How to Add Spotify Music to Vegas Pro for Editing

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug 25, 2021 3:35 PM.

Vegas Pro is a powerful video editor for professionals which used to be owned by Sony. But Sony sold it with the whole Creative Software line to MAGIX in 2016. Now, Vegas Pro is not free software. It is priced at $34.99 per user, per month. If you order for 12 months, the price will be reduced to $19.99/month.

Although Vegas Pro is a little bit expensive, it is still used by a great number of video editors since this is an ideal tool for Pros that can help them improve their editing skills. When you compare Vegas Pro with another prestigious video editor - Adobe Premiere Pro, you will find Vegas Pro wins regarding the color grading and audio tweaking tools, output function, and the price.

Due to the powerful audio editing features of Vegas Pro, many of you may want to add music from streaming music services such as Spotify to Vegas Pro for editing. Sadly, Spotify music cannot be imported to any video editor for editing. Vegas Pro is no exception. The good news is after a simple conversion of Spotify audio format, you can transfer and use Spotify music on Vegas Pro without any limit. Just read on know how.

spotify to vegas pro

Part 1. How to Import Spotify to Vegas Pro
Part 2. How to Edit Audio with Vegas Pro

How to Import Spotify to Vegas Pro

Usually, most Vegas Pro versions support AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, FLAC, and so other formats. So, what we need to do is only change the Spotify format to one of these formats. However, Spotify music is protected. An ordinary audio converter cannot convert these protected audios from Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming music platforms. To deal with this issue, you need a dedicated converter called ViWizard Spotify Music Converter.

This is a professional tool that is designed to convert Spotify music to 6 common audios like AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, FLAC. It will convert music with 5X faster speed and also supports batch conversion, which will no ask you to wait for a long time. To know more details, you can download the free trial version from this Download button and try to convert Spotify to Vegas Pro by following a guide we provide here.

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ViWizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Download tracks, albums, playlists from Spotify free
  • Function as an audio track editor to configure audio parameter
  • Convert Spotify music to plain audio formats like MP3, FLAC, etc.
  • Save Spotify music with original audio quality and ID3 tags
Download Download

Step 1Upload Spotify Tracks to Spotify Music Converter

add spotify tracks to ViWizard

After you have Spotify Music Converter downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computer, you could open this Spotify Music Converter with a double-click. Spotify app will be opened immediately with the opening of ViWizard. Then drag and drop Spotify playlists to the main screen of the software directly. The program will recognize all files you add quickly.

Step 2Set the Audio Format and Parameter

set output format

After you finish the uploading step, you need to complete some settings of audios in this program. You should set the output audio format as Vegas Pro-supported formats like MP3 and FLAC. To get better audio quality, you can choose to configure the parameter of bit rate, audio channel, and sample rate.

Step 3Convert Spotify to Vegas Pro

downloading spotify music

When you have finished the previous 2 steps, you could enter into the most important step of downloading and converting Spotify music to Vegas Pro. Click the Convert button to start converting Spotify to Vegas Pro. Once this conversion is completed, just tap the Converted button to see all of the converted Spotify music.

Step 4Import Spotify Music to Vegas Pro

import spotify music to vegas

When you find the converted Spotify music files from the ViWizard default folder, just start to add Spotify music to Vegas Pro for editing. You can find many adding audio tutorials or videos on the internet. We summarize them for you in this part.

To import Spotify to Vegas Pro, you need to open Vegas Pro first. Then Click the File button on the top menu of Vegas Pro. Click the Import > Media button to open the import window. Find out your Spotify files to import them. Or you can simply open the folder and drag those Spotify songs to Vegas Pro window.

How to Edit Audio with Vegas Pro

As the first part said, Vegas Pro provides an incredibly powerful audio editing function. In this part, we will teach some audio editing tips with Vegas Pro for beginners.

Fade in and Fade out: Hover the cursor on the audio event in the timeline. Drag the offset handle to fade in and fade out.

edit audio in vegas pro

Change speed: Hold the CTRL button and hover the cursor Trim Event handle. Dragging it to the right side will speed up. Dragging it to the left side will slow it down.

Reverse audio: Right-click an audio clip and choose the Reverse option.

Mute audios: Press the M button on your keyboard.

Bottom Line

This is all of this article. With the help of ViWizard, you can take full charge of Spotify music. You can stream Spotify music on Vegas Pro or any video editor, platform, or device.

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