Apple Will Suspend Support for iTunes Store on Older Windows Vista and XP

Posted by Rick Lee on 27/02/2018 15:30:19 PM.

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Confirmed by Apple in a new support document, it will no longer provide iTunes Store support for Windows PCs running on either Vista or XP starting on May 25. The first-gen Apple TV is also being pushed out. Apple said that "security changes" will make these older products incompatible with the iTunes Store.

Specifically speaking, before May 25, Windows Vista or XP users can keep using iTunes as usual. However, after that, you won't be able to use it to make any new purchases from iTunes, nor will you be able to download any previous purchases unless you upgrade your PCs to Windows 7 or higher versions of the operating system. XP and Vista users can keep running older versions on iTunes to listen to music, but won't be able to upgrade or receive support from Apple any more.

For users of the first generation Apple TV, they'll need a second-generation Apple TV or later to access the iTunes Store after that change.

From Apple, the official document goes: "Starting May 25, Apple will introduce security changes that prevent older Windows PCs from using the iTunes Store. If you have Windows XP or Vista PC, your computer is no longer supported by Microsoft, and you're not able to use the latest version of iTunes." Given that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP or Vista, it's no surprise to see Apple following suit.

If you are not aware of the upcoming changes yet, you'd better prepare for the update now if you want to continue enjoying full features from iTunes.

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