5 Methods to Split Audiobook into Chapters

Posted by Adam Gorden on Jul 30, 2019 2:38 PM.

Splitting a long audiobook into several chapters makes it easy for audiobooks users to navigate the content. Instead of fast-forwarding and rewinding through the audiobook on your portable media player, you can jump ahead or backward to the chapter you want to hear. Creating chapters also makes it easier to label the point where you stop listening and find it next time. If you're looking for splitting audiobook into chapters, you've come to the right place – we've arranged some methods.

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Part 1. Get Audible Chapters with Audible Converter
Part 2. Get Audible Chapters with Audio Converter
Part 3. Get Audible Chapters with Audible
Part 4. Get Audible Chapters with iTunes
Part 5. Get Audible Chapters with Audacity

Part 1. Split Audiobook into Chapters with Audible Audiobook Converter

ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter is a smart DRM removal solution specially developed for Audible users to crack DRM protection from Audible audiobooks and convert DRM-locked audiobooks to DRM-free formats. It can also enable you to split a long audiobook into several chapters. View the following guidance on how to cut Audible into several chapters.

Step 1. Simply launch Audible Audiobook Converter and click the "Add Files" button to load the Audible AA or AAX audiobooks from your computer.

Step 2. Click the "Format" panel at the bottom left of the conversion interface and choose the output format from the pop-up window. Set the output audiobook format as MP3, AAC and more.

Step 3. Click the "Editor" icon listed in each column of the audiobook to split the audiobook into several small files via chapters or time frames. Then click the "Convert" button to start splitting audiobook into several different chapters at 100× faster speed.

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Part 2. Split Audible Audiobooks by Chapters with DRM Audio Converter

ViWizard DRM Audio Converter is an all-round mighty DRM removal solution to convert DRM-protected audiobooks, Audible AA and AAX audiobooks, iTunes M4P, Apple Music, as well as non-DRM audios to common formats. With its help, you can convert Audible audiobooks to AAC format with several chapters. Just follow the below steps to make Audible into chapters.

Step 1. Simply launch Audio Converter. There are two "Add" buttons at the top center. For Audible audiobooks, just click the second button to load audiobook files to the interface.

Step 2. Click the "Format" panel and set the output audio format as AAC in a new pop-up window. You can configure a series of audio parameters like the audio codec, channel, bit rate and more at the end of each column of the track.

Step 3. Press the "Convert" button to start splitting Audible audiobooks by chapters when all the parameters and the output folder are set ready.

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Part 3. Download Audible Books into Chapters with Audible

If you often listen to audiobooks on Audible, you should not ignore the function of downloading audio books in individual parts. You can download Audible into chapters directly on Audible according to the following steps.

Computer: Go to your Library page on the Audible desktop site and click the triangle to the left of the cover art which will expand the selection. Then click "Download" next to the part you want to download.

Android: Just tap the left navigation menu and then tap "Settings" > "Download Settings" to choose 'Download by Parts' section. Then tap the "Multi-Part Downloads" button.

iOS: Go to your Library page on the Audible desktop site and click the triangle to the left of the cover art which will expand the selection. Then click Download next to the part you want to download.

Windows: Tap Settings or the gear icon and click the "Downloads" button, Then choose the white circle under "download your library by parts." so that it says On.

Part 4. Cut DRM Audiobooks into Chapters with iTunes

iTunes is a good way to organize and enjoy the music, movie, and TV shows you already have – and shop for the ones you want. Otherwise, it is also a good helper for adjusting all types of audio. Before you edit Audible audiobooks with iTunes, you need to remove DRM from Audible. Here is the detail description for you to divide Audible audiobooks into chapters with iTunes.

Step 1. Open iTunes and select "Music" tab. Click the "File" on the navigation and choose the "Add File to Library" and "Add Folder to Library" option. Select the converted MP3 file or folder from the pop-up window.

Step 2. Begin to play the added MP3 file in iTunes and mark the time of each chapter you want to begin or end. Right click to choose the "Get Info" option. Tap the "Option" column and enter the start and stop time of a chapter. Then click the "Ok" to save the setting.

Step 3. Click the "Edit" button on the navigation bar and choose the "Preference" option. From the "General Preferences" window, click the "Import Settings" option and set the "Import Using" as "MP3 Encoder". Remember to tap "OK" to save the setting.

Step 4. Click "File" option in the navigation bar and choose "Create MP3 Version" option from the pop-up menu. After conversion, you can find the new MP3 file in "Recently Added" section. Rename it as "Chapter One" and get the first chapter in Music section. For more chapters, you can repeat above steps.

Part 5. Divide Audiobooks into Pieces with Audacity

Audacity is a free and open source software which can not only process all types of audio but also record audio from multiple sources and mix entire albums. There are thousands of other free and open source programs available for anyone to use. At first, you should convert Audible AA or AAX to MP3 due to the DRM protection. If your audiobooks have been decrypted, just directly follow the below steps:

Step 1. Start Audacity and go to "File" > "Import" > "Audio". Add the audiobook you want to split into chapters into the interface.

Step 2. Click the "Rewind" button to ensure the first chapters at the beginning of the audiobook and open the "Tracks" menu to click the "Add and Label at Selection" option.

Step 3. Click the point in the waveform where you want the first chapter to end and the second chapter to begin.

Step 4. When you complete the division of chapters, click "File" and "Export Multiple". Choose the output format and type the location where you want to save the files into the "Export Location" box.

Step 5. Click the radio button next to "Split files based on" > "Labels" and select "Using Label/Track Name" in the "Name files" section.

Step 6. Click the "Export" button repeatedly until Audacity has cycled through of the chapters.

Just following the above methods, you can achieve Audible chapters and close them at any time. You can quickly and easily locate the point where you stopped listening last time. But if you want to share all audiobooks purchased from Audible, you are better to use ViWizard Audible Audiobook Converter or ViWizard Audio Converter. With their support, you can get DRM-free Audible audiobook files and your friends or family can get free Audible books through your sharing.


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