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Posted by Adam Gorden on Apr 17, 2019 2:19 PM

convert m4v to gif

M4V is a video file that can be downloaded from iTunes. GIF, however, is a format for exchanging images. It is a popular graphics format that can share compressed data without losing form quality. For iOS users, they may often download mountains of movies or TV shows from the iTunes Store and sometimes, users may probably desire to convert their M4V files in order to share them easily on social media or common video sharing sites. In fact, it is simple to realize as long as using the appropriate video converter. This article discusses 2 different ways to convert M4V videos to GIF without spending too much time.

Method 1. Convert M4V to GIF with Offline DRM M4V Converter

There's no doubt that most M4V videos come from the iTunes store. But the problem is all of those digital media files are combined with the FairPlay DRM restrictions for the reason that Apple wants to limit only those files to its own ecosystem. So what should you do now?

TunesKit DRM M4V Converter for Mac (or for Windows) is the fastest one among all of the equivalent products in the market currently. It is able to convert M4V to GIF or other video formats to GIF in the shortest amount of time. The result of the conversion is also outstanding because the software does not interfere with the quality of the original video. It is an extremely helpful DRM removal tool to permanently retain iTunes rentals without worrying about expiration if you use it to remove DRM from a movie you rented from iTunes.

Now you can download the desktop software for either Windows or Mac according to the operating system of your computer and follow the simple steps below to convert DRM M4V movies to GIF files quickly.

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Step 1Add iTunes M4V movies

tuneskit m4v to swf converter

To import the iTunes movies, you need to click the Library button at the top center of the conversion window, and then select the iTunes movies you want and tap on the OK button to load the videos. You can also drag and drop the target videos to the program. Simply tap on the Add Files button next to Library if you want to convert common video files.

Step 2Set output parameters

set output parameters

Want to use different subtitles in the output file? Don't worry, you can easily select the desired subtitles and customize multiple settings before the conversion. To select the output format, just click the Format panel at the bottom left. Then a pop-up window will appear showing you multiple output formats and devices, we suggest you to choose the MP4 or M4V to keep the high quality for your GIF files.

Step 3Remove DRM from M4V

remove drm from m4v

Once you've set everything up, you can directly press the Convert button at the lower right corner of the program interface to let it remove DRM from your iTunes videos quickly.

Step 4Convert video to GIF

convert m4v to gif

At this point, the iTunes M4V movies will not have any DRM protection, and you can begin to use the Any GIF Animator to convert video to GIF. It enables you to split, crop or trim your video, add new effects and resize the resolution in totally free. All you need to do is opening the target media, changing your GIF settings and clicking the Convert to GIF option.

Method 2. Convert M4V to GIF with Online Free M4V to GIF Converter

There's another way to convert M4V to animated GIF, which is to rely on a free M4V to GIF video converter online. Enter the keyword on Google and you will see tons of tools displaying on the screen like CloudConvert, ZamZar, Convertio and so forth. Choose anyone you like to encode the M4V movies to GIF without downloading or installing anything on your computer. Since the operation process is almost alike, we will take CloudConvert as an example. Simply follow the steps below to finish the conversion.

convert m4v to gif with cloudconvert

Step 1. Tap on the menu "Select Files" and then choose an M4V video you want from the computer folder.

Step 2. Click on the format droplist, then choose "image" > "gif".

Step 3. Press the "Start Convert" button to let it upload and convert your video.

Step 4. As soon as it completes, you may click the Download option to see the GIF animation file.

Conclusion & Suggestion

The above are 2 best ways on how to convert M4V to GIF efficiently. Now that you have removed the DRM encryption, you will not be hindered by any limitations on iTunes movies any longer. Hence, you are capable of creating more interesting Emojis, animated GIF flexibly with the free Any Gif Animator. The TunesKit DRM M4V Converter costs only a few dollars, and you can try the free version to see the results.

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