution that Android users can buy iTunes movies and watch the movies on Android devices or import the iTunes movies to Google Play?

Apple's Fairplay DRM protection is the only block for us to transfer iTunes purchased movies to Google Play. So we have to find a Fairplay DRM Removal application at first. There are a lot options out there, like DRM removal shareware TunesKit DRM Media Converter (for Mac and for Windows).

For Mac users, we highly recommend you to use TunesKit for Mac, which can losslessly remove DRM protection from iTunes purchased and rented movies. By converting the iTunes M4V to unprotected MP4 format, you can transfer the iTunes movies to any devices or any online movie service. You can learn the detailed steps of how to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies >>

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3. Detailed Steps on How to Transfer Movies from iTunes to Google Play

Step 1. Add iTunes M4V videos to TunesKit.

Click "Add Files" button, you can import the iTunes video from iTunes library directly.

add itunes m4v movies to tuneskit

Step 2. Click " Convert" button to start removing DRM from iTunes purchased movies.

The conversion will be started soon after you click "Convert" button. After the conversion done, you will get DRM free iTunes movies with lossless quality. Multi-language audio tracks, subtitles includng closed captioning, and AC3 dolby 5.1 surround are all retained well in the DRM free iTunes movies.

choose audio tracks and subtitles

Step 3. Login your Google Play account and manually move iTunes movies to Google Play

Login your Google Play account via Safari browser , locate at "My movies&TV" portion, then you are allowed to upload iTunes movies to Google Play from your computer.

Now you are free to sync the DRM free iTunes movies to any android devices, like Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy devices, HTC from google play.

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