How to Transfer Your iTunes Playlists to Spotify in 3 Best Ways

Updated by Adam Gorden on Mar 14, 2023 6:30 PM

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For music lovers, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, are all good choices to listen to music. Sometimes, you may want to transfer a song from one to another when you find that you cannot find this song on the music app that you usually use. When you make up your mind to stop using one and turn to the other, you may also need to transfer the songs you listen to in the previous app to the new one.

However, you will find that the transferring of your playlists and songs is surprisingly hard like transferring songs between streaming music services. But for the others, transferring is pretty easy. If you want to transfer iTunes Playlist to Spotify, you will find that it is much easier than import Apple Music to Spotify and we even get 3 ways for you.

Way 1. Recreate iTunes Playlists with Matching Songs in Spotify
Way 2. Transfer iTunes Playlists Data to Spotify Music Library with Soundiiz
Way 3. Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify Music Library as Local Files with ViWizard

Way 1. Recreate iTunes Playlists with Matching Songs in Spotify

For starters you can try to recreate the same playlists in your Spotify Music library as those in your iTunes library manually. So when you're recreating your Spotify playlists based on the iTunes ones, you actually can keep the songs in the exact order. We suggest you to finish this task on the computer that runs both the Spotify and Apple Music app (iTunes). Since you can take advantage of the built-in search bar for any Spotify playlist.

Step 1. Identify songs that your iTunes playlists includes

1. On a non-separated computer device, head to iTunes and switch the Apple Music Contents menu to Music.

2. Under the Playlists section find and locate the playlist you wish to recreate in your Spotify Music library. Select that playlist and view the songs it includes, from here you may also want to make some screenshots for convenience.

itunes library playlist

3. In the meanwhile, open the Spotify desktop app. Make sure to log in to your Spotify account and password.

Step 2. Add songs to your Spotify playlists

As stated, adding songs to your Spotify playlists is a short process with the built-in Search tool for any playlist in Spotify desktop app. Follow these steps to see how it works for you.

To add songs from the playlist:

1. Head to the Playlists section and right-click to Create playlist. To rename that playlist, right-click on it > Rename and then enter a new playlist name.

2. Now enter the playlist's profile and find the built-in Search field currently for that playlist.

3. Click on the Search field and type the song info. Spotify will display various results for you in the results list. If you are on your playlist with songs in it already rather than a blank one, you may need to find and click on the Rind more button to access the Search bar.

spotify playlist find more

4. Find the matching item and click on Add on the right of it. And the selected song is add to your playlist.

spotify playlist add songs from playlist search

5. To limit the results further, scroll to See all artists, See all albums or See all songs.

If you won't access that Search filed under your playlist, you may want to add songs from the Search bar in the side menu and add songs from there.

To add songs from the Search bar:

1. Head to Search in the side menu.

2. Click the Search filed at the top menu and type in the info of any items that your iTunes playlist includes.

3. Spotify's Search tool should work as expected to display the exact items you want for your Spotify playlist in Top results. Just right-click on that item > Add to playlist and then choose an existing playlist or from here to create a playlist.

spotify search top result add to playlist

To discover more similar songs for your playlists:

1. If your playlist contains some very similar songs or even music from the same artist, the Recommended tab under your playlist may help a lot. Just select the playlist in the Side menu > Recommended and see the recommended list that's provided based on what's in that playlist.

spotify playlist recommended add

2. Once you identify the exacted songs in your iTunes playlist, just click the Add button on the right. The selected song will be added to your playlist.

spotify playlist recommended songs added

Way 2. Transfer iTunes Playlists Data to Spotify Music Library with Soundiiz

If you find recreating your iTunes playlists in the Spotify desktop app is a hard task, you can seek help from a third-party tool called Soundiiz. Soundiiz is an online tool for listeners to transfer their music libraries between various music services. To transfer your iTunes playlists to Spotify, you just need to find and get that playlist's URL and set Spotify as the destination.

Step 1. Select iTunes playlists to export

1. Select iTunes playlists.

2. Go to Soundiiz and choose one way to log in.

3. To transfer your iTunes playlist, select iTunes > Export my playlists.

soundiiz export my playlists itunes

4. On Windows or Mac, open the iTunes desktop app and head to the playlist you wish to transfer to Spotify.

Step 2. Export iTunes playlists to URLs/text files

1. From here you'll need to confirm the type of your iTunes playlist based on the songs it contains. If it contains songs that are iTunes files that you add from your own music collection, you may not access the "Copy Link" button, which is available for all your Apple Music playlists. But you can try to export your playlist as a .txt file to use in Soundiiz.

For Apple Music playlist: Click on the More button > Share Playlist > Copy Link. Now the playlist URL is copied to your clipboard.

For iTunes files playlist: Highlight the playlist in iTunes and choose > File > Library > Export Playlist. To save the playlist as a.txt file, choose Test files (*.txt) from the "Save as type" drop-down. Click Save.

export playlist itunes

2. Return to Soundiiz and tell it which playlist you wish to export.

For Apple Music playlist: Paste the copied playlist URL.

For iTunes files playlist: Click Select .txt file and find and locate that .txt file you saved to your computer to use.

