How to Convert Protected iTunes DRM M4V to AVI

Posted by Adam Gorden on July 21, 2015 4:19:01 PM.

convert itunes m4v to avi

Q: How can I convert the DRM-protected iTunes movies from M4V to AVI? The movies I purchased from iTunes store are in protected M4V format that's not supported by non-Apple media players at all. I want to convert those DRM-ed M4V files to AVI so that I can play the movies on VLC and other devices. Can anyone help?

If you like to buy movies and episodes from iTunes, you may also have the need to convert the DRM-protected iTunes M4V videos to AVI or other DRM-free formats. In this article, we'll show you the best yet easiest way to convert DRM M4V to AVI format by using the most powerful iTunes DRM M4V to AVI converter step by step.

Best DRM M4V to AVI Converter You'll Need

To get started, you should know that not all M4V video converter tools could convert the DRM-ed iTunes M4V movies to AVI. That's because it's no easy job to crack the DRM lock from the protected iTunes M4V files by using some common M4V converters. In this case, you need to either remove DRM protection from the iTunes M4V movies firstly or find an all-in-one DRM removal solution that could crack iTunes DRM as well as convert the locked M4V to AVI or other formats.

The ultimate DRM removal solution we are talking about is TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Mac, a professional iTunes DRM remover as well as M4V converter specially developed to bypass FairPlay DRM encryption from rented and purchased iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos while converting the encrypted M4V videos to AVI and other DRM-free media formats with high quality. It's also the fastest DRM M4V to AVI converter which works at 30X super faster speed due to the most advanced DRM decryption core it adopts. In addition to convert iTunes M4V to AVI, it also supports lossless MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC, and other popular output media formats.

Now you can download the free trial version of this smart iTunes DRM M4V converter as below to begin converting your protected M4V videos to common AVI by following the step-by-step instructions.

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Complete Guide to Convert iTunes M4V to AVI

1Add M4V movies from iTunes to TunesKit

add itunes videos

Click "Add Files" button on TunesKit and a drop-down list will appear. You can then select whatever iTunes movies or TV shows you want to convert. Then click "OK" to load the M4V files to the converter. You can also import those iTunes M4V files by dragging them from the iTunes library folder directly to TunesKit M4V to AVI Converter.

2Select AVI as output format

choose output video format as avi

Once the iTunes M4V videos are loaded successfully, you can choose the output video format as AVI or others by clicking the Format option at the bottom left of the program. Then you can adjust the other settings, like video encoder, size, bit rate by clicking the "gear" icon near the format.

3Convert iTunes M4V to AVI

convert m4v to avi

Now you can start to convert the DRM-locked iTunes M4V to AVI format by clicking the "Convert" button.

When the conversion finished, you will be free to watch any iTunes movie and TV episode, including the ones in 1080P HD resolution, on any device and media player as you like at anytime anywhere.


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