Loss of A Legend: 5 Best Christopher Lee Movies to Watch

Posted by Matt Smith on June 12, 2015 8:30:13 AM.

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On Sunday, June 7, the world lost a legendary actor - Christopher Lee at the age of 93. As a horror master and renowned film villain whose career spanned nearly 7 decades, Christopher Lee has left the whole world with more than 150 film credits to his name, beginning from 1948. In honor of Christopher Lee's passing, we're listing out five best known films of Christopher Lee that should be remembered and watched time from time as we are mourning the loss of a legend. From Satan hunter to pagan cult leader, Christopher Lee's most memorable roles in these films will remind you why he was a horror and fantasy movie icon.

Top 5 Films of Christopher Lee You Can't Miss

The Lord of the Rings

In the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, Christopher Lee played the evil wizard Saruman, former mentor to Gandalf, the good-guy wizard's role that Lee said he once coveted but had grown too old to play. In the trilogy, Lee's corrupted wizard gets to go full bad-ass. His supernatural battle scene with Ian McKellen's Gandalf isn't a scrap thrown to an elderly actor — it's a bona fide showstopping action set piece, and uses the star's power to its fullest extent. This is what it looks like when gods fight.

Horror of Dracula

Lee initially made his name in horror films. Though 1957's Curse of Frankenstein, in which Lee played a truly grotesque version of the creature, was his breakthrough movie, it would be his first outing as the world's best-known bloodsucker that made him a star. His Dracula is a much more animalistic vampire than Bela Lugosi's elegant count, and he'd end up playing the role 10 times throughout his career. And when you watch Lee and a crucifix-brandishing Cushing tussle at the end of this lurid classic, you can see why these guys were Hammer's MVPs. "Dracula is a very attractive character," Lee once said. "He's so heroic – erotic too. Women find him irresistible. We'd all like to be him."

The Man with the Golden Gun

James Bond co-star Sir Roger Moore said: "It's terribly (sad) when you lose an old friend, and Christopher Lee was one of my oldest. We first met in 1948." In The Man with the Golden Gun, Christopher Lee performed as Scaramanga, intended to be a villain of similar skill and ability to Bond acted by Roger Moore. Although the film is the fourth-lowest-grossing Bond film in the series, Christopher Lee's performance was still being praised by the reviewers.

The Brides of Fu Manchu

In this first of Lee's five 'Fu' films, Lee played the Asian baddie first made famous by Boris Karloff, an unlikely casting that certainly wouldn't fly today. 'The Brides of Fu Manchu' and 'The Blood of Fu Manchu' were among the movies that followed this unlikely hit.

The Wicker Man

Robin Hardy's cult movie The Wicker Man takes its time in getting around to revealing what's really going on for a missing girl on a Scottish island, and Lee's slow-burn performance helps keep you uneasy and creeped out before the climax finally drops the bomb. He'd already played outlandish monsters dozens of times. Now he got to play a recognizably human one, and he was never scarier.

Remembering Sir Christoper Lee - Prince of Darkness

Christopher Lee (1922-2015), the British actor, died Sunday, June 7 at the age of 93 in a London hospital. In his whole career life, he played scores of other baddies in more than 260 films, some best known roles such as Dracula, James Bond villain, the wizard Saruman in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the bad guy who fought Yoda with a lightsaber in Star Wars. He was a renowned icon of horror movies. In addition to his film and television roles, Lee also recorded heavy metal concept albums A Heavy Metal Christmas and A Heavy Metal Christmas Too in his last few years. Just as what he said "One thing to me is very important, if you're playing somebody that the audience regards as, let's say evil, try to do something they don't expect, something that surprises the audience," he always tried to surprise his fans with something unexpected. And that's why there are so many people reacted to the news of his death with an outpouring of celebration and sadness.

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