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Posted by Fatima Cook on Apr 24, 2019 6:14 PM

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Q: "I downloaded my first video from iTunes and it played fine with my free Bs Player. I downloaded 2 more videos but they won't play unless I use the Quicktime Player. Is there a way to get these videos (M4V) to play with Free Bs Player???? I tried FFDSHOW but that didn't work. That doesn't make sense why 1 video would play and no others."- by Moranacus from Cnet

To understand why your video can be played on Quicktime Player while cannot on BS. Player and ffdshow, the first and the foremost thing you should know is that M4V format is a copy-protected video format protected by Fairplay, Apple company's Digital Rights Management Scheme. This scheme is to prevent people from enjoying their purchased or rented videos, music and audiobooks on any unauthorized non-apple devices, which means that you are not allowed to play any of your purchases or rentals on both non-apple devices and unauthorized apple devices.

Can BS Player Play M4V Files?

Why Quicktime Player Works to Stream iTunes Videos

Quicktime Player is an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc., so needless to say, you can play the 2 more M4V videos on the Quickplay Player.

The fact is that due to the DRM protection there's barely any media player can stream iTunes videos except for iTunes itself and Quicktime Player. And one more thing needs to be noticed is that you can authorize only 5 devices. Even if you have many digital devices, you still don't have the freedom to watch iTunes as you want. So can BS Player play M4V files? It's a pity that you can't use BS Player to play DRM-ed M4V files, for example, iTunes videos and movies.

Why Are So Many People Using BS Player

There are over 70 million users choose BS Player so I totally get that why you go for BS Player. It is free. It is light-weight. And more importantly, it empowers those who use slightly less capable computers to feast the playback of the highest quality movies with minimal system requirements. Actually, BS Player is pretty inclusive in its supported formats:

BS Player

WebM, Xvid, AVI, MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 3ivx, YouTube streaming video, AVC HD (AVCHD player), QT QuickTime MOV, RM Real media, OGM, Matroska , MKV, ASF, WMV, DV, M1V, M2V, MP4, MPV, SWF, VOB and WAV, MPA, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, AAC, AIF, RAM, WMA, FLV (Flash and YouTube Video) and much more!

As you can see, BS Player supports more than 30 popular video and audio file types, containers, and formats. With such powerful features and so many supported formats, you're definitely not gonna give up on this useful media player. Is there any possible way to stream DRM video to BS Player? Nothing is impossible. Here is one thing born to remove DRM restriction-TunesKit M4V Converter.

How to Watch iTunes Movies on BS Player

To view DRM-ed M4V videos on BS Player, you need to remove DRM and convert M4V format to other common formats that BS Player supports, such as WebM, MKV, AVI, and so forth. TunesKit M4V Converter can help you achieve that.

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Tuneskit M4V Converter for Mac

Step 1. Import iTunes Videos to TunesKit

Launch TunesKit and iTunes at the same time. Then click the "Library" to import the iTunes M4V videos. From the pop-up window, choose the videos and click the "OK" button to load them into TunesKit conversion window. Directly drag the iTunes movies from your iTunes media folder to the converter is another way to import videos.

Tuneskit M4V Converter for Mac

Step 2. Select Output Format and Parameters

When the video is added to the TunesKit, by clicking "Format" panel and you can go on customized the output audio track, subtitle, output format and other parameters at your will.

Tuneskit M4V Converter for Mac

Step 3. Remove DRM and Convert M4V Videos

After everything is set, please hit on "Convert" at the bottom right to continue the process. When the conversion finished, you can locate them in the folder you've chosen. Before copying them to BS Player for playing, you can click the "play" icon next to the file name to preview the converted video with built-in media player of TunesKit.

Besides BS Player, TunesKit enables you to convert iTunes Movies to any popular format you like and enjoy the plackback anytime anywhere. So just give it a try and you will like it!

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