How to Transfer Music from One Apple ID to Another

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transfer apple music to another id

I've been using a family apple ID for apps and music and up until now I've been the only to use apple music on it but recently my family started using it so we switched to a family plan. Is there any way to migrate my library (has both offline and apple music) from the family id to my personal id?

If you are switching to a new Apple ID, all the information including Apple Music songs from the old Apple ID will not be accessible in the new one, even will be decided as ineligible. Since you're going to use the new ID, the Apple Music account will also be renewed, the subscription as well. But is there a way to transfer music to a new Apple ID from the old one without losing any of your playlists and songs?

Yes, in the following parts, you're going to learn how to add Apple Music to another Apple ID in just a few steps.

Part 1. How to Manage Content form Multiple Apple IDs
Part 2. How to Add Apple Music to Another Apple ID
Part 3. How to Transfer Apple Music to Another Account without Limits

Part 1. How to Manage Content form Multiple Apple IDs

Before transferring Apple Music to another account, we would like to make it clear that the process is varied depending on the reasons for this change because some problems can be introduced.

Manage Associated Device from Multiple Apple IDs

Before managing content from multiple Apple IDs, note the process can introduce problems of device association, which can be frustrating if some supported devices are used at this moment but have been associated with the old Apple ID.

In addition to the messages sent to the associated devices (for example, an iPhone: "This device is associated with another Apple ID."), there are limits when it comes to update Apple Music app from more than one account. Please make sure the devices haven been removed from the old account on a Mac or PC to remove associated iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Manage Accessible Content from Multiple Apple IDs

While Apple Music completes its music streaming with the perfect combination of Apple Music catalog and personal music collections, it's better for users to separate and manage the accessible content from the old Apple ID to transfer to the new one.


Among all the accessible contents with the old Apple ID, the purchases are the easiest to manage well because Apple Music allow users to download them as local AAC files for keeping.

1. Open iTunes for Windows PC, click on the Store at the top.

2. In the iTunes Store, see the side menu. Scroll down to select Purchased.

Purchases in iTunes Store

3. In the Purchased view, make full use of the headers or search tool to navigate to download all the purchases here.

download Purchases from iTunes Store

Loved Songs:

In addition to the purchases, we also recommend managing the loved songs in Apple Music in iTunes for later conversion. On Apple Music, it's simple to access the loved songs to create a Smart Playlist in iTunes. It's for sure one would fall in love with the loved songs again even in the later use of the new Apple ID.


For Apple Music users, it's supported to export a single playlist - or all the playlists in iTunes from the old Apple ID.

Note: When existing playlists are exported, the actual songs aren't included - just the information about them for personal management.

1. In iTunes, click the File button at the top.

2. In the options menu, select Library and then Export Playlist to export a single playlist or Export Library to export all of your playlists.

export a playlist from iTunes

3. In the new window, see the Save as type and choose XML from the Format pop-up menu.

xml files export

Tips: To Export Library to save copies of all playlists, the exported information is saved in XML format automatically.

export library from iTunes

Now the XML file is on the location.

Part 2. How to Transfer Apple Music to Another Account

Since all the content are managed well from the old Apple ID, it's time to pick up the device for how to transfer from one Apple ID to another.

Migrate Purchases in the New Account

Add Downloaded Purchases to a New Account:

Make sure there're downloaded purchases as local files, or follow the steps from above to download them from iTunes. Once the download completes, it's time to migrate them in the new account.

1. At the top of the menu, click Account and then Sign Out.

2. Repeat the steps to click Account and then Sign in to the iTunes with the new Apple ID and password.

Note: When it comes to the purchases in the old Apple ID, all the downloaded purchases and other contents based on them (For example: playlist) should remain in iTunes when the old Apple ID has been signed out of iTunes and still be in principle even the new account is in use.

However, it's up to iTunes to decide whether these purchases are eligible in the later use of the new Apple ID, so we still recommend downloading purchases accessible with the old account.

