My Playlists Disappeared from Apple Music: 6 Solutions!

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The more frequently you use Apple Music, the more possible you'll meet some unexpected issues with the service. Although it has already become the No.1 streaming music provider in the United States, it's far from perfect yet. For instance, you may suddenly find that all of the playlists are disappeared from your Apple Music library without any warning. No matter how you sign in and out of Apple Music, it's impossible to restore the deleted playlists. However, you can still access those playlists in iTunes on a computer.

To solve such a problem, you are suggested to try the following troubleshooting tips, with which you'll be able to reload the deleted Apple Music songs and playlists. In the end, we'll also provide an ultimate way to help you prevent your Apple Music from disappearing again. After reading this article, you'll know how to fix Apple Music playlists gone. Let's dive in.

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Part 1. Why Did My Apple Music Playlists Disappered?
Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Playlist from Apple Music
Part 3. How to Prevent Apple Music Playlists from Being Deleted hot tip

Part 1. Why Did My Apple Music Playlists Disappered?

Why did my Apple Music playlists disappeared suddenly? Most of the time, when Apple Music deletes your library, there might be something wrong with iCloud Music Library. This is a feature that allows you to sync and share all the streaming music tracks from Apple Music and iTunes between all devices. Specifically, once you enabled iCloud Music Library, Apple will scan your music and replace the songs with its own versions. And then it will upload anything it doesn't know to its servers. In this case, to restore disappeared Apple Music playlists on iOS, the common way is to re-enable your iCloud Music Library, so as to re-sync the lost songs from Apple Music with iTunes on a Mac or PC.

Another case is that your Apple Music subscription is expired, so all your playlists on Apple Music will be gone. You can check your subscription. Sometimes if your Apple Music playlists are not showing after the iOS update, it might be because your iTunes account has synced across the devices or your Show Apple Music option is off autocratically. To get them back, you can try to update iCloud Music Library by iTunes or simply open the Show Apple Music feature.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Playlist from Apple Music

After you understand all possible reasons, you can now follow the tips below to learn how to recover your deleted playlists on Apple Music.

1. Check Your Subscription

Many people say that the Apple Music playlist gone after subscription. First of all, to check whether your Apple Music subscription is out of date. You can see the quick steps below.

Step 1. Open the Settings on your phone, and then tap your name.

Step 2. Tap Subscriptions to see whether it's expired. (If you don't see this option, you can tap the "iTunes & App Store" > your Apple ID > View Apple ID, sign in and scroll down to tap Subscriptions.

apple music subscriptions iphone

2. Turn 'Show Apple Music' ON

When you update to iOS 15, the Show Apple Music option might be turned off automatically. You can then check it and turn it on to make Apple Music playlist visible in your Library.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Music on your iPhone.

Step 2. Under Music column, you can see Show Apple Music option. Tap it on if this is off. If it's already on, you can turn it off first and then toggle it on again.

show apple music

3. Turn 'iCloud Music Library' ON

The following guide will show you how to turn on or restart iCloud Music Library on iPhone step by step. Then you're able to get your lost playlist back on Apple Music.

Step 1. Open iPhone and go to Settings. Scroll down to Music section and tap on it.

Step 2. Under Library column, you'll see iCloud Music Library option. If it's already turned on, you should turn it off firstly and then activate it again. If not, simply tap the toggle to turn it on.

Step 3. A popup will appear asking whether to enable iCloud Music Library or not. Select Merge to confirm.

Then it will merge and replace the deleted Apple Music songs or playlists with your music that's already in iCloud. Therefore, you'll be able to access the disappearing library from Apple Music again.

turn on icloud music library

Note: To avoid Apple Music deleting your songs in the future, you are highly suggested to disable iCloud Music Library after getting back the lost playlists.

4. Update iCloud Music Library with iTunes

Alternatively, you can try to update iCloud Music Library by using iTunes to get back your disappeared Apple Music playlists. The following is how.

Step 1. Open iTunes app on your PC or Mac computer. Then navigate to the File > Library option.

Step 2. Click the Update iCloud Music Library option and it will start refreshing the entire library on your device and may help you restore the missing playlists.

update icloud music library

5. Check Whether Apple Music Was Set as Other Media

In your iTunes, the memory storage is divided into Audio, Apps, and Other. Usually, when you update iOS, the Apple Music files are mistakenly sorted out to the Other media. And you will find playlists disappeared from Apple Music. As for this condition, you can use the method below to fix it.

Step 1. Connect your device to a computer with a USB cable. Then launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. From iTunes, click the icon of your phone. Tap the Summary button.

Step 3. You will find the memory bar on this page. If you find the Other media is too large, try to sync your device with iTunes.

Step 4. At last, disconnect the phone from the computer and restart your phone. Check whether this Apple Music playlists disappeared issue is still there.

6. Toggle on Apple Music Playlist Button

"All my Apple Music playlists disappeared, but I can see these Apple Music playlists from iTunes on computer." When your problem is similar to this user, you can try his or her solution.

Step 1. Go to the Apple Music app on your phone or tablet.

Step 2. Go to Library and tap the Edit button.

Step 3. If you find the Playlist was turned off from the Library view, turn it on.

Part 3. Ultimate Way to Prevent Apple Music Playlists from Being Deleted

If you cannot fix the playlist on Apple Music disappeared, there's a reliable way that can help you keep all Apple Music playlists in your library permanently without being deleted again. And you can back them up at a safe place like your computer, CD, or USB Drive.

In this way, all you need is a smart app called ViWizard Apple Music Converter, a 3rd-party Apple Music converter. It can encode the protected Apple Music files to MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, and other common formats. Except for the Apple Music songs, iTunes audios and Audible books can be converted with this tool as well. Once the music is converted, you'll be able to keep all the songs and playlists in the Apple Music library forever, even if you unsubscribe from the service later.

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Why Choose ViWizard Apple Music Converter?

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How to Save Apple Music Library Permanently Using ViWizard Apple Music Converter

You may follow these steps to start converting Apple Music to MP3 with ViWizard Apple Music Converter by tapping the Download button. And make sure the iTunes app has installed on your PC. With the 30x high conversion speed, you can get Apple Music in MP3 files soon.

Step 1 Import Apple Music to ViWizard

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Launch ViWizard Apple Music Converter on the desktop after completing the installation. The iTunes app will be loaded soon. Then drag and drop the Apple Music tracks files from the local folder to the program's main interface. You can also add the songs by clicking the Load in Library button at the top center.

Step 2 Choose Output Format

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Once the Apple Music songs are loaded into ViWizard, you should go to the bottom left corner and click Format panel to set output format and audio parameters. It fully supports output format as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A and M4B. Choose MP3 and move on. You can also adjust the parameters like sample rate, bit rate, channel, volume and others. When all the setting are as your require, click the OK button to confirm.

Step 3 Convert Apple Music to Common Format

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Click the Convert button to let it begin converting Apple Music songs to DRM-free formats. When the conversion is over, click the Converted button on top to locate all the converted Apple Music MP3 files. Then you can keep all these converted Apple Music playlists on any device as you like and will never lose again.

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Now you got to know the reasons why your Apple Music playlist disappeared and how to fix this issue efficiently. You can try them one by one until your problem is solved. To avoid such trouble happens again, you're suggested to take a look at ViWizard Apple Music Converter. It's a powerful dedicated tool to help users make the most of songs from Apple Music by converting them to MP3 audio formats. You can still keep your Apple Music forever, even if you cancel the subscription someday.

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