3. Once imported, Soundiiz will display the items that the playlist contains.

4. Click Save Configuration.

Step 3. Transfer iTunes playlists to Spotify

1. Choose Spotify as the destination and sign in to Spotify with your account.

soundiiz spotify destination

2. Once the conversion is successful, head to Spotify and find that playlist.

Even Soundiiz can help transfer your iTunes playlists to your Spotify Music, but sometimes it won't work as expected, especially if some of your playlists are created based on your own music files. Those Spotify playlists won't be played offline until you download it with your Premium subscription, which costs $9.99 per month.

spotify playlist grey out offline mode

What's more, the items are not 100% matched to the original ones due to some conflicting music sources about this, so you will hear the difference. Even the album art will be different. So you'll want a way that can help transfer the 100% original iTunes playlist to your Spotify Music library. Fortunately a powerful iTunes to Spotify Converter called ViWizard Audio Converter can help. Go ahead.

Way 3. Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify Music Library as Local Files with ViWizard

Spotify offers an option for users to add their own music collection from local sources or a third-party software - you guessed it - iTunes. Adding local files to Spotify is a great way to play songs that you can't normally stream, especially if you are switching to Spotify with your music collection. If you wish to transfer iTunes playlists to Spotify, all you can try to do is to upload your iTunes playlists as local files and organize them in your Spotify Music library. So in this part, we'd like to introduce the most popular way to you to transfer your iTunes playlists to Spotify as local files, even you are using Spotify for free, you can still listen to them offline.

Best iTunes Playlists to Spotify Converter - ViWizard Audio Converter

Unlike Soundizz, ViWizard Audio Converter lets you get the actual files from any playlists in your iTunes library. All you need is to select your iTunes playlists to add to ViWizard via traditional but simple drag & drop, then you can adjust the output format to make them compatible with Spotify's Local files feature. For that, you can choose MP3 or M4A.

In addition to your iTunes playlist songs, other contents you have in your iTunes library can be downloaded including Apple Music, iTunes files, iTunes audiobooks and even Audible audiobooks. The best part is that the full ID3 tags will be embedded to each downloaded songs with lossless audio quality. With ViWizard, transferring your iTunes playlists to Spotify can mean the unlimited access to the music you love between those two platforms. ViWizard Audio Converter has separate versions for Windows PC or Mac computer, you can try it for free from the Download box below.

audio converter

ViWizard DRM Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert Apple Music songs to MP3, M4B, AAC
  • Download and play Apple Music songs without limitations
  • Play Apple Music offline without subscription
  • Retain 100% original quality and ID3 tags
  • Convert at 30X faster speed
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To download iTunes Playlists as local files:

Now pick either the Windows or Mac version of ViWizard Audio Converter to learn how to download your iTunes playlists as local files and make them compatible with Spotify's Local Files feature.

Step 1 Select iTunes Playlists to download

Launch ViWizard and wait until it launches or relaunches the iTunes desktop app. To add iTunes playlists to download, head to iTunes' Playlists section and drag any playlists to ViWizard.

add apple music files

Step 2 Customize output format

To make your iTunes playlists compatible with the Spotify desktop app, click the Format tab at the bottom of ViWizard. Click MP3 or M4A and click OK.

select format

Step 3 Convert and download iTunes Playlists to local

Back to ViWiard's main interface and click on Convert to start the conversion. Once the conversion is successful, head to the output folder to check those music files.

convert apple music

To add iTunes Playlists to Spotify as local files:

With your own iTunes collection stored on your computer device, now learn how to add those files to the Spotify desktop app as local files. From here you can choose to upload those files from your local or iTunes software. If you want to upload those files to Spotify from the iTunes desktop app, you may need to recreate the playlists with local files from the original ones in your iTunes library. We suggest you to manage those music files in certain folders based on your iTunes playlists for convenience. You'll also want to name those folders with the exact playlists name.

Step 1. Enable Local Files feature on Spotify

1. Once you have a selection of folders to add to the Spotify desktop app, head to Spotify > Settings > Local Files, and make sure to toggle "Show Local Files" to enable this feature.

2. Once "Show Local Files" is turned on, you have the access to various options under "Show songs from". From here you can toggle those options to make the local files visible or invisible at any time.

spotify settings show local files off

Step 2. Add music folder to Spotify

1. To add your iTunes playlists to Spotify as local files, click the Add a source button under Show songs from. You should have several folders for your iTunes playlists on your computer. Navigate your computer and browse for your iTunes playlist folder and select it and click OK.

spotify settings add a source

2. The selected folder will be added as a source under the Show songs from section. You can toggle off other options for better organization.

spotify show songs from source playlist music folder

Step 3. Recreate iTunes playlist in Spotify as local files

1. Head to Your Library > Local files.

spotify library local files

2. From here you can start to add the matched items to your Spotify playlists. If you toggled off other show songs from options but left a music source toggled on, you can create your iTunes playlist in Spotify quickly.

3. Press CTRL and muti-select those items and drag them to your Spotify playlist.

itunes local files spotify playlist


As the Apple Music completes its music services with a perfect combination of local music collections and Apple Music catalog, it's hard for those have a vast personal music collection in iTunes to transfer different types of playlists to other platforms such as Spotify. But with ViWizard, not only you can transfer your iTunes playlists to Spotify successfully, you also have the access to them as local files for offline play. In addition to iTunes playlists, other Apple Music contents can be downloaded and transferred to Spotify with ViWizard. Download ViWizard.

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