How to Sync Apple Music to Samsung Music

Posted by Adam Gorden on Sep 21, 2021 2:04 PM

Apple Music is a great platform to find the latest music. It has over 75 million songs, and you can download the songs by creating a library as well so that you can listen to them offline whenever you want. However, if you have a Samsung device and want to listen to Apple Music via Samsung Music, you will need to first get the songs from Apple Music and then transfer them to your Samsung device.

apple music to samsung music

If you want to know how to listen to transfer Apple Music to Samsung Music, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you about how to sync Apple Music to Samsung Music conveniently. The process becomes very easy when you get hold of the right tool. Let's find out how to add Apple Music to Samsung Music.

Part 1. How to Add Apple Music to Samsung Music - Necessary Tool
Part 2. How to convert Apple Music to Samsung Music - 4 steps
Part 3. Conclusion

The Best Tool to Use to Add Apple Music to Samsung Music

Apple Music files can't be transferred from Apple Music to Samsung Music directly. That happens because there are some restrictions with Apple Music. You can certainly download the music files to listen offline. Still, those songs will be stores in your Apple Music library and not in your iPhone storage, which means even if you want to transfer the songs to another device, that can't be done unless you download the Apple Music songs locally.

And the recommended way to do this is by using ViWizard Apple Music Converter. This robust music converter is easy to use and can convert any Apple Music song to different audio output, such as MP3, M4B, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and more. Not just this, TunesKit Audio Converter can convert M4P songs as well. So, if any of the Apple Music songs are in M4P format, you can convert them to another audio format seamlessly. TunesKit Audio Converter is available for both Mac and Windows users. However, before trying the steps, you will have to download TunesKit Audio Converter on your computer.

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ViWizard Apple Music Converter Key Features

  • Convert Apple Music to Discord
  • Convert Audible audiobook & iTunes audiobooks with high quality
  • Convert M4P to MP3 and AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B
  • Retain and edit ID3 tags of original audios
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How to convert Apple Music to Samsung Music

Moreover, the steps are easy to follow, which is why TunesKit Audio Converter has become one of the most preferred audio converter tools. This audio converter will set you free from all kinds of limitations and allow you to listen to the songs not only on Samsung Music but on any other device as well.

Hoping that you have downloaded TunesKit Audio Converter and installed it. You need to first launch TunesKit Audio Converter on your computer. Then complete the registration process by entering the credentials.

Step 1 Add Apple Music songs to ViWizard

add apple music files

Now that you have successfully registered, you can start to add the songs of Apple Music that you want to convert and play them via Samsung Music. To add the files, you can either directly drag and drop Apple Music files; else, click on the Add Files option. In case you want to convert M4B audiobooks, M4P songs, M4A, and audible AA, you need to click on the Music Note button.

Step 2 Customize the parameters and output format

select format

Please click on the Format option to make some changes to the parameters and output format. You can convert your present songs to MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC, and AAC. These are the options that are currently available. Apart from this, there are few other audio parameters that you can make changes to. They are codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rate. Once done, hit the OK button to save the changes.

Step 3 Convert the songs

convert apple music

The songs are now ready to be converted. To begin the conversion process, please click on the Convert option. TunesKit Audio Converter will start the conversion process and will save them in the history folder. The conversion will happen in 5X speed. After the conversion is done, please click on the history folder to find the converted Apple Music files. Then, export them to the local folder.

Step 4Play the songs on Samsung Music

Since you want to play the songs on Samsung Music, you need to first grab a USB cable and connect your mobile Samsung phone to the computer where you have saved the music files. Now, transfer the songs to the Samsung device and start playing them.


When you are making the switch from Apple to Samsung music and movies, you might wonder if you can play Apple Music songs on Samsung Music. Well, now you know how to do that and how to go about that. We hope this article has been helpful and will let you play Apple Music to Samsung Music effortlessly. So, go on and download TunesKit Audio Converter and start converting the songs.

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