Can't Use Apple Music with DJ Player Pro? Solved!

Posted by Adam Gorden on Aug 9, 2021 5:13 PM.

Q: I just purchased this DJ Player Pro, but can't access my Apple Music as it says protected. Any ideas or help?

Q: Why aren't my Apple Music downloads showing up on DJ Player Pro? Can somebody please help?

DJ Player Pro is made for professional DJs. DJ Player Pro is world-class professional DJ software available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. A great number of DJs find it one of the best DJ software. DJ Player Pro doesn't have any third-party parts so that it is able to provide better performance and cleaner sound. For the music source, DJ Player Pro accepts iTunes, Dropbox, and Deezer for music sources.

However, most people may use Apple Music or Spotify for music listening since they have a huge music library of over 70 million tracks. Is it possible for Apple Music users to use Apple Music on DJ Player Pro? Here is a solution told in the following part of this post.

add apple music to dj player pro

Part 1. Best Apple Music to DJ Player Pro Converter
Part 2. How to Convert Apple Music to DJ Player Pro
Part 3. How to Upload Apple Music to DJ Player Pro

Part 1. Best Apple Music to DJ Player Pro Converter

Apple Music does not integrate with any DJ programs, so you cannot DJ with Apple Music. DJ Player Pro is of no difference. Although you can buy songs you like from iTunes, it is wasteful for you to purchase every track you want. A good method is to convert Apple Music M4P to a format that is supported by DJ Player Pro.

To do so, the necessary preparations can be an Apple Music converter, Windows or Mac computer, DJ Player Pro, Apple Music subscription. It is easy to download and install DJ Player Pro and subscribe to Apple Music. But for an Apple Music converter, most may not know much about it.

The Apple Music converter is used to convert Apple Music audios and remove the protection on Apple Music songs. With it, you can get Apple Music in MP3 format so that you can easily use Apple Music on DJ Player Pro. One of the dominant Apple Music converters is ViWizard Audio Converter which is powerful enough for converting Apple Music to DJ Player Pro. ViWizard specializes in converting protected audio to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC at surprisingly fast speed - 30X faster. It is capable of dealing with Apple Music tracks, Audible AAX or AA audiobooks, iTunes M4A, M4B audiobooks, as well as iTunes protected songs and outputting them with high quality. In this way, you not only can transfer them to DJ Player Pro but also play them on any device or player you like.

audio converter

Key Features of ViWizard Apple Music Converter

  • Convert Apple Music and iTunes M4P songs
  • Download protected audiobooks to common audio formats
  • Convert all kinds of audio files with the lossless audio quality
  • Customize and personalize your audio files according your needs
2,000,000+ Downloads
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Part 2. How to Convert Apple Music to DJ Player Pro

Now simply download the ViWizard Apple Music to DJ Player Pro Converter which is available for both Mac and Windows from the Download button above and follow the instructions below to learn how to convert Apple Music to DJ Player Pro easily.

Step 1 Download and Load Apple Music to ViWizard

add apple music files

First of all, use your Apple Music subscription to download Apple Music songs. Launch this converter and click the Add Files button to import Apple Music songs and other audios. It is also applicable for iTunes audios or Audible books.

Step 2 Select Output Format for Apple Music

select format

Now the Apple Music files have been imported to ViWizard Audio Converter as expected. At this point, you should open the Format panel by tapping the Format button and choose the output format you would like to convert the Apple Music to. At present, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and MP3 are available. You are also allowed to customize the audio properties such as sample rate, codec, or channel, etc.

Step 3Convert Apple Music to DJ Player Pro

convert apple music

Press the Convert button to start to convert all the Apple Music you choose to common formats. When it completes the conversion, you are able to transfer them to any popular device for playback.

Part 3. How to Upload Apple Music to DJ Player Pro

After the conversion on Apple Music songs, it is time for you to import Apple Music to DJ Player Pro for mixing. Please follow the corresponding guide in the following. Since DJ Player Pro can load music from various sources such as Deezer, iOS Music Library, or Dropbox, you can transfer converted Apple Music to these sources and then upload Apple Music to DJ Player Pro.

Step 1. Transfer Apple Music to Dropbox first.

Step 2. Open DJ Player Pro and go to Track Browser > Sources/Libraries.

Step 3. Choose Dropbox and choose the folder that you save the converted Apple Music tracks to upload Apple Music to DJ Player Pro.


To use Apple Music on DJ Player Pro, you are bound to convert Apple Music to DJ Player Pro first. Luckily, after the conversion, you can also mix Apple Music on Rekordbox, Traktor, or other DJ software.

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