3. On desktop, navigate to the folder where the downloaded purchases files are and add them to iTunes with the new account with drags-and-drops.

Or in iTunes:

3. Click the File button at the top to Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library.

4. In the pop-up window, navigate to select the downloaded files and add them to iTunes with a click on Open button.

Now in the side menu of iTunes, the downloaded purchases are in the Downloaded tab under Library section.

downloaded section in iTunes

Share or Import Playlists to the New Account

As stated, regardless the use of multiple Apple IDs, contents based on the purchases should still remain in iTunes. While a simple click on Download button can have the purchases in the new account, it's even easier to import the exported XML files or share the playlists to the new Apple ID.

Share Playlists to a New Apple ID:

It's possible as readers follow our instructions but the "Share Playlist" button won't show up. No worries, there are 2 more methods to add the playlists to a new account in the following parts.

1. On the associated mobile device, open Apple Music.

2. Tap playlist under the Library tab.

3. Scroll down to find a playlist you want to share and tap on it.

4. Tap the three dots icon on the top of the playlist to open the menu, then tap Share Playlist.

From here to share the playlists to a third-party app where the created share information is stored.

5. Switch to the new Apple ID with password.

6. In the third-party app, find and tap the share information and access the shared playlists with the new account.

7. Save the shared playlists to your library.

Import Playlists to a New Apple ID:

Make sure there's a XML file on desktop to import to iTunes.

1. In iTunes, click the File button at the top and scroll down to the Library.

2. Select Import Playlist.

import playlists in iTunes

3. In the pop-up window, navigate to the XML file to click Open button to add to iTunes.

Chances are that there're duplicate items in iTunes if the steps for other content like downloaded purchases are tried before. You can go to File button to Show Duplicate Items. Feel free to delete duplicated songs.

Show Duplicate Items in iTunes

Part 3. How to Transfer Apple Music to Another Account without Limits

Note the differences with the processes to add Apple Music to another account and transfer Apple Music to another account. Even the content are managed well with the instructions from above, the added Apple Music does not include the actual songs but, the information about them.

For users have personal Apple Music collections in iTunes, it is rather easier to transfer Apple Music from multiple Apple IDs with all those local music files. For users have downloaded purchases, the pleasant experience is similar but this has come with extra costs on the ACC files. However, what comes to all those want to transfer Apple Music is the duplicate subscription fee to activate Apple Music services with the new Apple ID.

From here we offer exclusives to save efforts and costs to transfer Apple Music songs to another account - download actual songs with the old Apple ID to add to the new one without an Apple Music subscription to activate.

Thing You'll Need: ViWizard Audio Converter

ViWizard Audio Converter

Comes with an intuitive interface, the ViWizard Auido Converter is designed to convert all protected tunes in iTunes from Apple Music songs to radio shows into formats compatible with iTunes, including MP3, M4V and ACC accessible from iTunes Store.

With this tool, you’ll be able to download Apple Music songs and transfer them to the new account - no more subscription requires.

audio converter

ViWizard DRM Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert Apple Music songs to MP3, M4B, AAC
  • Download and play Apple Music songs without limitations
  • Play Apple Music offline without subscription
  • Retain 100% original quality and ID3 tags
  • Convert at 30X faster speed
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1. Launch ViWizard and Import Apple Music Music Files

add audio files

Launch the ViWizard Audio Converter and wait until it launches iTunes. You can drag and drop the audio tracks to ViWizard interface.

2. Setting Output Format and Parameters

setting output format

Once completed loading input files, you can click the "Format" tab at the bottom and choose the output format from MP3, M4V and ACC. You can also click the "Output" button and choose the output location. Save this change with the "OK" button.

3. Start Converting


With format setting done, press the "Convert" button and ViWizard will start the conversion. Once the conversion is completes, feel free to click the "Converted" button to browse all the converted songs for later transferring.

4. Transfer Apple Music Songs to Another Account

All the steps for adding the contents still work to transfer converted Apple Music songs to a new Apple ID without limits.

Download Apple Music Converter For Free

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