2022 Spotify's Top 10 Anime Opening Themes - MP3 Version Download (Free)

Posted by Adam Gorden on Mar 27, 2023 4:35 PM.

The 2022 year in anime delivered a great variety of beautiful anime opening themes. As both Anime fans an listeners, you've experienced some best tunes on streaming platforms like Netflix. But if you're falling in love with the opening and ending themes, you have to meet them on some famous music platforms for the full versions of them - one of the best places is Spotify.

best anime songs on spotify 2022

Here we introduce the Top 10 Anime songs in 2022 that are accessible on Spotify for Openings: Chainsaw Man, Attack on Titan: The Final Sean Part 2, Spy × Family, Ranking oFkings, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Call of the Night, Bocci the Rock!, kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Ultra Romantic.

Top 10 Anime Songs in 2022 on Spotify (Updated in March 2023):

    1. KICK BACK - From Chainsaw Man as Opening
    2. The Rumbling - From Attack on Titan: The Final Sean Part 2 as Opening
    3. Mixed Nuts - From Spy × Family as Opening
    4. 裸の勇者 - From Ranking of Kings as Opening
    5. 祝福 - From Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury as Opening
    6. SOUVENIR - From Spy × Family as Opening
    7. This fffire - From Cyberpunk: Edgerunners as Opening
    8. 堕天 - From Call of the Night as Opening
    9. 青春コンプレックス - From Bocci the Rock! as Opening
    10. GIRI GIRI - From Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Ultra Romantic as Opening

#1. KICK BACK (From Chainsaw Man) - By Kenshi Yonezu

kick back

"Kick Back" is a song by Japanese musician Kenshi Yonezu. It was released as a single digitally by SME Records on October 12, 2022, as well as in three physical editions: a regular CD edition, a video edition, and a chainsaw edition. The song serves as the opening theme for the anime series Chainsaw Man.

This song is used as one of the opening themes for the anime series Chainsaw Man. Yonezu was in charge of the theme song for the TV anime My Hero Academia, the first opening of the second season. It has been about five years since the theme "Peace Sign [ja]".

#2. The Rumbling (From Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2) - By SiM

the rumbling

"The Rumbling" is a single recorded by Japanese alternative metal band SiM, released from the EP Beware through Pony Canyon label. The television edit version of the song was released on January 10, 2022, while the full version was released on February 7, 2022. The song was featured as the opening theme song for the anime Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2. It peaked at No. 1 on the US Hot Hard Rock Songs chart, No. 5 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, No. 13 on the US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, and No. 23 on the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart.

#3. Mixed Nuts (From "Spy × Family") - By OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM

mixed nuts

Spy × Family is an anime television series based on the manga series of the same title by Tatsuya Endo. Produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks, the series is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, with character designs by Kazuaki Shimada while Kazuaki Shimada and Kyoji Asano are chief animation directors. The music is produced by Know_Name.  It was first announced in October 2021.

The first season of series consisted of 25 episodes separated into 2 parts. The first part consists of 12 episodes, aired in Japan from April 9 to June 25, 2022, on TV Tokyo and other networks. The first opening theme song, "Mixed Nuts" (ミックスナッツ, Mikkusu Natsu) by Official Hige Dandism, and the first ending theme song, "Comedy" (喜劇, Kigeki) by Gen Hoshino are used in this part.

#4. 裸の勇者 (From "Ranking of Kings") - By Vaundy

naked hero

Ranking of Kings (王様ランキング, Ōsama Rankingu) is a Japanese fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sōsuke Tōka. It has been serialized online via Echoes' user-submitted Manga Hack website since May 2017 and has been collected in fifteen tankōbon volumes by Enterbrain. The story follows the adventures of a little prince named Bojji, who was born deaf and tiny in size, and his friend Kage, a survivor of a wiped-out assassin clan, who understands Bojji's words despite him being unable to speak. Vaundy performed the second opening theme "裸の勇者: Hadaka no Yūsha" (Naked Hero), while Milet performed the second ending theme "Flare".

#5. 祝福 (From "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury") - By YOASOBI

the blessing

"Shukufuku" (祝福, lit. "Blessing"), alternatively titled "The Blessing" in English, is a song recorded by Japanese duo Yoasobi. It was released digitally on October 1, 2022, and as a CD single on November 9, through Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The song serves as the opening theme of the 2022 Japanese mecha anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.

The song was based on the anime writer Ichirō Ōkouchi's novel Yurikago no Hoshi, depicting the perspective of XVX-016 Gundam Aerial to the protagonist Suletta Mercury. Commercially, "Shukufuku" reached number three on the Oricon Singles Chart and Combined Singles Chart, and number two on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, and was certified gold for download and streaming by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

#6. SOUVENIR (From "Spy × Family") - By BUMP OF CHICKEN


Spy × Family is an anime television series based on the manga series of the same title by Tatsuya Endo. The series ran for two split cours. The first cour aired from April 9 to June 25, 2022, on TXN stations. The second cour aired from October 1 to December 24, 2022. The second opening theme song is "Souvenir" by Bump of Chicken, while the second ending theme song is "Shikisai" (色彩, "Color") by Yama.

#7. This fffire - New Version (From Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) - By Franz Ferdinand

this fffire

"This Fire" is a song by Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand, the seventh track on their self-titled debut album. It was written by Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy and produced by the band themselves at their studio in Scotland during 2003. A new version of the song, produced by Rich Costey, was released as a single on 4 October 2004, titled "This Fffire".

The song was later sampled for "Burn This City" by Lil Wayne and Twista. "This Fire" was Franz Ferdinand's standard set closer until July 2009, when it was replaced with "Lucid Dreams". In 2022, the Rich Costey version of the song was selected as the intro song to the Cyberpunk 2077 tie-in anime from Studio Trigger, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

#8. 堕天 (From "Call of the Night") - By Creepy Nuts

fallen angel

Call of the Night (Japanese: よふかしのうた, Hepburn: Yofukashi no Uta) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kotoyama. It has been serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday since August 2019. In North America, the manga is licensed for English release by Viz Media. An anime television series adaptation produced by Liden Films aired from July to September 2022 on Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block. The opening theme song is "Daten" (堕天, "Fallen Angel"), while the ending theme song is "Yofukashi no Uta" (よふかしのうた), both performed by Creepy Nuts.

#9. 青春コンプレックス (From "Bocci the Rock!") - By 結束バンド

youth complex

Bocchi the Rock! (ぼっち・ざ・ろっく!, Bocchi Za Rokku!) is a Japanese four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji. It has been serialized in Houbunsha's seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Max since December 2017. Its chapters have been collected in five tankōbon volumes as of November 2022. Kessoku Band performed the opening theme "Seishun Complex" (青春コンプレックス, Youth Complex), as well as the ending theme "Distortion!!".

#10. GIRI GIRI (From Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Ultra Romantic) - By Masayuki Suzuki, すぅ

giri giri

The third season of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, titled Kaguya-sama: Love Is War – Ultra Romantic, is a 2022 Japanese anime series, based on the manga series of the same title, written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. It was announced on October 25, 2020 for production during the "Kaguya-sama Wants To Tell You On Stage" special event. The season aired from April 9 to June 25, 2022, with returning staff and cast members.The opening theme song is "GIRI GIRI" by Masayuki Suzuki featuring Suu from Silent Siren, while the ending theme is "Heart wa Oteage" ("My Heart Does Not Know What to Do") by Airi Suzuki.

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