How to Improve Apple Music Recommendations

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jan 3, 2023 5:00 PM

how to improve Apple Music recommendations

Just like most music services, Apple Music offers its music recommendations for Apple Music subscribers to discover and play more songs from its streaming catalog. However, one of the most complained issues is that Apple Music recommendations is bad and the recommended contents are not expected.

No worries. We've set out to find out several methods to help improve it. Before we dive into for how, we'd like to introduce how it works for you.

Part 1. Apple Music Recommendations - How Does It Work?
Part 2. Apple Music Recommendations - How to Improve It?
Bonus Tip: How to Keep Your Loved Songs on Apple Music

Part 1. Apple Music Recommendations - How Does It Work?

Apple Music recommendations depends on several factors, including:

1.1 The music you listen to from the Apple Music streaming catalog.

1.2 The music you choose to Love or "Suggest less like this".

1.3 The artists or genres you choose when you create your Apple Music account and enter "Listen Now" for the first time. Or the artists or genres you add to your favorites when you are using Apple Music.

If the Apple Music recommendations start to make sense, you can just tell it to ignore your listening habits. This will not only impacts new music recommendations and the contents of Replay playlists, but also any of your listening history displayed to your followers.

How to Tell Apple Music to Ignore Your Listening Habits

1. Go to Settings > Music.

1. Turn off Use Listening History.

If you want to keep your listening history for new music recommendations, you can choose to use the methods to improve it.

Part 2. Apple Music Recommendations - How to Improve It?

Here're some best methods to improve the Apple Music recommendations to make it work for your actual listening experience with the Apple Music app.

Method 1: Follow Artists/Genres in Apple Music

Apple Music genre selection

When you enter Listen Now for the first time, you're asked to tell Apple Music about your preferences. After that, Apple Music uses these preferences when recommending music.

How to Select Your Favorite Genres and Artists in Apple Music

1. Tap the genres you like (double-tap those you love, and touch and hold the genres you don't care for).

2. Tap Next. Then do the same with the artists that appear.

However, we understand that you might have changed your music tastes and wish to improve these contents. If so, you can choose to add a specific artist or genre that isn’t listed.

How to Add Your Favorite Artists in Apple Music

1. Open the Apple Music app.

2. Search for an artists and go to their artist page.

3. At the top of the artist's page, tap Add to Favorites.

How to See Your Favorite Artists in Apple Music

1. Open the Apple Music app.

2. Go to Listen Now.

3. Scroll down to Favorite Artists in For You.

Later their music is recommended more often. You can also choose to receive notifications when they release new music.

Method 2: Love/Not Love/Dislike Songs on Apple Music

Apple Music provides several options for you to love, not love or dislike songs. You just need to vote for like or dislike songs and Apple Music will take care of the rest.

How to Love/Not Love/Dislike Songs in Apple Music

1. Open the Music app on your Mac.

2. Below the library in the sidebar, go to an Apple Music content, such as Albums or Songs.

3. To like or dislike a content, navigate to the selected item and move the pointer over it. Click the More button, then choose Love or Dislike.

4. Or you can click an item's Dislike button, Not Loved button or Loved button depending on your preferences.

How to See Loved Songs in Apple Music

To See all your preferred songs in one place, you'll need to create a Smart Playlist of your loved songs and albums. After you find your loved songs, feel free to repeat some steps to vote for not love or dislike. See how to find your loved songs in Apple Music>>

Method 3: Use 'Suggest Less Like this'

This may be the most efficient to affect the music recommendations about the items you don't want to see.

How to Tell Apple Music What You Love

1. Open the Apple Music app.

2. Go to the album, playlist or song, and touch and hold on it, Or you can go to the Now Playing screen of the selected items.

3. Tap Love or Suggest Less Like This.

Method 4: Add Songs to Your Library

Apple Music is the most flexible options for subscribers to add songs from your own music collection or its streaming catalog. However, the music recommendations do care of the contents in your library.

If your library has a low number of songs, or the songs added are similar, chance is that Apple Music won't recommend more fresh contents to you. You listening activity is crucial.

How to Add Songs to Your Library

1. Open the Apple Music app.

2. Go to the song, album or playlist that you wish to add to your library, and touch and hold it.

3. Tap Add to Library.

Here we'd like to help you understand your music tastes more with your most played songs on Apple Music. You can also discover more songs from top songs on Apple Music to add to your library. See how to see your top songs on Apple Music>>

Method 5. Follow Your Listen Now/Apple Music Replay

Apple Music listen now

You should focus on your Listen Now in the Music app. Listen Now is created for Apple Music subscribers to discover and play contents depending on your music tastes. If you find there're Apple Music contents that you don’t want, just make full use of any methods here to make it work for you.

How to See Your Listen Now on Apple Music

1. Open the Apple Music app.

2. Go to Listen Now.

3. You can now discover and play your favorite albums, playlists, interviews and personal mixes.

Similar to Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music's Apple Music Replay feature helps Apple Music subscribers see and reminisce your most-listened music songs (Top Songs) from 2020 to 2022 (for now). You should also review your Apple Music Replay to see how your music tastes are. This will also help improve your listening activity on Apple Music.

Apple Music Replay on web

How to See Apple Music Replay

1. Open the Apple Music app.

2. Go to Listen Now.

3. Scroll to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year folder.

4. Open the Replay folder. Your Tops songs of the year on select will appear in the folder.

Method 6. Scrobble to Your Favorite Apple Music

You can scrobble to your favorite contents on Apple Music by connecting your Apple Music account with a scribbler software, such as will track your listening activity with Apple Music and join up listening, watching and sharing to connect your musical world. See how to connect Apple Music to>>

Bonus Tip: How to Download Your Loved Songs on Apple Music

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audio converter

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